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I remember watching a movie in the 90s - it started with some kind of party and basically this guy has written a novel about pirates or something like that. And somehow him and his friends end up inside his novel and they are captured by pirates. I remember the pirates were fighting against some sort of Spanish troops/Spanish empire. It was all set in a jungle. And I think somehow the guys help the pirates and then escape and find a chest in a tunnel. It seems really weird but it's a great movie and I really wanna know what it's called. I have a feeling it is based on a novel. The movie's name was the same name as the novel in the film. It was one word and I think it was in Latin. I think the word ended in "icus".

Answer: Could be Magic Island made in 1995 ft. Andrew Divoff and Zachery Ty Bryan.

There was a movie in the 80s or 90s and it was about murders in college. I remember this student was murdering teachers and students and nobody knew who it was. He killed the librarian or some teacher by squashing her head in the photocopier. The only hint that people found was the guy's ring, which was on the photocopied sheet. And this girl student blamed her boyfriend because apparently she had given him the ring, but it had been stolen by the murderer student a long time ago. I remember that it ended with the murderer student having trapped the girl in a some sort of cellar or boiler room and forcing her to kiss him. So she told him she would and when he shut his eyes, she bashed his head with a hammer from the table.

Answer: Sounds like the movie Cutting Class with Brad Pitt.

Who was the noted film director that was killed about 10-15 years ago when a large rock was thrown from a street overpass and smashed through his car windshield? He probably would have been in his 70s or 80s by now.

raywest Premium member

Chosen answer: This is the only thing I found close: "November 19, 1998: Film director Alan Pakula (70) was killed while driving on the Long Island Expressway east of New York City. He lost control of his Volvo and crashed into a fence after a metal pipe crashed through his windshield. The pipe, which had been lying on the highway, was kicked up by another car. Pakula was taken to the North Shore Hospital in Plainview, New York, where he was pronounced dead. Pakula directed films such as Klute and All the President's Men." This site lists famous people that died in car accidents and that was the only director that died from something flying through his windshield.


The movie i would like info on was made between 1985 & 1987 at a guess. I was young when i watched it and my memory of this movie is quite vague. The movie was set during world war 2 and featured aliens or creatures of some kind? If my memory serves me right, these creatures were helping the soldiers? Could anyone shed some light on this movie please?

Answer: Sounds like Zone Troopers from 1986.


This is an 80's film, it was about a young boy that was kidnapped while his mother was shopping. I think this film is based on a true story. The young boy's name was Alan.

gillian ahern

Chosen answer: Perhaps you're thinking of the TV movie Adam (1983) which is based on the true story of the kidnapping and murder of 6 year old Adam Walsh from a Sears store in 1981. His father John is the host of America's Most Wanted.

Jeff Swanson

I've been trying to find a title of a movie. Cars and clothing along with grade of picture and sets, couldn't set the movie more than mid-60's to late 70's. It's titled Arthur or Arnold I believe, that's where my problem comes in, but it's where he has recently departed and left a will for his new wife and family, but they're all on audio tapes and he keeps giving them clues about where his fortune is. I know his body keeps getting moved, and that a shower literally collapses on a couple. At the end his sister is moving the body, and she's the only one to live through a carefully constructed plan between the departed and his sister. I know she finds the money at the end behind his casket or something, but a stone door closes and an audio tape of his voice comes on telling her she's trapped, fade out. Thanks if you know.

Answer: You're actually spot on with the title. This is the 1973 film Arnold. Further details can be found here.

Tailkinker Premium member

Does anyone know if Tom Clancy's book "Rainbow Six" has been, or is planned to be, made into a movie?


Chosen answer: According to it's greenlighted for a 2010 release. Whether or not it will make it or be shelved is anyone's guess.

Grumpy Scot

I am trying to find the name of a film I saw a number of years ago. The film is about a step-father who is trying to bring his step-son home for Christmas. The only things I can remember is that it takes them ages due to mishaps etc. along the way, and the step-father wears a ring on his pinky finger which when he punches people (many references to it throughout the film) it leaves an imprint in their forehead. Any thoughts?


Chosen answer: Dutch. Ed O'Neill stars as the step-dad.


There was a movie I recall seeing in the 80s where after a guy (who was not of the nicest sort) died, he was given an option to come back and live as a woman with a vague goal before he could get into heaven. Toward the end I recall him becoming pregnant with a friend's child and dies giving birth. Anyone recall the name of this movie?

I noticed on the list of 2008 Razzie nominations, Lindsay Lohan was nominated for Worst Screen Couple for her roles in I Know Who Killed Me. Are there any other actors/actresses who have shared that nomination with themselves?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: Eddie Murphy is also nominated for Worst Screen Couple this year (so would have been on the same list) for his multiple roles in Norbit. Murphy was also nominated in the 2002 awards for his appearances with several different people, including his own clone in The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Ahnult Schwarzenegger received the nomination at the 2000 awards for his double role in The Sixth Day, with Leonardo di Caprio achieving the honour the previous year for The Man in the Iron Mask. There have also been several occasions where an actor or actress has been nominated along with an item of clothing or other prop, which could arguably count as a solo nomination, and three occasions on which an actress has had her breasts nominated, which would also seem to qualify.

