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Corrected entry: Assuming that the guitar is actually a Strat, and not a Squirer, how would Pat be able to afford one with the money Joey gave him? Strats start at around $500, and in all the scenes where Joey give him more cash, it does not add up to that.

Correction: We don't see every occasion where Patrick gets money. Given that Joey is paying him per date, we can assume that if he and Kat are going out even for just a couple of weeks there are quite a few dates to be considered. Add in the large bonus he got for the Prom and whatever spare cash he may have had anyway and a Strat would easily be within his price range.


Corrected entry: When she's talking to the guidance counsellor, in the close-ups we can see some stadium lighting outside the window over the counsellor's shoulder. In the wide shots it disappears, and is replaced by the sea. It's definitely the same window - the ornaments on the window sill are the same, and the plant to the right is the same. (00:08:25)

Correction: It's just a change of angle.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Julia Stiles says "You got me a Fender Strat" if you look at the headstock, you can tell it is a Squier, the subdivision of Fender. (01:27:10)

Correction: The guitar she is playing in the music shop is a white Squier Stratocaster with a maple fingerboard. However the guitar she gets at the end of the movie is an actual Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood fingerboard. It is a Fender because when you look at the headstock, the backwards F of the classic Fender spaghetti logo is visible, indicating Fender not Squier.

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole movie, Kat and her sister live in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, and all the kids hang out in Seattle. However, they go to school at Stadium High School in Tacoma, which is more than 20 miles away from Seattle.

Correction: Why is this a mistake? I went to a High School which was 30 miles away, and now I go to a university which is about 80 miles away.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the beginning scenes Katerina's hair is mostly in a pony tail, and it is a short pony tail. Yet as the movie progresses, her pony tails show off her long hair. Her hair would have never grown out this quickly.

Correction: Her hair is not in a simple pony tail each time it's up. Mostly just when she is playing sports. Otherwise when up it is likely a lower pony tail with her hair clipped up against the back of her head. And her hair, being so long, easily lays over that clip. That's why it's such a full "pony tail" when you notice it.

Corrected entry: When Patrick is at the bar at Club Skunk, there is someone sitting next to him, but, when Kat sees Patrick the person is gone.

Correction: The bartender is blocking the guy from view when Kat walks up - we can see him get up and leave when Kat says to Patrick "If you are thinking of asking me out again you can forget it."

Corrected entry: Kat is wearing flip-flops when she and Pat decide to play paintball, has on sneakers during the game and her flip-flops again when they get home. She couldn't have gotten them from her car since they took the boat over to the arena.

Correction: Just like a bowling alley, paintball arenas like the one they played in offer cheap shoes for rental.

Corrected entry: In the second scene, Cameron is in the office with Ms. Perky, there is a splattering on the window. However, when Cameron passes Patrick in the doorway, the window is clean.

Correction: It's not the same window. There are three different panels behind Mrs Perky, and the far left one is splattered. The middle and far right ones are the only ones visible again until the very end of the scene when Mrs Perky returns to her desk, when you can once again see the splattered left panel.

White Lock

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Mrs. Perky is talking to Cameron, she is wearing glasses. Someone throws something at the window, and then it changes shots to Cameron asking if he's in the right office. When it shows Mrs. Perky again, she doesn't have her glasses on. Cameron leaves, and Patrick enters the room. In the next shot, Mrs. Perky is wearing her glasses. (00:02:30)

Correction: The shots change to Cameron, for plenty of time for Mrs. Perky to have removed her glasses while shoo-ing him away, and then for her to have put them back on her face as Patrick enters. It isn't an instant interchange.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Kat and Patrick are on the porch, Kat asks Patrick to tell her something true. When she says this (when the shot is from the porch looking out) there is a strand of red paint-stained hair on the side of her face. Yet when Patrick kisses her neck and we see the close up moments later, it's tucked neatly behind her ear. She doesn't move in this time.

Correction: You can see Patricks hand brush the lock of hair back behind her ear as he moves in to kiss her.

