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Corrected entry: When Brendan Fraser's mom is sending him up to get supplies she pulls money out of a tank. If they have been in there for 30 could they have fresh up to date all brand spanking new dollar bills?

Correction: They never show a close up of the money and bills from the earlier part of the century are still in circulation today. The money was probably pulled straight from a bank account before it was placed in the shelter, so the money would probably be in pretty decent shape as hundred dollar bills were not carried around much back then.

Corrected entry: The damage caused to the house and garden when the jet crashed isn't anywhere near sufficient. The house is wooden, and the force of the explosion would have blown the house to pieces.

Correction: Calvin Webber is shown as being an inventor and deathly afraid of the Communists. If he can create an entire home underground with supplies to last three people for thirty-five years, who's not to say that he also strengthened his above-ground home as well?

Corrected entry: When Brendan Fraser's character drives home in the cube van, he neither places the transmission in park (if the van has an automatic transmission) nor shuts off his motor (for a manual transmission); he just comes to a stop and steps out.

Correction: The van is a manual transmission as seen when Adam is first attempting to drive it and the van starts shaking which it would not if it were automatic, Adam would not have to switch off the engine to get out all he would have to do is put the gearbox in neutral and step out.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Christopher Walken comes up in the elevator for the first time, he breaks through the floor of "Moms" quite easily. Earlier in the film, the builders discover the "septic tank" (which is the entrance to the shelter) they comment about laying the cement slab right over the top. If there had been cement over the top, wouldn't it have been a little harder for the elevator to get through and wouldn't there have been rubble, rather than the clean break he made?

Correction: There were two entrances to the shelter. There is a whole scene in which Calvin (Christopher Walken) explains to Helen (Sissy Spacek) about how they'd have to use the elevator back up, because the ladder entrance they took down in the first place had been caved-in from the "bomb." It is likely that perhaps the "septic tank" the men discovered was just a part of the roof of the fallout shelter, and not necessarily the elevator.


Corrected entry: When the plane crashes into the house, the elevator shaft is filled with rubble and debris, yet, years later, after the automatic timer opens the door to the same elevator, the shaft is only dusty with no wreckage.

Correction: Christopher Walken states that he hopes the service elevator didn't get hit in the blast. (It is at the opposite end of the enclosure) That is how they got out and why there is only dust.

Corrected entry: In the scene of Adam selling his baseball cards, we first see a shot of classic baseball cards from various years in his cigar box. Then in the next shot the shopkeeper holds the cards up to inspect them and we see the backs of the cards all have a uniform white background. These are obviously props.

Correction: If you look closely the cards do have writing on the backs. Older cards did not have the stats listed on them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eve runs into Adam as he's leaving the phone booth her hair is high and half up. In the next scene where she meets his parents, her hair is still half up but low and parted to one side.

Correction: Eve had plenty of time to change her hair before meeting Adam's parents.

Correction: Adam and Eve have the same looking glasses in front of them (although presumably different contents). On long shots you can see two identical glasses on the table. So when you see a glass in front of Eve that looks like Adam's, it is really her glass that had been there all along, not Adam's (and vice versa).

Corrected entry: The Cuban missile crisis happened in 1961 or 1962, if Adam is 35 when he comes up into the world wouldn't that make the movie based in 1996 or 1997, where the movie was released in 1999 and says present day.

Correction: "Present day" doesn't necessarily means the exact day or even year the movie came out. It just means that it's somewhere towards the end of the 90's.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Adam brings Eve down to meet his parents, his parents are at the door getting ready to lock it for another 10 years. If this is the only entrance to the shelter, how were Adam and Eve able to surprise them from behind?

Correction: When Adam's parents first lock the shelter, his father talks about the front entrance (where the door locks are) and the back entrance (which is where the service elevator is). If they are locking the door at the front, that is how Adam and Eve surprised them, by coming down the only available entrance-the back.

Corrected entry: When Brendan Fraser is introduced to Jonathon and Jason he says that his mother told them to repeat the names of people he meets, but when he repeats them, he turns to Jonathon and calls him Jason, and turns to Jason and calls him Jonathon.

Correction: He did that on purpose just to let everyone know that repeating the persons name doesn't always mean that you will remember it...nor will you remember it for the correct person.

Factual error: After some tinkering with a TV set and a mirror, Calvin Webber finds that he can watch a TV show in reverse image. On the screen is the opening of "The Honeymooners" showing the cast members' names superimposed on a picture of the moon, with Jackie Gleason's face. But the picture is in color, mostly blue and off-white, while the actual "Honeymooners" series was filmed in black-and-white.

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Adam, Age 11: What's baseball?
Calvin: It's a game, son. I can explain it pretty easily. See, there's a pitcher.
Adam, Age 11: Oh, like a painting.
Calvin: No, a pitch-er.
Adam, Age 11: Like one of mom's?
Calvin: No. There's a man who throws the ball to a man who has a bat.
Adam, Age 11: Oh! The nocturnal flying mammal?

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Trivia: All the vintage baseball cards in the film are actually modern reprints from the 80's and 90's that were aged by the prop team to look more vintage.


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Question: At the end they talk about how Eve was from Ukraine, wouldn't Calvin still be pissed since that was part of the USSR?

Answer: Not necessarily. Most Soviet bloc states were not members by choice. The Ukraine especially was grievously harmed by Russia and the Soviets.

Greg Dwyer

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