Children of Men

Continuity mistake: Theo goes to Jasper's house at the beginning of the film. He is petting a cat. The cat is facing left. Cut to Jasper eating something. Cut back, the cat is facing right.


Revealing mistake: The infant baby was computer animated in every scene in which the face appeared. Even the feet were obviously touched up by computer in the hallway scene. The lighting isn't quite right, the skin texture isn't quite right, and the child's face is just too animated.


Revealing mistake: The ping-pong ball that Theo and Julian pass between their mouths is lit inconsistently with the lighting in the car. It also moves independently of the confines of the actors' mouths. The ball was digitally added after filming this scene. (00:26:10)


Continuity mistake: As Theo is sitting down at his desk, the camera comes up from behind the woman across from him, who has small knick knacks and figurines covering her desk. The shot zooms in on Theo and then switches to the crying woman. When the shot changes, notice the "fat-baby" figurine suddenly switches with two-smaller animal figurines. It's hard to tell what they are, but it's easy to see they've been switched with the baby.

Visible crew/equipment: After the roadside ambush scene, when the police pull the car over, Luke says "I can't outrun them" and the camera follows Theo looking out the back window. In this shot you can see the top of the head of a crew member wearing headphones crouched down in the small boot space behind Theo's chair. Also, after Luke shoots the two policemen, just before Theo gets out the car you can see a piece of the elaborate camera rig sticking out over the top of the car, above Theo's door. (00:29:40)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: When the windscreen is shot at, it begins to crack across, showing it's laminated as you'd expect, then in the next shot it shatters as though it is toughened glass. Laminated glass doesn't shatter into hundreds of pieces.

Factual error: Jasper is implied to live somewhere south/southeast of London, however when Theo meets him at the railway station signs can be seen reading "Alresford", the filming location, which is in Hampshire and too far west to be a plausible meeting place.

Continuity mistake: When the man leaves the greyhound track and runs for the bus, that type of bus is an old metrobus, but the inside of the bus he jumps on at the time is a brand new (at the time) Dennis president bus.

Kee: Dylan. I'll call my baby Dylan. It's a girl's name, too.

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Trivia: When Theo goes to visit his cousin at his apartment at Battersea Power Station, an inflatable pig can be seen flying between the smokestacks, a recreation of and reference to the cover of the Pink Floyd album "Animals," whose vision of society the film mirrors.

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Question: Was the birth scene real? It seemed completely real, and the woman appeared to actually be pregnant earlier in the film.

Chosen answer: No, it wasn't real. Good make-up and acting, that's all.


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