Batman Forever

Trivia: All the riddles used by Nygma were made by Will Shortz, a creator of puzzles and logic games.


Trivia: Tommy Lee Jones agreed to be Two Face/Harvey Dent because his son was a Batman comic fan.


Trivia: Don Wilson, a kick boxing champion, plays the role of the boss of the street neon gang.


Trivia: During filming, in a restaurant Tommy Lee Jones told Jim Carrey that he disliked his performance as an actor, and that he hated him.


Trivia: The suits worn by the Grayson family at the circus are very similar to the Robin suit in the comics.


Trivia: The coin used by Two face has on it the letters H and D for Harvey Dent.


Trivia: Marlon Wayans, Leonardo Dicaprio, Ewan McGregor, Toby Stephens and Jude Law were considered for the role of Robin.


Trivia: Robin Williams was considered for the role of The Riddler but he refused it.


Trivia: Rene Russo was initially chosen for the role of Chase Meridian, but was replaced by Nicole Kidman after Michael Keaton left.


Trivia: Ethan Hawke, William Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Day Lewis were considered for the role of Batman.


Trivia: The building for the circus was inspired by the Justice Hall from the animated series Super Friends.


Trivia: The ladies that approach the Batmobile are the group En Vogue.


Trivia: In the brief time that Tim Burton was still considering doing a third Batman film, Riddler was the only villain that he planned on using. The idea of using Two-Face did not come up until Joel Schumacher joined the project.

Trivia: Rene Russo was originally cast to play criminal psychologist Dr. Chase Meridian when Michael Keaton was still attached to the project as Batman. However, when Keaton dropped out of the project and was replaced by Val Kilmer, Russo was deemed too old to play his love interest and was replaced by Nicole Kidman.

Trivia: When Dick Grayson is trying to come up with superhero names for himself to become Batman's partner, one of the names he comes up with is Nightwing. Dick Grayson later becomes Nightwing in the comics, after his days as (the first) Robin.

Trivia: When he practiced twirling his cane, Jim Carrey managed to break most of the furniture in his trailer.

Trivia: Before deciding not to don the cape and cowl for a third time, Michael Keaton met with Joel Schumacher and declined to join the project after deciding that he did not like the direction in which Schumacher was looking to take the franchise.

Trivia: Robin says, "Holey rusted metal, Batman..." This is an obvious inside joke for all fans of the 1960s Batman TV series. As you may already know, Robin always said a phrase that began with "Holy...." and ended with a phrase that was not usually used in normal conversation.

Trivia: Robin Williams tried out for the part of the Riddler.

Trivia: Mark Hamill was considered for the role of the Riddler. Hamill voiced the Joker in the Batman cartoons.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film right after Batman has saved Chase and Robin from falling and Two-Face appears on the ledge, you can see that in one shot Chase has lost her shoes and in the next shot she's wearing black sneakers. (01:48:00)

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The Riddler: Now, the real game begins.

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Question: What song is being played when Dick is driving the Batmobile through Gotham?

Answer: It's called "Smash it up" by The Offspring.

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