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Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade picture

Corrected entry: When the flames are shooting down the tunnel, they overturn the coffin for protection. Just before this, however, Elsa is holding the torch, the next second it's gone. (00:35:45)

Correction: Well, obviously since she was in a state of panic, she dropped it. Or, since she knew they were going under highly flammable petroleum, she could have thrown it away from herself.

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Back to the Future Part II picture

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are in Doc's house in the alternate 1985, Doc sets up Einstein's doggie bed and the dog jumps in. From one angle he starts to turn around to his right, but in the reverse shot he turns to his left.


Correction: Have a look next time you see a dog doing this - the circle rapidly one way, then reverse, then reverse again, and finally settle down. That's exactly what Einstein is doing.

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Honey I Shrunk The Kids picture

Corrected entry: During the scorpion/ant fight scene, the ant and scorpion are close to the same size. In reality the scorpion would exceed the ant by many times. The ant wouldn't be able to fight it, and the scorpion probably would hardly notice it was around.

Correction: There are some species of scorpion (the Microtityus for example) that can be as small as 0.5 inches long. Many ant species are just as large, if not larger.

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Lethal Weapon 2 picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Riggs pulls the stilts out from under the house you can see the rear end come out from under the truck but then he backs up and jerks it again.


Correction: The axle is never shown coming free. At one point, the rear end of the truck lifts upward, allowing the wheels to drop quite a bit, but this is the effect of unloading the trucks weight from its rear leaf springs (jack up a car with a scissor jack under the rocker panel to see the same effect). Regardless, the cable he is using is attached to the truck frame, not the axle, so he can yank like this 'til the transmission fails and the axle mounts will never be at risk.


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Major League picture

Corrected entry: In the films final scene when Tom Berenger's character is going over to the stands when he sees Rene Russo's character, there is a man who runs out of the stands on to the field with many others. He is rather large and wearing a blue t-shirt. After they show Rene Russo in the stands and the man come out, they cut away to Tom Berenger and when they cut back to Rene Russo and she is coming out of the stands the same large man in the blue t-shirt comes out of the stands again. He already left the stands once and you really notice a man of his size especially a second time.

Correction: The large man in the blue t-shirt doesn't actually run onto the field - he just steps out of the stands and mingles with the crowd a little (if you look closely, you can see that the crowd itself is pretty close to the stands). In the second shot of him, he hasn't moved very far from where he was before. There's enough time between shots where he could've simply gone back to his original position in the stands.

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The Little Mermaid picture

Corrected entry: When the wedding is taking place, the priest's cross turns upside down for one frame.

Correction: He does not wear a cross, and there is no cross on his clothing. I wanted to provide a screenshot, so in every shot he was visible I went frame-by-frame to see what the submitter could have meant, but found nothing.

Super Grover Premium member

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation picture

Corrected entry: When Clark Griswold is on a ladder putting Christmas lights up on his house the trees in the background are green and leafy, (not evergreen trees), indicating summertime, although there is snow on the ground and it is supposedly winter. (00:21:38)

Correction: As Clark climbs the ladder, all of the tall trees behind the house have no leaves and are even covered with snow. The bush that does have leaves next to the evergreen, beside being the only thing with leaves, could easily be any number of plants that retain their leaves throughout the winter.


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Dead Poets Society picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Todd and Neil are on the roof and Todd is lamenting the fact that his parents once again gave him a desk set for his birthday, the desk set shown was wrapped using modern plastic packaging techniques that did not exist in the 1950's. Such a desk set would have probably come unwrapped in a box.

Correction: It is not wrapped in plastic, it is wrapped in clear cellophane which was invented in 1908 and marketed in the US in the 1920's.

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Licence to Kill picture

Corrected entry: When Sanchez whips Lupe for her little affair, he does it vertically. But when Bond is on the Wavekrest, the red marks on her back are now horizontal. (00:02:50 - 00:40:05)

Correction: The whipping is done off camera. Sanchez lays Lupe down, then the camera zooms in on his face as he starts to bring the whip down on her. Impossible to tell from this how the marks are going to be oriented on her back.

BocaDavie Premium member

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The Fly 2 picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Martin Brundle (Eric Stolz) is watching the video recordings of his father's telepod experiments, he comes across one where his father is being interviewed by someone just after he's successfully teleported himself across a room. When Seth Brundle actually did this in the first film he was alone (no press coverage or witnesses) and nobody else knew he'd done it because he forgot to tape it. Also he's speaking in a very clear, controlled voice on the tape even though the only reason he tried teleporting himself was because he was pissed drunk on champagne at the time.

