Ghostbusters 2

Audio problem: During the fight with the Scoleri Brothers, Egon warns doctor Stantz about the sudden apparition of the ghost coming through the wall. He yells "Behind you, Raaay!", but in the close-up Harold Ramis' mouth is not uttering "Behind you." (00:35:50)

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Audio problem: Dana shows up at Peter's door with poor little Oscar desperately crying after the bathtub misadventures. Is he really crying though? Sigourney Weaver does her best to hold the baby close to her and away from the camera, that shoots the scene cutting off above the mouth level. His body language is composed though, and for one moment (when Dana says "this pink goo everywhere" his mouth pops in frame and it is closed. (00:46:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the abandoned railway station scene, when the heads on stakes appear, you can see in the first shot, Winston is wearing his hardhat after that there is a split-second shot and it disappears. In the very next shot it reappears. (00:59:51)

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Dr. Peter Venkman: Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Winston Zeddemore: Wonder what?
Dr. Peter Venkman: Whether she's naked under that toga. She *is* French. You know that.

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Trivia: When Ray and Egon see Vigo's name on the "Occult Reference Net," his last name is the same as the twin actors who play Oscar.

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Question: I recently saw Ghostbusters 2 on Spike TV. when the broadcast came to the point where Winston is pulled into the river of slim, before Vigon and Ray, I noticed the river of slime looked odd. It was as the river had been shrunken down, or the Ghostbusters were enlarged. Am I crazy? If I am not, then why would they make such a trivial alteration?

Answer: SpikeTV didn't alter the movie except for editing for time and content. The scene you saw was in the original film and the way the river looked was a combination of two things, the camera angle and the poor special effects of the time.


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