By Jon Sandys

Tue 8th Jul 2008

I'm currently watching Batman Forever on Film4 - flawed in many ways, and has a great many hallmarks of what would becoming the steaming pile of awfulness that was "Batman and Robin", but still has moments of interest. Anyway, it set me thinking about my Two-Face knowledge, especially with The Dark Knight coming up (have you heard of that? New Batman film - information on it's been hard to come by...ahem). I loaded up Wikipedia and searched for Harvey Dent, which took me to the Two Face page with this at the top of it:

"This article is about the DC comics villain. For the Nigerian musician, see 2face Idibia. For the Brazilian soap opera, see Duas Caras. For craniofacial duplication, see Diprosopus."

Information geek that I am, I may have to read all of those too now, just out of curiosity...

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