New this week Audio problem: When Hank says "There's no professor here, I told you that", when he says "you that", we can see his lips aren't moving.

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New this week Suggested correction: After Wolverine enters Xavier's house Hank stops him, and in a shot facing Hank's back he repeats "There's no professor here, I told..." then it cuts to a shot facing Hank as he finishes saying "you that," and we can indeed see Hank's mouth moving as he says those two words. There is no audio mistake here (timecode 00:30:20).

Super Grover Premium member

10th Sep 2018

Batman Returns (1992)

New this month Question: Why did everyone completely ignore Penguin biting a man's nose off?


New this month Answer: He didn't bite it off, but almost. The people in the room are all just power and money hungry, they decide to ignore it in hopes to keep their job.


New this month Answer: The same reason real-world employees might not say anything if their boss is abusive or inappropriate - they want to stay quiet and keep their jobs. Best not rock the boat, so to speak. Also, both Penguin and Max Shreck are very influential people - not exactly the sort of people you'd want to mess with or contest. Hence, everyone sort-of just ignores what happened and continues on with their day.


New this month Continuity mistake: In one shot, Kate Hudson is holding up the "Asian Assault" DVD, but in the very next shot, her hand is in the box.


30th Aug 2018

Coach Carter (2005)

New this month Other mistake: When Renny is shot the first time, we can see two bullet holes in his shirt, when there should be one.


30th Aug 2018

Matilda (1996)

New this month Question: Why didn't Miss Honey or any of the other teachers report Miss Trunchbull's abuse?


New this month Answer: The "real world" answer is that it's a movie, and without Trunchbull, there's no villain at the school for Matilda to battle. Within the context of the film, everyone, including the staff, is afraid of her and fear if they speak up, she'll retaliate.

Jason Hoffman

30th Aug 2018

Freedom Writers (2007)

New this month Revealing mistake: When the boy accidentally shot himself, the gun wasn't pointed in the right direction at all.


Question: Why was Beatrix so shocked to hear Elle killed Pai Mei?


Answer: When Beatrix trained with Pai Mei we see that if you listen to him and respect him then he has a lot to teach. She wasn't so much shocked that Elle killed him...she is shocked at the lack of respect Elle showed in killing him.

oddy knocky

16th Aug 2018

Chicago (2002)

Question: Viewers always say Katalin Helinszki was innocent. How do you know? Sure, she said she was innocent, but so did some of the others.


Answer: Many feel she was innocent because she was the only one during the Cell Block Tango scene not holding a red scarf (indicating the other women had blood on their hands). The others boasted about what they'd done while she proclaimed her innocence. She was also the only one executed, probably because she was unable to defend herself due to her poor English. There may have been discrimination against her because she was foreign.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did Elle wait four years to kill The Bride in the hospital?


Answer: She didn't, she tried right away. Then Bill called her at the last minute and stopped her, out of respect for the Bride. It's only after this that we cut to four years later, when she wakes up.

Question: Why did Jasper need to pay Buck to let him rape The Bride? Why couldn't he just walk in and do it for free?


Answer: Buck is wearing scrubs in the scene, so he probably works at the hospital. (A Kill Bill wiki says that he is a nurse.) Jasper is paying Buck for access and to not be disturbed while he commits the rape.

Question: Harry told Dean he had enough information on him to have him locked up for life. What information was this?


Answer: Details aren't given, but it seems that Dean is involved in local crime along with the gang that hangs around with him. Even if Harry is bluffing, and doesn't have specific proof, it is clear that he is abusive and he has the recording of him threatening Eggsy.

Answer: CCTV surveillance and such like. And a possible kingsman informant embedded in the gang leaking incriminating info. Or police informer who reports to kingsman. Or, y'know, he was lying.

Alan Keddie

6th Aug 2018

Wild Things (1998)

Other mistake: When Ray shoots Kelly twice in the chest, and then himself once in the arm, all three shots are heard within a few seconds. However, in the flashback at the end, Ray shoots himself about ten seconds after.


27th Jul 2018

House, M.D. (2004)

Show generally

Question: Why was Jesse Spencer allowed to keep his natural accent, but not Hugh Laurie?


Answer: Because the part of House was written as an American and the part of Chase wasn't.

Greg Dwyer

Continuity mistake: Tanaka's severed head lands on the table and stops rolling, meaning it should stop moving. However, it then falls off the table.


10th Jun 2018

Gone Girl (2014)

Revealing mistake: When Amy kills Desi, we can see his neck move, meaning he's breathing.


31st May 2018

Man on Fire (2004)

Question: Why did they put "A special thanks to Mexico City: A very special place" in the credits? Was that supposed to be a joke? The movie didn't portray it as very special.


Answer: This was likely meant as an appreciation to the city and its people for their support and assistance during the films production, and was not a jokey reference to how Mexico City was portrayed in the movie. It's typical for movies to express gratitude to a city, state, the citizens, etc. for their cooperation.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Special doesn't necessarily mean good.

New this month Answer: Several members of the crew were robbed at gunpoint during the filming.

13th May 2018

Knocked Up (2007)

Continuity mistake: When Ben and Allison have dinner, in one shot Allison's hand is on her face, but in the very next shot it's down.


15th Apr 2018

The Fugitive (1993)

Factual error: When Kimble is being interviewed by the police, a cop says "book him." We later learn the police were still trying to find out if a one armed man could've done it. The police can't arrest someone if the investigation is still ongoing. An arrest is supposed to mark the end of an investigation, the trial is the next stage.


Question: How did Howard and Madeline not recognise each other?


Answer: They did recognize each other (at one point he goes to her house without asking her address). After the divorce, Howard said that he wished they were strangers again. They literally behaved as if they never met each other before (even though Madeline is gently pushing to move past being strangers - for example, by guessing he's divorced).

Continuity mistake: When a woman is shot in the head, the bullet hole is in the left side of her hat. But then when her hat falls off, the bullet hole is in the right side of her head. No, the bullet didn't pass through both sides. She was shot from the front, so there should only be one bullet hole in the same place.


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