Breakdown (1997)

Ending / spoiler

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Amy is rescued from her captors although one manages to slip away. Jeff locks the captors in the same cellar that Amy was put in, however they are freed by the escaped captor. Jeff and Amy make it to a vehicle on the property and narrowly escape being hit by Red's truck. A three-car chase ensues, however two of the drivers are killed due to their own stupidity. Red chases Jeff to a bridge where his car is narrowly pushed off by Red's semi. Amy gets her leg trapped. Jeff and Red fight in Red's semi. Jeff gains the upper hand and Red falls to his death in the ravine. Amy is freed from the car and she pushes a gear allowing the truck to fall on Red. Jeff and Amy embrace as the camera pulls back and we see a wide shot of the bridge.


Visible crew/equipment: Just after the beginning credits end, you can see the reflections of the boom, the crew and other things as they pass the 4x4. (Most visible on VHS version). (00:02:35)

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Earl: What a man needs out here is a CB radio.
Jeff Taylor: Is that right?
Earl: 'Course, if you use a CB, you gotta have a handle. I'm thinking for you, "Shit For Brains."

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Question: Was Red/Warren's wife in on it also, or was she truly unaware of her husband's kidnapping lifestyle?


Answer: She was not in on it. However, once she turned against Jeff by encouraging her son, Deke, to shoot him, Jeff suddenly felt her to be as much as a threat as the others involved. This would explain why he had her and Deke into the cellar to be locked up with the others. Also, don't forget she was startled to see the freezer and Amy popping out of it.

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