Correction: There is nothing in the film to indicate this MUST be the same tape. He could easily have taped this later. The fact that he is NOT drunk and NOT alone would support the assumption that this is a later tape made as part of the documentary process Geena Davis' character is conducting.

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The Karate Kid III picture

Corrected entry: When Daniel is being taught by Terry Silver in the Kobra Kai Dojo, just after Daniel hurts his foot on the training instrument, Terry decides to show him how to do it. The left plank of the instrument, just before it breaks, you can see it's been pre-cut to break easily. (Zoom in necessary.) (01:10:05)


Correction: Zooming in to catch something has the same rules as slow-mo. Not considered a mistake.


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When Harry Met Sally picture

Corrected entry: When Meg Ryan and her boyfriend are making out at the airport terminal before she gets on the plane, watch the pillar in the background. Just to the left of it Billy Crystal is standing, waiting for a cue to walk around the corner and see them.

Correction: The person standing just behind the pillar is a man who is wearing a dark brown suit. He is standing looking down, and emerges right after Billy Crystal does. It is not clear where Billy was coming from, but he wasn't behind the pillar. He is also wearing a gray suit.

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UHF (1989)

UHF picture

Corrected entry: In the Town Talk/Geraldo sequence, the order in which the maniacs are sitting changes. (01:02:25)

Correction: No, they don't. At 0.59:48 we have a slow tracking shot showing a Nazi, a hooker, a Klansman, a smiling schoolgirl and an axe murderer, in that order. Then we cut to a studio shot at 1.00:02 and the order is precisely the same.

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Batman picture

Corrected entry: Back in the days before computer effects, giant painted backdrops were used, a few of these were used in the large scenes such as city hall and a few others.

Sol Parker

Correction: This was a very common and well-known filmmaking technique. This does not count as trivia.

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Ghostbusters 2 picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ray and Egon are in the dark room analyzing the photos they took at the museum, watch as they run the one photo through the "spectral analyzer". As they put the photo into the machine on the left side, the photo goes throught the machine at a very slow pace. You can see the photo as they are talking about what food they should get. The photo is about halfway through the machine on the left, when the entire photo magically appears on the right hand side of the machine and is finished being analyzed. When they pull the completed photo out of the right side of the machine, you can see the original photo still being analyzed on the left side. (00:56:26)

Correction: They're analyzing all the photos. The machine is obviously capable of scanning another photo while analyzing a previously scanned photo.

Phixius Premium member

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Uhura comes to the bridge to bring Scottie his "dinner", look carefully at Scottie's right hand when he grabs the packet. His middle finger has been missing since before he was originally hired for the TV show but they hid that fact (even bringing in a hand double when close-ups of Scottie's hands were needed). Here, however, you get a clear view of his missing digit. (James Doohan lost his finger during WWII) (00:16:20)

Garlonuss Premium member

Correction: Scotty having all his fingers 20 years earlier, and then missing one here only suggests he's lost one at some point along the way. Doohan's missing finger can only be an error if he's shown to have it and not have it moments apart (like a hand double, then his real hand during the same scene), not years apart. The writers are not required to explain everything the characters do while off camera and in the time between the shows and films.


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Pet Sematary picture

Corrected entry: In the part where it flashes back to when Gage was hit by the truck they show him turning his head to see what is behind him then he gets hit, whereas previously when they showed him really get hit he is obviously facing straight at the truck.

Correction: The flashback was in Louis' dream, there's no mistakes in dreams.


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Blind Fury picture

Corrected entry: In the final fight scene after Rutger Hauer kills the main henchman by knocking him out the window and slicing him in two, the scene ends without anything happening to the henchman's boss. The movie ends without any discosure of what happen to him. He didn't die. He didn't go to jail. He just disappeared.

Correction: He was overpowered and held at gunpoint by Frank. We can assume he was either properly disposed of or left for the police. We don't have to explicitly see it to accept that it most likely happened.

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Uncle Buck picture

Corrected entry: When Buck kidnaps Tia's boyfriend "Bug" and puts him in the trunk of his car there is no way Bug could have survived because the automobile emissions and the gag in his mouth would have suffocated him.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: The gag was in his mouth, not covering his nose. He could breathe fine. As for the possibility of carbon monoxie poisoning, when the car was in motion the exhaust would trail behind the vehicle; with all the damage to the car there was plenty of fresh air from outside getting into the trunk.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Lean on Me picture

Corrected entry: The mayor asks Dr. Napier how many students passed the minimum basic skills test last year and he replies, "About 38%." Later, when Joe Clark is addressing the student body for the first time, his graph indicates that 30% passed last year.

Matty Blast

Correction: The 30% refers to the "Practice Test" the students took - not the test from the previous year.

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