Adventures in Babysitting

Chris finds out her boyfriend Mike is really on a date with another girl from school. Darryl kicks him into another table at a restaurant. Sarah gets chased to the building her parents are at a party in. Chris, Brad and Darryl find the buliding and help Sarah escape one of the bad guys from a window ledge. They give back the Playboy, pick up Brenda in enough time to make it home before the parents arrive. When Chris leaves to go home, she is met outside by a guy she met at a party that night. The guy returns Sarah's roller skate and he and Chris kiss.

Audio problem: As Pruitt is beating up the adulterer in the street, despite the sound effects, it's obvious that his punches are missing. (00:27:35)


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Brad: Where we gonna get 50 bucks?
Sarah: We could sell Daryl. You think?

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Trivia: Sara wears a backpack with a Gizmo on it. This refers to the film Gremlins, which director Chris Columbus wrote.

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