Ant-Man and the Wasp

Continuity mistake: At the school, when Scott's suit is malfunctioning and he's big in the janitor's closet, his head is tilted towards his right shoulder. When Hope is working on the suit, we see Scott's head is now tilted towards his left shoulder, even though he's stuck and wouldn't have been able to move around like that. But in the next shot it's back to his right.


Other mistake: Throughout the movie, Hank's lab in its shrunken form is constantly jostled and tossed around, but when it's restored to full size in a new location, nothing is out of place and everything still works perfectly.


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Suggested correction: Given that he has prepared the lab to be shrunken and mobilized at a moment's notice, he probably thought of this ahead of time and secured everything important in place.


Perhaps he could secure some things, but there's never so much as a computer monitor out of place.


It's a fair point. I agree that some things should definitely be out of place, but given the importance of what he is working on, he would take measures to ensure that the important things wouldn't become damaged and inoperative when the lab is being moved around. We see on at least one occasion that he has ants roaming the lab, so it's possible he trained them to ensure that the Quantum Gate and any device essential to its operation are protected at all times.


In a world in which a man becomes the size of an ant, I guess any correction could be invalidated. I this case, there are any number of reasons why everything, down to paper and pens, never moves. Maybe the ants pick them all up. Maybe gravity works differently when shrunk. This means that basically any movie that uses magic or magic type technology would never have a valid mistake.


Except that I conceded that minor things should be out of place. I specifically mentioned that everything essential to the Quantum Gate's operation was most likely protected from being strewn around or damaged while the lab was mobile.


Continuity mistake: The outside of Hank's lab changes in different shots - sometimes there's a "no entry" sign inside a window on the right, other times it's missing. When Scott and Hope arrive there's a red logo on the door which is missing later. And when the ghost exits there's a "private property" notice beside the door which isn't there at other times.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: As the ghost attacks Wasp in the hotel lobby, there's a guy unconscious in front of the piano who's there in some shots and missing in others.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: While Hope is talking with Burch at the restaurant the bag of money and the device are on the table but in the next shot the device is now on the seat.


Revealing mistake: When Scott is fighting Ghost, as Pym is planning to dive, Ghost throws Scott through a wall and you can see the braking cable around his/the stuntman's waist and across the floor. (01:16:48)

Continuity mistake: When Susan goes to visit Burch and enters the building, she has the suitcase in her right hand but in the next shot she has it in her left hand. (00:21:45)

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Continuity mistake: When the shrunken car is surrounded by pigeons, it's an all-glass roof, or black. When the shrunken car drives through a pipe later, its roof is silver. It changes back and forth again, just before/after Hank shrinks it.

Jon Sandys

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Continuity mistake: At the start when Hope is playing in her room, in a wide shot there's a wooden stand with a plant on it by the teddy bear in the background. In a closeup of her this stand has vanished.

Jon Sandys

Scott Lang: Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building?

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Trivia: While Bill Foster, played by Laurence Fishburne, is teaching the class, the words "Matrix" can be seen on the blackboard behind him, referring to the film series Laurence Fishburne starred in.


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Question: Woo said that Hank and Hope violated the accords as well, because of their tech. But they haven't done superhero stuff after the accords were signed, so how is it a violation?


Answer: They provided Ant-Man with superhero tech without signing on to the Accords. So when Scott participated in the airport battle, Hank and Hope became guilty by association.

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