Ant-Man and the Wasp
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Hank Pym: Hiya, champ, how was school today?
Scott Lang: Aw, ha ha ha! Alright, get your jokes out now, can you fix the suit?
Hope van Dyne: So cranky.
Hank Pym: You want a juice box and some string cheese?
Scott Lang: Do you really have that?

Scott Lang: Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building?

Dr. Hank Pym: Are you going to keep staring at each other until they start shooting at us?

Sonny Burch: I've committed numerous health code violations at my restaurant. Some of them will shock you.

Scott Lang: Hey, you try entertaining a 10-year-old when you can't leave the house!


Janet: Let's go see our daughter.


Hope van Dyne: What took you so long?
Scott Lang: She just wanted to give me a hug, wish me luck.
Hope van Dyne: Really?
Scott Lang: Yeah.

Hope van Dyne: Thanks to you, we had to run. We're still running.

Ava: Nothing can prepare you for what's coming.

Scott Lang: I do some dumb things, and the people I love the most - they pay the price.

Continuity mistake: At the school, when Scott's suit is malfunctioning and he's big in the janitor's closet, his head is tilted towards his right shoulder. When Hope is working on the suit, we see Scott's head is now tilted towards his left shoulder, even though he's stuck and wouldn't have been able to move around like that. But in the next shot it's back to his right.


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Trivia: Paul Rudd actually learned the sleight-of-hand magic tricks he performs in the film - it's not special effects as one might assume.


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Answer: If you mean how did he afford to pay his bills, he makes money from his security firm.

Brian Katcher

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