Random aside, this, but it came up in this week's podcast (currently being edited - watch this space...or rather the one right above it). I maintain that 1987 is one of the best years for movies - not necessarily Oscar-level brilliance, but it seems to have the highest concentration of movies which make people from my generation (ie. a child in the 80's) break into a grin:

Batteries Not Included

Beverly Hills Cop 2

Dirty Dancing


Evil Dead 2

Fatal Attraction

Full Metal Jacket


Lethal Weapon

The Living Daylights

Lost Boys



Princess Bride



Running Man

Secret of My Success


Three Men and a Baby

The Untouchables

Wall Street

Withnail & I

Now, not necessarily all films of absolute ground-breaking quality, but that's a lot of classic 80's...ness crammed into one year, and I feel it's worth recording, if nothing else to have a record to try and make my argument better in the next episode...

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