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Corrected entry: During the scene in the subway with the river of slime, as Egon, Ray and Winston are measuring the depth of the river Winston's equipment begins to pull him into the slime. During the struggle to stop this Egon is heard to shout the name Ernie, the actor who plays Winston.

Correction: He doesn't shout "Ernie!", he shouts "Hurry!"

Corrected entry: Why does everyone in the mayor's office and the police think the Ghostbusters are crazy and lock them up? You would think they would believe their story, It couldn't be too outlandish considering a few years before a giant Marshmellow man attacked the city.

Correction: It was implied that the 'bad vibes goo' was making everyone in New York crazy, and not just people who really touched it.

Correction: It's only Hardmeyer played by Kurt Fuller that has them committed without telling the Mayor or anyone else. He does this when the Ghostbusters say they're going to the press.

Corrected entry: When Ray and Egon are analysing the photos and talking about what sort of take-away to have, Vigo manages to slide the bolt on the door shut. Presumeably this is the only door into the room, so the bolt has to be on one side of the door or the other (being a dark room, it should be on the inside to prevent anyone else coming in). Why didn't they just slide the bolt back? If the bolt was on the other side of the door, then Winston could have slid it back instead of smashing the door open with the fire extinguisher. (00:56:47)

Correction: Actually one of them does try to open the bolt from the inside but can't because the Vigo guy must be controlling it still.

Corrected entry: When Ray is being lowered through the hole in Maine street, he hasn't reached the river of slime yet, but you can see slime dripping from the device he later uses to take a sample.

Correction: I've watched the scene numerous times, I just don't see the slime dripping, until after he takes the sample. I've slowed it down as well...just don't see it. In all fairness though to the OP, there is a metal teat at the end of the device that would look like a drip of slime in some shots.

Corrected entry: When the heroes walk the statue of liberty across New York Harbour, her head etc, are well about the waterline. Yet if you measure the statue herself and find out the depth of the harbour in some places, it would have been impossible for her to take that walk and not "drown". (01:28:23)

Correction: The key phrase is "some places." The Ghostbusters could have mapped out a route along the harbor that would make sure they didn't get submerged.

Correction: The harbor is only 62 feet deep at the deepest point, and the statue is well over 100 feet tall.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie you see the Statue of Liberty looking down from the rooftop, and then you don't see it the next time we see the rooftop. Then it's on the ground. How can it move without them controlling it?

Correction: Because it fell over, which requires only gravity.


Also I think they are not controlling it, the positive slime turned it sentient.


Corrected entry: The film takes a large liberty when portraying the Titanic. The Titanic we see is complete with a huge hole in one side. The real sinking was nothing like this with small gashes made along the front of the ship, which eventually split in two. There was no large gaping hole like that made when she hit the iceberg. The Titanic was found four years before the film was made, so it was known at that time what condition the Titanic was in. (01:20:35)

Correction: It's a ghost ship, so I think we can forgive them for this, just like the ghost train in the subway scene, because it was a steam engine, which never would be in a subway tunnel like that.

This isn't a valid correction. The ghost train appearing on the subway tracks is different and had nothing to do with the way the Titanic ghost ship looked.


They are both ghost vessels, not the actual machines, it is understandable that they will look different on the etheric plane.

Corrected entry: Winston is present at the trial for Ray, Egon and Peter, but when the slime erupts, he's nowhere to be found when the Ghostbusters could really use the help!


Correction: He had no proton pack or other equipment, so he may have been trying to keep himself safer and to keep the others from having to protect him. Besides, we don't see him except for the first part of the trial. He may have been gone later.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When the Ectomobile, on the way to the birthday party, is driving down the road, you can see that it has the NY plate with the Statue of Liberty on it, which is correct for 1989, but it should have still had the orange plate such would be correct for 1984, when the Cadillac would have been registered.

Correction: License plates can fall off over the years, requiring replacements. Especially when one drives around as quickly as Ray.

Captain Defenestrator

Corrected entry: During the entire scene where the Statue of Liberty is just outside of the museum, a green screen can be seen in the background anytime there is a closeup of one of the actors in the statue.

