Licence to Kill

Factual error: When the air hose on the truck is severed, the brakes release. In reality, on an air-braking system, if the air hose is severed, the brakes lock on, as a safety measure.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene on the plane you see Bond hanging at the door on the right side of the plane, in the next shot you see the plane making a left turn, in the following shot Bond is still hanging on the right-side door. Shouldn't he have fallen into the plane ?

Factual error: The discharge from an electric eel doesn't make flashes of light or sparks in the water, as shown in this film. (00:30:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: After Bond received a lighter from Felix and Della, he uses it and the flame is big. In the beginning and the end, you can see a tube is connected to the lighter and the tube goes into his suit. (00:15:00)

Continuity mistake: In the end of the movie when Bond and other driver drive by trucks on the road and Bond tries to bypass the other truck we can see from the rear view angle that number plate of Bond's truck is BSK118. When Bond and other driver drive side by side, we can see from the front view angle number plates of both trucks. Suddenly Bond has a truck which plate is BZX255 and other driver has a truck with BSK118 number plate. After the other truck has collided to the rock and when it's driver comes out, we can see part of the truck's number plate which has letter BZX2... Later we can see that Bond drives again the truck which number plate is BSK118. So trucks have changed during some phases. (01:58:55)

Factual error: A shotgun cannot make such a large hole in a wooden wall as it does in the bar where Bond meets Pam. A slug would make a single smaller hole, and pellets would make several small holes.

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Plot hole: Bond goes after Lupe after she leaves the casino table and they have quite a lengthy, hush-hush conversation. It's a casino and there are cameras everywhere. Certainly, this would have been brought to Sanchez' attention since he was already leery of Bond and possibly Lupe.

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Revealing mistake: When Lupe Lamore puts Sanchez's iguana down on the table near the end of the movie, you can see the iguana bounce slightly. Also, it isn't breathing.

Revealing mistake: During the tanker chase scene, the characters are driving Kenworth W900B tanker trucks. The W900B series trucks have cab door latches located on the bottom, rearmost corner of the cab doors. After Bond forces another truck into the ditch, its driver can be seen climbing out of the wrecked truck. The door latch on this truck is now located just below the window. Kenworth stopped using this style of door latch in the early 1970's on the W900A, the W900B's predecessor. The truck in the ditch has been swapped out with an older W900A for the explosion shot.

Continuity mistake: The fire in the lab is started by Bond throwing a glass of burning gasoline on a table. A few seconds later we see that it is burning two separate places in the room. How did it jump? In the clip where Bond is placed on the conveyor, we see a small fire on the floor of the lab, but nowhere else. Nevertheless we hear an explosion and see black smoke on the outside. That fire spreads unrealistically fast.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scenes, where Bond is winching down from the helicopter, some shots from the chopper show the winch cable going through a pulley. When he lands on the tail of the Sanchez's plane the winch cable is much bigger. Then, when the helicopter pulls up, the plane is being carried by the cargo hook line, under the belly of the chopper (rescue winches are normally only rated for 300kg). (00:06:30 - 00:07:15)

Continuity mistake: When Truman-Lodge is shot by Sanchez, he falls off to the side of the road, but when Bond makes his escape through the fire, Truman-Lodge's body is shown lying in the road.


Continuity mistake: Slightly weird one, this. Just after Bond says "compliments of Sharky", Krest takes his gun out and fires at him. For some weird reason there's a jump cut a fraction of a second before he shoots - he pulls out the gun, aims, then jumps slightly to the right and fires. (00:41:10)

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Continuity mistake: On the Wavekrest when Krest is called to the bridge, to see "just a Manta-ray" it is dark outside. When Bond arrives on the Wavekrest minutes later however it is daytime the first time he looks outside. (00:36:30 - 00:40:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sanchez fires the Stinger at Bouvier's plane, it misses the right elevator, yet the left elevator starts to smoke. In the next shot of the plane, the right elevator now has a large flaming hole in it. (02:05:15)

Factual error: At the casino in Isthmus City, Bond is asked to cut the deck. He does that physically - splitting the deck in two. No casino in the world allows the players to touch the cards. The cut is made by inserting a plastic card in the relevant place.

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Revealing mistake: In a quick shot where the divers are coming into save Sanchez as the van has been ditched into the ocean, you can see the man in the van is not Robert Davi but a stuntman. It then changes shot to the diver giving Robert Davi a spare demand valve. (00:16:05)


Continuity mistake: When Pam and James are in the bar, Pam isn't wearing a bullet proof vest. Yet when she stands up in the boat a few minutes later, she suddenly has this massive vest attached to her back, which took the bullet hit. (00:49:00 - 00:53:10)


Revealing mistake: When Ed Killifer is on the van leading Sanchez to jail, he hits a guard on the face with a shotgun, but the guard is already wounded before being hit.

Franz Sanchez: In this business, there's a lot of cash. And a lot of people with their hands out.
Kwang: In a word... bribery.
Franz Sanchez: Exactly. He took the words right out of my pocket.

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Trivia: This was Timothy Dalton's second and last appearance as James Bond. He initially agreed to play Bond for a third time in "GoldenEye" (1995) but resigned from the role in 1994, believing that too much time had passed since "Licence to Kill".

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Question: Is License To Kill the first Bond movie that isn't based on a novel or short story?


Chosen answer: "License to Kill" is partly based on the novel "Live and Let Die" and the short story "Hilderbrand Rarity". However, it is the first Bond film not titled after a book. While "The Spy Who Loved Me" shares its name with a book, it was the first Bond film not based on a book (though subsequently, there was a novelization of the film.) "Goldeneye" is the first film not based on a book AND not titled after a book.

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