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Corrected entry: Pam's shotgun is powerful enough to blow a huge hole in a solid wooden wall from three meters away. That's going to give Pam a nasty shock, because a shotgun puts the same energy into the recoil that it does into its projectiles. If it's powerful enough to punch a hole in a wall big enough for her and Bond to climb through, then she is going to be flung violently backwards across the bar.

Correction: Wrong. From Wikipedia: "Although the momentum possessed by a bullet as it leaves the muzzle of a gun is indeed equal to the recoil momentum of the gun (neglecting the momentum possessed by gas molecules and particles also leaving the muzzle), the kinetic energy of the bullet is many times greater than the recoil energy of the gun. For example, a bullet fired from an M16 rifle has approximately 1300 foot-pounds of kinetic energy as it leaves the muzzle, but the recoil energy of the gun is less than 5 foot-pounds. The reason mechanical energy is not conserved is because much more of the chemical energy released during powder combustion is transferred to the bullet than is transferred to the gun."

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Q gives Bond the camera gun and scans in his palm print, the "gadget" Q is using is nothing more than a cheap calculator.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: He's giving Bond a camera gun and exploding toothpaste; why wouldn't the scanner for the gun look like something else innocuous?

Captain Defenestrator

Corrected entry: LTK has never been officially released in its original cut because it was too violent and the producers wanted to avoid an R rating. Only the Dutch Laser Disc contains the complete uncut scenes which are: 1.Felix Leitner falls into the shark pool: The shark bites his leg off. 2.At the decompression chamber: Milton's head really explodes. 3.Dario is shredded into pieces: Even more blood and flesh is spread around and some pieces even fall onto the camera. 4.Sánchez death: Sánchez gets on fire, walks two steps screaming and then falls on his knees

Correction: It must have been released, I've just watched it on Sky 007 channel with all of the aforementioned scenes.

Corrected entry: When Sanchez whips Lupe for her little affair, he does it vertically. But when Bond is on the Wavekrest, the red marks on her back are now horizontal. (00:02:50 - 00:40:05)

Correction: The whipping is done off camera. Sanchez lays Lupe down, then the camera zooms in on his face as he starts to bring the whip down on her. Impossible to tell from this how the marks are going to be oriented on her back.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: David Hedison is the only actor to play Felix Leiter twice. The first time was in Live And Let Die (the eighth official Bond film.)

Corrected entry: When Bond removes the CD from the back of the picture frame in the house it's a standard sized CD. When he places the CD in the computer it's a mini CD.

Ian Hunt

Correction: No it isn't. It never changes size.

Corrected entry: When Bond is captured in Isthmus City, he gets a bloody cut under his left ear, which heals overnight without a trace.


Correction: The cut is not under his ear, but on the side of his head (under his hair) where he is struck unconscious. When he falls unconscious, no cut can be seen on his face, which makes sense as Bond is unlikely to fall unconscious from a strike in the face.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the prologue, when Bond has angled Sanchez' plane, the helicopter is flying rather low over the wedding scene, the people on the ground and on the helicopter are waving to each other, so they are close enough to see one another. Then, in the next shot, Bond and Felix are jumping out of the helicopter for skydiving, obviously from high elevation.

Correction: It's the next shot, not the same shot. There's no indication of time passed between shots, so the helicopter climbed in altitude.

Corrected entry: At the airport Bond puts his ticket into his right hand inside pocket, but when he later produces them at the check in desk he takes it out of the left pocket.

David Mercier

Correction: That's not the ticket he takes out of his left pocket - it is his passport.

Corrected entry: When 007 is swimming and he takes the diver's mask and oxygen, he puts the mask on underwater. His mask should be full of water, but instead it's only around his nose. In the next shot, there's no water at all.

Correction: It is possible to get water out of a mask while submerged. Most modern masks have a oneway valve on the bottom of the mask so that when you blow air out of your nose it forces the water out of the valve.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, Felix is savaged by a shark and his wife is murdered, but near the end he seems too happy. Perhaps he wanted his wife dead.

Correction: People DO laugh and smile when some time passes after a loved one's death (especially when the person responsible is dead).

Corrected entry: Licence to Kill was the first Bond movie to be completely devoid of anything written by Ian Fleming. By the time the Bond producers came to film this movie, all the Ian Fleming stories had been used up, one way or another.

Correction: This is actually incorrect. I've read every word Ian Fleming wrote, and this film does indeed use a portion of one of the texts. The piece actually comes from the book, Live and Let Die. Granted, the Roger Moore film version of Live and Let Die does indeed use many parts of the book, including the villian, scenes in Harlem in NYC, etc., but there is a scene in Florida where Bond is on assignment with Felix Leiter. The two of them are staying in hotel. Bond investigates an aquarium warehouse (just like in LTK) and he comes back to the hotel to find Leiter eaten half alive. Most of his motivation for the remainder of the novel is revenge.

Corrected entry: James Bond receives a lighter off his friend Felix. Then we see a close up of the lighter. At that point take a look below the lighter and you can see the brown lighter case just behind it. Then at the end of the film you will see the lighter case again when Bond shows it to Sanchez, and he didn't even fetch it out of his pocket. The close ups of the lighter are the same in both the start and the end of the film. (00:14:55 - 02:01:45)

Correction: A shot of Bond pulling the lighter out of his pocket is included on the Ultimate Edition 2-disc DVD release, just after Sanchez' line "You could have had everything." It was probably just cut out of some broadcasts of the film.

Continuity mistake: In the scene on the plane you see Bond hanging at the door on the right side of the plane, in the next shot you see the plane making a left turn, in the following shot Bond is still hanging on the right-side door. Shouldn't he have fallen into the plane ?

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Franz Sanchez: Señor Bond, you got big cojones. You come here, to my place, without references, carrying a piece, throwing around a lot of money... but you should know something: nobody saw you come in, so nobody has to see you go out.

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Trivia: This was Timothy Dalton's second and last appearance as James Bond. He initially agreed to play Bond for a third time in "GoldenEye" (1995) but resigned from the role in 1994, believing that too much time had passed since "Licence to Kill".

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Question: Is License To Kill the first Bond movie that isn't based on a novel or short story?


Chosen answer: "License to Kill" is partly based on the novel "Live and Let Die" and the short story "Hilderbrand Rarity". However, it is the first Bond film not titled after a book. While "The Spy Who Loved Me" shares its name with a book, it was the first Bond film not based on a book (though subsequently, there was a novelization of the film.) "Goldeneye" is the first film not based on a book AND not titled after a book.

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