Children of Men

Corrected entry: There are several shots of monitors which show the time and date. Right before the coffee shop explodes, the date is said to be Nov. 16, 2027, but at the farm house when Luke is playing the newscast, the date is April 12, 2027. Furthermore, when the alarm sounds at Jasper's house, the date is now Dec. 6, 2027.

Correction: The date is 16th of November 2027 (16/11/27) and then when you see the newscast, the date is 4th of December 2027 (04/12/27), not April 12, 2027.

Corrected entry: During the chase scene, where the people on motorcycles are pursuing the car, they shoot Julian Moore's character. The first shot shows a view from the inside of the car, and the windshield covered in blood. However, when they come back to that shot (after they show her dead), the windshield is clear of blood.

Correction: Going frame by frame in that scene, the blood splatter (effect) is directed onto the camera only and the windshield is not covered in blood at all.

Corrected entry: Julian gets shot through the window shield , and after backing up to do a three point turn, the window (cracked from gunfire) shatters inward. After burying Julian in the woods, they are driving along in the rain, and the window is back.


Correction: The car in the latter scene is different, probably taken by Luke to reduce tracing from the police. It is a different car, most notably due to the overall longer body, addition of a sunroof, lack of a "Bioloot Institute" stencil on the boot and different headrests.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the barn when Kee shows Theo she is pregnant, after she takes her clothes off she covers her breast with her left hand and the bottom of her belly with her right hand, then there is a reverse shot to Theo and in the next shot now she is covering her breast with her right hand and the bottom of her belly with her left hand.

Correction: She covers her breasts with her right arm just before it cuts to the reverse shot.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Theo is escaping the safe house, when he starts pushing the car down the hill it's still very dark, but by the time he reaches the bottom of the hill and starts driving away it is bright and sunny.

Correction: They leave just at dawn. By the time they get the car started the sun has come up and they're also out of the shadow of the hill.

Jason Hoffman

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