Ghostbusters 2

Plot hole: The Ghostbusters go underground to search for the slime using a map. Even excusing their initial dumb decision to try to dig a hole in the middle of Manhattan when they could have taken that route to begin with, there's no excuse why after their acquittal they never went looking for that river of slime until Vigo burns their lab; they spent weeks studying small samples of the thing but never tried to reach again the source of the infestation to monitor it, which is absurd. (01:00:00)

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Suggested correction: The Ghostbusters know from Ray's initial journey down the hole that the river of slime is in the old pneumatic transit system. They are busy re-opening their business and will eventually go back to the river, but that mission gained more urgency once they linked the river to Vigo. Also, they know that the river has been there for years if not decades, and therefore realise that returning to explore it can wait a few weeks.

Continuity mistake: When Vigo throws the streams from the proton packs back onto the Ghostbusters, there is a wide shot of Egon getting thrown way over to the right. However, when they do a closer shot, he is way over to the left, closer to the other three Ghostbusters. (01:33:50)

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Prosecutor: So what you're saying is that the world of the supernatural is your exclusive province?
Peter Venkman: Kitten, I think what I'm saying is that, sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who ya gonna call?

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Trivia: Slimer had no name in the first Ghostbusters movie, but the producers nicknamed him "onionhead" because of his awful smell. He was named Slimer in the cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters." The name came from the scene in Ghostbusters where Ray shows Winston the containment unit and says, "This is where we store all the vapors and entities and slimers we trap." Since Venkman was slimed in the hotel, they decided to name the ghost that did it Slimer.

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Question: What exactly happened to the Ghostbusters between the first film and this film? Why was a restraining order taken out against them?


Chosen answer: After the initial high of saving the city from Gozer wore off, they were blamed for the danger in the first place and sued out of business. The restraining order was additional insult to injury.

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