Demolition Man
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John Spartan: I'm a seamstress? Oh, that's just great! I come out of cryoprison and I'm Betsy fucking Ross?


Simon Phoenix: We're going to spend a lot of quality time together. See ya, sweetie! Honey! Sugar!

Simon Phoenix: I got passcodes, route to secret underground kingdoms, complete access to the industrial data grid interface, and I don't even know what that shit means.

Simon Phoenix: I'm going to need about five or six more special men. And, I just so happen to have a list. You see, I wouldn't want you to defrost any of those mad dog killer types, you know what I mean? And, none of them mother fuckers from New York. They're...too uptight.

John Spartan: Brake! Brake! Brake now, you Mickey Mouse-piece of shit!


Lenina Huxley: Let's go blow this guy.
John Spartan: Away! Blow this guy *away*!
Lenina Huxley: Whatever.


Simon Phoenix: What's this? Six of you. Such nice, tiny uniforms. Oh, I'm so scared? What, you guys don't have sarcasm anymore?


Lenina Huxley: Chief, you can take this job, and you can shovel it.
John Spartan: Take this job... And shovel it.
Lenina Huxley: Yeah?
John Spartan: Close enough.


Museum computer: The magnetic accelerator gun, the last produced handheld weapon of this millennium, displaced the flow of neutrons through a non-linear cycloid electromagnetic accumulator.
Simon Phoenix: So, what? It needs batteries? What size?

John Spartan: Look, Huxley, this isn't the Wild West! The Wild West wasn't even the Wild West! Hurting people's not a good thing! Well, sometimes it is.

John Spartan: You're going to regret this for the rest of your life. Both seconds of it.

Chief officer: Damnit John, I'm tired of this "demolition man" shit. You are not supposed to come down here, you are not supposed to arrest Phoenix single-handedly and you are not supposed to blow anything up!

John Spartan: Is it cold in here, or is it just me?
Simon Phoenix: Good memory.

John Spartan: I'm gonna go down there, I'm gonna find Phoenix, and I'm gonna put him in a hurt locker.

John Spartan: Send a maniac to catch a maniac.

John Spartan: Bad aim, Blondie!
Simon Phoenix: Spartan? John Spartan? Aw shit, they let anybody into this century! What the hell you doing here?

Factual error: The display on John Spartan's cryogenic reads, "August 3, 2032," which will fall on a Tuesday. Later that same day, Huxley says to Warden Smithers, "It's a beautiful Monday morning" (00:11:30 - 00:12:15)

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Trivia: The 'particle gun' that Phoenix picks up in the museum is actually a prototype of the real-life Heckler&Koch G11 rifle, the first gun ever to fire caseless ammunition. The gun and its ammo were developed in the Cold War to save the expenses for the cartridge case production. It was tested and modified for field use, but with the collapse of the Soviet state (which ended the Cold War) in 1991, the production program was cancelled. (00:45:30)

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Question: I remember seeing this movie multiple times years back, and i distinctly remember the restaurant being Taco Bell, why the sudden badly dubbed pizza hut in the new television version?

Answer: A number of the European releases of the film replaced Taco Bell with Pizza Hut, as Pizza Hut has a significant international presence, whereas Taco Bell is relatively unknown outside the US, with very few restaurants. While most versions around these days keep the US original dialogue, the altered versions do occasionally crop up, particularly on television.

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