Ghostbusters 2

Revealing mistake: When Ray, Winston and Egon are underground looking for the river of ooze, there is a scene where they break down a small wall of rocks. Ray then sits on one of the rocks and it bends under him - it's rubber or foam. (01:01:50)

David Mercier

Revealing mistake: During the courtroom scene, one of the ghosts grabs the prosecutor and she is hanging upside down. Her dress comes down a little, but when she is about to fly through the door you can see part of the dress is pinned to her panty hose to stop the dress from falling off. (00:33:30)

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Revealing mistake: When they gather around to watch what happens when you put the slime in the toaster, you can see when the toaster starts popping that it has little pneumatic pistons attached to the bottom, making it jump. When the toaster gets picked up off the table you can view its power cord which is entirely too big - more likely air lines. (00:41:15)

Revealing mistake: When Venkman is shooting at the ghost in the courtroom, if you look closely at the pillar his proton stream hits, you can see the area that is supposed to explode before it actually does. (00:35:25)

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Revealing mistake: When the Statue of Liberty is about to smash the museum's glass dome, the shot outside is really bizarre: The Statue is standing on a park, with a pink cloud covering what is supposed to be the museum. Yet the lower part of the cloud plus the people around it, show that there is no building nor any foundations there: Just a superimposed pink cloud over an empty field.

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Ghostbusters 2 mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the [superimposed] pink slime and the bending tub try to attack Dana and Oscar, watch the tiles on the wall in front and you'll notice that they're not being reflected, just an empty space.

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Suggested correction: The area circled is the reflecting surface. Which means the reflection (if it was even visible in the tiles) would appear as far to the right of the wall as the slime is to the left. It would be off-screen.

Just watch the movie scene for Christ's sake instead of basing your junk correction on a picture.

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What is in the movie that would change the basic principles of optics? The picture is pretty clear as to what the setup is.

The camera moves around the bathroom and thus proves that the pink slime isn't reflected anywhere.

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If that's the case, why did you illustrate the error with a frame where the reflection would not be visible? Can you post a picture where the reflection of the bathtub is visible but not the slime?

The wide shot has Sigourney Weaver running and thus a blurry image quality. Nevertheless, I'll try to get a good image. In any case, no-one expects someone correcting a mistake without checking the actual mistake.

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Revealing mistake: When Oscar is standing backwards on the ledge, he moves frame by frame like a robot, revealing it's a stop motion effect and not a real baby.

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Revealing mistake: In the aerial angle of the Statue of Liberty walking down the streets, watch behind it: it is very evident where the matte painting was inserted: The street colour differs and the objects have way less definition.

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Continuity mistake: When Vigo throws the streams from the proton packs back onto the Ghostbusters, there is a wide shot of Egon getting thrown way over to the right. However, when they do a closer shot, he is way over to the left, closer to the other three Ghostbusters. (01:33:50)

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Prosecutor: So what you're saying is that the world of the supernatural is your exclusive province?
Peter Venkman: Kitten, I think what I'm saying is that, sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who ya gonna call?

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Trivia: The sound of Vigo growling is exactly the same growl that the terror dogs from the first Ghostbusters make.

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Question: What exactly happened to the Ghostbusters between the first film and this film? Why was a restraining order taken out against them?


Chosen answer: After the initial high of saving the city from Gozer wore off, they were blamed for the danger in the first place and sued out of business. The restraining order was additional insult to injury.

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