Children of Men

Children of Men (2006)

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Theo (Clive Owen), Kee and the baby escape from the refugee camp that's turned into a war zone because of the Uprising. Marichka guides them to a row boat and they head to the Human Project boat (the Tomorrow). When they reach the buoy, the boat is nowhere in sight. Kee says that she'll name her baby daughter Dylan. Theo dies of a gunshot wound he received from Luke while escaping the refugee camp. Moments later, the Human Project boat appears and spots Kee and her baby in the row boat...


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The infant baby was computer animated in every scene in which the face appeared. Even the feet were obviously touched up by computer in the hallway scene. The lighting isn't quite right, the skin texture isn't quite right, and the child's face is just too animated.



When Theo goes to visit his cousin at his apartment at Battersea Power Station, an inflatable pig can be seen flying between the smokestacks, a recreation of and reference to the cover of the Pink Floyd album "Animals," whose vision of society the film mirrors.