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Revealing mistake: When the [superimposed] pink slime and the bending tub try to attack Dana and Oscar, watch the tiles on the wall in front and you'll notice that they're not being reflected, just an empty space.

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Suggested correction: The area circled is the reflecting surface. Which means the reflection (if it was even visible in the tiles) would appear as far to the right of the wall as the slime is to the left. It would be off-screen.

Just watch the movie scene for Christ's sake instead of basing your junk correction on a picture.

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What is in the movie that would change the basic principles of optics? The picture is pretty clear as to what the setup is.

The camera moves around the bathroom and thus proves that the pink slime isn't reflected anywhere.

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If that's the case, why did you illustrate the error with a frame where the reflection would not be visible? Can you post a picture where the reflection of the bathtub is visible but not the slime?

The wide shot has Sigourney Weaver running and thus a blurry image quality. Nevertheless, I'll try to get a good image. In any case, no-one expects someone correcting a mistake without checking the actual mistake.

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Continuity mistake: The floating toys on the stool by Dana's tub disappear when the water becomes pink goo.

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