Batman Forever

Trivia: In the brief time that Tim Burton was still considering doing a third Batman film, Riddler was the only villain that he planned on using. The idea of using Two-Face did not come up until Joel Schumacher joined the project.

Trivia: The ladies that approach the Batmobile are the group En Vogue.


Trivia: Rene Russo was originally cast to play criminal psychologist Dr. Chase Meridian when Michael Keaton was still attached to the project as Batman. However, when Keaton dropped out of the project and was replaced by Val Kilmer, Russo was deemed too old to play his love interest and was replaced by Nicole Kidman.

Trivia: When Dick Grayson is trying to come up with superhero names for himself to become Batman's partner, one of the names he comes up with is Nightwing. Dick Grayson later becomes Nightwing in the comics, after his days as (the first) Robin.

Trivia: Robin Williams tried out for the part of the Riddler.

Trivia: Before deciding not to don the cape and cowl for a third time, Michael Keaton met with Joel Schumacher and declined to join the project after deciding that he did not like the direction in which Schumacher was looking to take the franchise.

Trivia: When he practiced twirling his cane, Jim Carrey managed to break most of the furniture in his trailer.

Trivia: Robin says, "Holey rusted metal, Batman..." This is an obvious inside joke for all fans of the 1960s Batman TV series. As you may already know, Robin always said a phrase that began with "Holy...." and ended with a phrase that was not usually used in normal conversation.

Trivia: Mark Hamill was considered for the role of the Riddler. Hamill voiced the Joker in the Batman cartoons.

Trivia: At the time Sam Raimi was a popular "cult" director. When Tim Burton stepped down as director, he offered his services to the studio. He never got the job because the studio felt he wasn't a big enough name.

Trivia: Batman co-creator Bob Kane has said Val Kilmer was his favorite Batman actor.

Trivia: During the party scene when Edward Nygma is introducing his new Box, the fantasies of one can be seen on a television screen. Later when people are dancing, on one of the screens in the background, you can see Batman! Someone must be having a Batman fantasy.

Trivia: The doctor who summons Dr. Chase Meridian to Arkham Asylum at the end is named Dr. Burton. A nod to Tim Burton, director of the first two Batman movies, perhaps?

Trivia: Brad Dourif was considered for the role of the Riddler.

Trivia: In the original Batman (1989), Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams. Williams accepted the role with the knowledge and expectation that Dent would eventually become Two-Face. Williams had a clause in his contract reserving that role in any sequels for him. Warner Bros. had to buy out his contract so that they could cast Tommy Lee Jones.

Trivia: The building for the circus was inspired by the Justice Hall from the animated series Super Friends.


Trivia: Alec Baldwin was almost cast as Batman.

Trivia: Ed Begley Jr., appears uncredited.

Trivia: Elizabeth Sanders, who plays Gossip Gerty, is the widow of Bob Kane, the man who co-created the Batman character with Bill Finger.

Trivia: Leonardo DiCaprio screen tested for the role of Robin.

Revealing mistake: When Two Face and Riddler enter Wayne Manor, and knock Alfred down. Alfred, unconscious, pushes the dinner tray aside, so the thugs can carry him into the closet. (01:27:55)

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The Riddler: Did anyone ever tell you you have a serious impulse control problem?!

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