Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Corrected entry: General Korrd says that Klingon paradise is called Qui'Tu. But in DS9 we learn Klingon paradise is called Sto Vo Kohr.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: There are a lot of names for paradise in English, why is it so hard to believe there are more than one in Klingon? Furthermore, the word isn't for paradise, it's for the origin of life (i.e. Eden).

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Spock, McCoy and Kirk are prisoners, Kirk tries to escape by the ventilation shaft. He falls and the floor shakes.

Dr Wilson

Correction: In Kirk's words: "The Enterprise is a disaster." That floors and bulkheads may not be entirely secure is not surprising.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Uhura comes to the bridge to bring Scottie his "dinner", look carefully at Scottie's right hand when he grabs the packet. His middle finger has been missing since before he was originally hired for the TV show but they hid that fact (even bringing in a hand double when close-ups of Scottie's hands were needed). Here, however, you get a clear view of his missing digit. (James Doohan lost his finger during WWII) (00:16:20)

Garlonuss Premium member

Correction: Scotty having all his fingers 20 years earlier, and then missing one here only suggests he's lost one at some point along the way. Doohan's missing finger can only be an error if he's shown to have it and not have it moments apart (like a hand double, then his real hand during the same scene), not years apart. The writers are not required to explain everything the characters do while off camera and in the time between the shows and films.


Corrected entry: Cybok, Spock's half-brother, has a messy ponytail through almost the entire film. When Kirk decides to go down to the planet (where God may preside), Cybok's messy ponytail is apparent as they enter the turbo lift. Presumably a few minutes later, they are on the shuttle craft. Cybok's ponytail is gone, and his hair is cut and neat. Did he get a trim in the turbo lift so he'd look nice for when he met God?


Correction: Sybok has also changed into a completely different outfit, devoid of all the padding and decorative chest pieces...and the robe. As you jokingly suggested, he has indeed stopped to clean up and change clothes for the big meeting. You also failed to mention that Kirk and crew have also changed into their red uniforms from the earth-tone colors they wore in the earlier scene. More than a few minutes certainly have passed.


Corrected entry: Kirk and McCoy start climbing the turbo shaft then Spock realises he can get them up the shaft faster with his rocket boots so he goes to get them. Then he comes down from above them which means he had to go up to whatever deck his boots were on to retrieve them. But if he was able to get that far up the ship without Sybok's soldiers spotting him, why not just have Kirk and McCoy go with him to the boot level instead of climbing the shaft from the very bottom?

Correction: Spock would have several advantages of going on his own. For one, it would be easier for one man to hide and avoid Sybok's soldiers then it would be for 3 men. And there would be less noise with just Spock going. Additionally, Spock's Vulcan hearing would make it easier for him to avoid the soldiers and he wouldn't have to communicate with the other two when someone is approaching or tell them where to go.


Corrected entry: The crew's reaction to Sybok taking over of the ship is unrealistic. Unless otherwise told not to do anything by their Captain, they would not readily take orders from Sybok and would do all within their power to overthrow him, not casually act as if nothing has changed in the chain of command.

Correction: He has brainwashed them, just as he has done to everyone else that is following him in his quest.


Corrected entry: When they reach the planet with "God" on it, the crew is up on the enterprise and are watching the events transpire. The viewscreen shows the 4 heroes walking away from the shuttlecraft, but it's as if there's a camera several feet to the side of the shuttle craft. Wouldn't any recording devices have to be attached to the craft? If they can pull up any image from any vantage point regardless of camera placement, then why do they bother even going down to planets?

Correction: The "God" creature is sending the images at this point.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Kirk is making the emergency call to starfleet the stars outside the window are moving by as if the ship were at impulse speed. Why are the stars moving so slow if they are supposed to be at maximum warp towards the great barrier?

Correction: Sometimes the ships have to slow down (ion-storms, black hole etc.) to pass them safely. Maybe they just have passed or are heading toward something like that.


Corrected entry: In the movie, the Great Barrier is at the centre of the galaxy, and has never been crossed. But on the original Star Trek TV show, the Great Barrier was at the edge of the galaxy, and they had already crossed it.

Correction: The barrier on the edge of the galaxy is the Galactic Barrier, not the Great Barrier.

Correction: In Kirk's words: "The Enterprise is a disaster." That floors and bulkheads may not be entirely secure is not surprising.

JC Fernandez

Revealing mistake: When Sybok lifts Kirk off the ground in the shuttle bay, wires are visible holding up Kirk by his legs.

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Uhura: Bad news gentlemen, shore leave has been cancelled.
Chekov: Rescued at last!
Uhura: Return to pre arranged coordinates for pick up.
Sulu: Coordinates?
Chekov: Don't tell them you're lost, you'll never live it down!
Uhura: Is there a problem, gentlemen?
Sulu: Uh, yes, uh... We've been, uh, we've been caught in a blizzard!
Chekov: [Blowing into the communicator.] And we can't see a thing! Request you direct us to the coordinates!
Uhura: My visual says sunny skies and 70°!
Chekov: Sulu look! The sun has come out! It's a miracle!
Uhura: Don't worry fellas! Your secret's safe with me. I'll send a shuttlecraft to pick you up.
Sulu: Uhura, I owe you one. Sulu out.

Movie Nut

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Trivia: If I am correct the Yoman who gives Kirk the status report he signs on the bridge is in reality William Shatner's daughter, Melanie Shatner, who had also appeared in TOS Episode Miri as one of the children.

Mark English

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