Batman Forever

Trivia: At Wayne Enterprises check out the big round window. The pattern of the frame and the silhouette of the buildings makes the Batman symbol.

Trivia: Director Joel Schumacher wanted to make a prequel inspired by Frank Miller's graphic novel Year One.


Trivia: When Jim Carrey first signed on to play The Riddler, he wanted to shave a question mark into his scalp for the role. The producers agreed on it, but Carrey was set to appear in court to finalize his divorce, so he decided against the idea.

Trivia: All the riddles used by Nygma were made by Will Shortz, a creator of puzzles and logic games.


Trivia: Don Wilson, a kick boxing champion, plays the role of the boss of the street neon gang.


Trivia: The suits worn by the Grayson family at the circus are very similar to the Robin suit in the comics.


Trivia: The coin used by Two face has on it the letters H and D for Harvey Dent.


Revealing mistake: When Two Face and Riddler enter Wayne Manor, and knock Alfred down. Alfred, unconscious, pushes the dinner tray aside, so the thugs can carry him into the closet. (01:27:55)

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The Riddler: Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?

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Question: At the beginning, when Batman breaks through the helicopter's window with his head, he tells Two-Face, 'Give it up, Harvey. You need help' or something like that. But this voice is totally not what Val Kilmer sounds like. The best I can come up with is that it's a stunt double or something like that. If anybody out there knows the real reason, I'd be happy to hear it.


Chosen answer: Batman talks like that because if he talks like Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer's voice) his voice might be recognized, leading to Batman's identity being revealed.

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