Tailkinker Premium member

On Saturday Night Live in the 1970s during the "Weekend Update" segment, occasionally Chevy Chase would say a person's name followed with "is still dead." I have been trying to think of the name for some time now and it's driving me crazy! Thanks for your help.

Answer: Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator, who died during the first season of SNL. Franco hovered near death for several weeks before finally passing away and news reports that he was still alive were not infrequent, leading the SNL team to adopt the parodic version after his demise.

Tailkinker Premium member

This is a documentary film about BMW at high speed through cites. Guy Ritchie is involved in the film. I think it's about BMW doing stunts. What is the name of this film?

gillian ahern

Chosen answer: The only thing BMW-related that Guy Ritchie has been involved in is a series of short films, created for advertising purposes under the collective name of The Hire, that were released on the internet, featuring the Driver (an otherwise unidentified character played by Clive Owen) getting into various scrapes while driving assorted BMW cars. Each of the eight films was directed by a well-known director, including Ritchie, Ang Lee, John Woo, John Frankenheimer and Tony Scott and featured prominent guest stars such as Gary Oldman, James Brown, Madonna and Don Cheadle.

Tailkinker Premium member

I am looking for the title of a TV show I watched as a kid, probably early 80's, maybe late 70's. It was live actors with puppets. I'm pretty sure it took place on an asteroid, and they showed the live actors going there during the show's opening. I think one puppet was an orangutan. What I remember most was that one segment of the show was the "No Gnews Show, with Gary Gnu." Which always ended with "No gnews, is good gnews, with Gary Gnu."

Answer: You're thinking about the show "The Great Space Coaster".


There was a movie in the early 90s, it was a scary movie and it was about a woman who wanted to lose weight. She ordered this special diet package that came with ear buds, glasses, and finally a needle and thread. The ear buds make her hear the food, the glasses make her see the food, and when neither of them work she sews her lips shut. Help please?

Answer: "Love Hungry" - episode in "Tales from the Darkside".


What film from the 1940s features a teenage girl who marries a much older male writer to keep her from being sent to a sort of institution, but the two end up falling in love?

I remember a horror film where these girls were being mean to one girl (teenagers) and she is trying to be part of their clique. They left her in some cemetery/mausoleum as a kind of hazing to get her to be in their clique. One of the popular girls was African American and always had a toothbrush in her mouth. Since they were mean to the girl, bad things started to happen to them at the cemetery. What is the name of this film?

Tricia Webster Premium member

Chosen answer: The film you're referring to is "One Dark Night", a 1983 horror film.

How is it possible that Gary Fitzgerald was nominated for both Leading and Supporting Actor Oscars for Going My Way?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: The initial nominations process involves each member of the Academy nominating those within their own field for the various awards appropriate to what they do. From these, the shortlists are drawn up for the second round of voting. In the case of Barry Fitzgerald, opinion was apparently divided as to whether his role qualifies as a lead role or a supporting role. Ultimately, he received a sufficiently high number of nominations from his fellow actors and actresses that he ended up on the shortlist for both categories. Since then, the rules have been changed to prevent it from happening again.

Tailkinker Premium member

I am a fan of Midsomer Murders. I am trying to find the title of one of its episodes. In this episode Barnaby discovers that three children committed the murders. Before this discovery one of the children tries to strangle Barnaby. It then transpires that these children killed their own father years before. I would be grateful if someone would tell me what this episode is called.

Answer: It's called "Death and Dreams" from season six, 2003.


I saw a movie recently on tv. It was a British or Irish movie and it had a young woman on it that worked in a bakery for her father and she had a friend that was dying and bedridden. Her dying friend had a video of the young woman singing but there was no sound. Her dying wish was to hear her friend sing. The young lady sang for her friend just before she died and at her funeral. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

I read that Cinderella was made into a movie 58 times. Does anyone know if this is a record? Or has something else been made more times?

Answer: The main problem with things along these lines are what actually counts. The Internet Movie Database listed 41 films and TV productions directly called "Cinderella", but there are many other productions that are based, to varying degrees, on the storyline, so it becomes rather questionable as to where you draw the line as what can be considered "Cinderella" and what's just too far away from the original storyline to be considered as a proper version of the tale. The most likely rival to the top slot, and it certainly cannot be disputed that Cinderella must be a good candidate for the position, would be Dracula, who has appeared in something like 200 films over the years. As with Cinderella, how many of those can be considered legitimate adaptations of the original story would be a matter of some debate.

Tailkinker Premium member

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