Correction: The play is set in Padua, that's the school's name, and Pat's last name is Verona because in the play Petruchio (Patrick) is a nobleman from Verona.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kat is drunk at the party and dancing on the table, her head is lower than the ceiling lamp. However a few seconds later, she hits her head on the lamp while dancing. She would have had to jump in order to do that, however she does not. (00:47:25)

Correction: If you watch her feet carefully, you can see she goes up onto her toes right before she hits the light. It gives her just enough extra height to smack her head.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cameron is talking to Pat about how Bianca kissed him, after Cameron says "In the car" you see a front view of Pat and his smile fades, then he puts his head down. In the next shot, which is from the side of the two of them, Michael comes running in, and just before he runs in, you see Pat still looking up, with a smile fading then he looks down, and they change the shot to Michael.

Correction: Cameron looks down and smiles again because he is savoring the memory. As Michael runs up, he realizes that he missed something in the exchange ("Where did she kiss you?" "In the car") and is about to ask for clarification when Michael distracts them both.


Corrected entry: During the prom scene, during the song 'Cruel to be Kind', watch the 3 male back-up singers. During the first chorus in the long shot they've all got their right hands behind their heads, but in the closeup their hands are by their sides, and THEN they put their hands to their heads. (01:19:40)

Correction: Normal dance move, physically possible, not an editing error.

Corrected entry: During the paintball scene where Patrick and Kat kiss, Patrick flings off his goggles and throws them away. Then he puts them on his face even though he hasn't gotten up to get them.

Correction: Patrick is actually wiping his face. If you follow their kiss as the camera moves away, Kat's left hand reaches for a paintball and she hits Pat's head with it. Pat then wipes the paint off his face, which looks like he's putting his goggles back on (I made the same mistake the first time I watched it), before he gets up and chases after Kat.

Corrected entry: When Ms. Perky is typing on her keyboard in the scene right after Kat's English class (the one where she argues about Hemmingway), she reads her work aloud to herself and decides to change "red" to "crimson". The problem is that she only hits 5 keys to type a seven-letter word.


Correction: It's obvious that Ms. Perky isn't typing "crimson", but erasing the word "red" and its spaces. This is why she only hits what you may have counted as 5 keys. When she begins to type again, the music is playing in the background and she is narrating the story, so you can't tell how many keys she hits when she really types the word "crimson".

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cameron goes up to Patrick to talk to him about going out with Kat, Patrick drills a hole in Cameron's French book and Cameron walks away empty handed but in the next scene, Cameron and Michael are looking at the hole. When did he get the book back? (00:18:40)

Correction: Heaven forbid the new scene may take place a few minutes later and they went back to go get the book.

Corrected entry: When Joey is showing Bianca his model pictures and asks for his opinion he asks her if she is going to Bogie Lowenbrow's party. The name is Bogie Lowenstien.

Correction: He says this deliberately, just to mock the guy's name.

Corrected entry: When Kat and Patrick are arguing at the top of the stairs during the prom, if you look at Kat's ears the earrings keep changing.

Correction: Kat's earrings are not changing. If you look at the earrings, it is a silver loop with a black gem dangling from it. The silver loop is hard to see, so it might have been mistaken for a completely different earring.

Corrected entry: When Bianca is introducing Chastity to Cameron at Bogey's party, Cameron says that he has art with Chastity. If Cameron is a senior and Chastity is a sophomore, how could they have art together? (00:43:15)

Correction: Really easily, actually. In almost every high school in America, art is not required, it's an elective course. You can take art anytime, and they may well have mixed ages in the classes.

Other mistake: In the scene where the kids are shooting arrows and the coach gets hit by one, they send a girl to call 911. If you look closely and follow her in the background, after she runs a few yards, she slows down and eventually stops and stands there playing with her hair. Talk about help... (00:57:05)

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Ms. Perky: I've been hearing a lot of complaints about you again. People are saying you're...
Kat: tempestuous?
Ms. Perky: Well, "heinous bitch" is the term used most often.

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Trivia: The music store where Kat plays with the guitar is called Gil's. This is a sly reference to the film's director, Gil Junger. (00:58:00)

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Question: What kind of car does Joey drive?

Answer: Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Model year could be '94 to '97.


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