Correction: It is not a green screen, the inside of the statue is actually green.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ray and Egon are in the dark room analyzing the photos they took at the museum, watch as they run the one photo through the "spectral analyzer". As they put the photo into the machine on the left side, the photo goes throught the machine at a very slow pace. You can see the photo as they are talking about what food they should get. The photo is about halfway through the machine on the left, when the entire photo magically appears on the right hand side of the machine and is finished being analyzed. When they pull the completed photo out of the right side of the machine, you can see the original photo still being analyzed on the left side. (00:56:26)

Correction: They're analyzing all the photos. The machine is obviously capable of scanning another photo while analyzing a previously scanned photo.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In some shots the slime is red and in other shots it is pink.

Correction: This is because of the different levels of light on the slime in different places and at different times.

Corrected entry: The male psychic on Peter's show that says that the world will end on New Year's Eve was in the first film. He was the guy on TV asking Ray "How's Elvis, and have you seen him lately?"

Correction: No, it's not the same person. The man in "Ghostbusters II" was character-actor Kevin Dunn, while the man in the original "Ghostbusters" was radio/TV host Joe Franklin.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the Ghostbusters are controlling the Statue of Liberty through the streets of New York City. At one point, the statue accidentally steps on a parked police car, smashing it seemingly beyond repair. However, it is fairly easy to notice that the police car is "changed" from a real one to a model - possibly even a Matchbox car - right before the statue's foot comes down on it. Slow motion and/or pausing is NOT needed to see this. It is clear that a (bad) edit was put into place here. The primary tell is that the car's lights go off a split second BEFORE the statue's foot makes contact with it.

Brittle Fingers

Correction: I've watched this scene in slo-mo over and over again. The car is NOT replaced, and the lights do NOT turn off. The car does become slightly pale and a thick black line appears around it, but that is because of the blue screen effect. The car is always the same.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: Two of the Ghostbusters are examining their evidence, and one of them puts a picture of the man in the huge painting into a device similar to a photocopier. Problem is, the picture comes out the other end of the device before it has entirely finished going in.


Correction: It's a spectral analyzer. Eagon also turns up the roentgens, a unit of measurement for radiation, which presumably makes the device more sensitive. It analyzed the spectral presence within the photograph and printed out a visual representation of that presence. The printout that discharged from the device has nothing to do with the original image that was actually photographed and fed into it, therefore the spectral analyzer does not need to scan the entire photographed image to create this facsimile of the spirit possessing the photographs. In other words, the machine was able to "see" the ghost and print out a picture of it before the entire photo had been scanned. Not out of the question at all, especially for completely fictional technology.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Statue of Liberty makes its entrance in the streets of New York, close observation shows that the statue actually steps on a bunch of people.


Correction: How is this a mistake? The guys cannot see exactly where the statue is going, and she is stepping on cars and other objects, so why not a few accidental people?


Corrected entry: In the final scene where the Ghostbusters are coming out of the Museum, where did their proton packs and slime blowers go?

Correction: As noted by Tully as he proudly put on a proton pack, then ran about 20 feet and had to stop to catch his breath, and saying "this equipment sure is heavy" one can assume the other ghostbusters definitely needed some relief after having them on for so long.

Continuity mistake: In the abandoned railway station scene, when the heads on stakes appear, you can see in the first shot, Winston is wearing his hardhat after that there is a split-second shot and it disappears. In the very next shot it reappears. (00:59:51)

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Judge Wexler: The Scolari brothers.
Ray: Friends of yours?
Judge Wexler: I tried them for murder. Gave them the chair. You gotta do something.
Egon: Why don't you just tell them you don't believe in ghosts?

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Trivia: Slimer had no name in the first Ghostbusters movie, but the producers nicknamed him "onionhead" because of his awful smell. He was named Slimer in the cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters." The name came from the scene in Ghostbusters where Ray shows Winston the containment unit and says, "This is where we store all the vapors and entities and slimers we trap." Since Venkman was slimed in the hotel, they decided to name the ghost that did it Slimer.

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Question: After informing Egon of the incident with Oscar in the stroller, why did Dana ask him not to tell Peter about it?

Answer: Because she knew Peter would want to get involved. They didn't part on good terms and she hadn't spoken to him since her marriage. She just thought it would be awkward to see him again.


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