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Corrected entry: More curiosity than goof - all throughout the movie, Batman keeps nagging Robin that he should not kill Two-Face - it won't bring back his parents and will make him kill again, and again... But at the end of the movie, Batman has put an ample amount of change in his pockets (utility belt?) just to fool Two-Face to grab for his coin amongst the change, and...well, you know what happened. What kind of example is this for Robin? Surely if he could reach for his change, he could have reached any number of devices from his utility belt to contain, not kill, Two-Face. Also keep in mind that Harvey Dent (who became Two-Face) was a friend of Bruce Wayne, which adds to the coldness of his death.

Correction: The coin trick wasn't meant to kill Two Face - just distract him so Batman could capture him. However, Two Face panicked and did himself in.

Correction: This keeps being submitted over and over again - I really don't think it's valid, as it seems to be based on his skin colour, which shouldn't matter any more than other distinguishing characteristics. If this is a "mistake" then it's also a mistake that Batman used to be played by Michael Keaton but in this film was played by Val Kilmer - just a different actor playing the same part, so what's the big deal?

Agreed since in the Batman TV Show from the 60's, Catwoman was played by both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt.

Corrected entry: When Batman saves Robin from falling during the climax, right around when Robin says "Thanks", you can see that both the Batman and Robin costumes have hidden "vent-holes" cut into the underarms (likely to help the actor's skin "breathe" and to help air circulation keep them cool in the heavy costumes), with nothing but black cloth underneath.

Correction: The vent holes could just as easily be a intended part of Batman and Robin's costumes to help the characters' skin "breathe" and to help air circulation to keep them cool in the heavy costumes.


Corrected entry: When the Riddler is showing the scan of Bruce's brain to Two-Face, a bat appears where there wasn't one before (at, according to the time at the bottom of the scan, 20 mins 51 secs).

Correction: They are showing a patchwork collection of thoughts from Bruce Wayne's mind; there is no need for continuity - items could appear and even disappear at random.

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Corrected entry: When two-face put the club on the helicopters steering wheel, he never locked it. He just put it on and jumped out, they don't lock without a key. (00:11:10)

Correction: You clearly hear a ratcheting noise when he extends the club; apparently this model locks in place when it is extended and only requires a key to release it.

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Corrected entry: Batman's trig skills must be absolutely amazing.enough that he was able to pinpoint the exact triangulation to the CENTIMETER, without any precise measuring, when he rigged the safe to fall back into its original location in the skyscraper.

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Correction: This is intentional, as Joel Shumacher was trying to recreate the campiness of the 1960's TV show, where Batman can do absolutely everything.

Corrected entry: When Bruce goes to visit Chase for the second time, (when she gives him the Malaysian Dream Warden) at one point we hear her tea kettle whistle. She leaves to go get it. But if you listen closely, you will hear that the kettle stops whistling just barely after her footsteps stop and long before we hear the door close. And then, about 7 seconds later she comes back with a cup of tea. Who can make a cup of tea that fast?

Correction: Who said it was tea? It could be absolutely any drink that just required the addition of boiling water. Or it could just be that Chase likes to drink hot water all by itself. That may sound weird to some people but I know several people who genuinely drink that, and since this is a Batman movie it isn't outside the realms of possibility that the characters drink liquids other than tea.

Corrected entry: When Edward visits Two-Face: Edward enters, introduces himself, endures Two-Face's threat, then goes to demonstrate his "box". Ed walks forward (toward the camera), and picks up two of his "boxes" from a table in Two-Face's apartment. How'd they get there? Ed hadn't started selling them yet, so there is no real explanation as to why the "boxes" would already be in the apartment.

Correction: This mistake has already been corrected, essentially if he could break in to two-face's lair he could have brought the "boxes" there earlier.

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Corrected entry: When Chase summons Batman with the Bat-Signal: she tells Batman that she pinpointed a weakness of Two-Face: his coin. How could the good doctor know about that? Unless she talked to the guard, which is probable, but not in the movie, there is no way she could know about Two-Face's coin.

Correction: What's to say that this was the first time he used the coin? The coin was very important to Two-face to make his desicions. Being an villain, and performing in villain related activities it would start to become known that he used an coin. Chase likely would have heard from witnesses or reports about the coin and put two and two together.

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Correction: So the Riddler was watching them talk, waiting for an opportune moment to enter. how is that a mistake?

Corrected entry: When Two-Face attempts to steal the rather sizable and presumably solidly built safe there is a lack of basic rigging knowledge. First of all the single chain would not be able to hold the safe by itself much less one filled with fluid. Secondly this amazing chain is connected directly to a winch inside the helicopter. Unless one uses a specially made adapter a load like that would begin to spin and swing with the motion of the rotors. Finally they pull the safe straight out of a building in the middle of downtown, the helicopter would almost have to have it's nose straight up to accomplish this and lots of room to maneuver. However the magical single prop helicopter combined with the magical chain seem to have no problem with such a difficult load.

Correction: First off, we don't know how heavy the safe is.(Two-Face could have easily brought a "Light Load Bat-Trapping Acid-Spewing" safe of his own construction and substituted it for the real thing.) Secondly, if you look closely when the safe is being pulled out of the building, there are 3 chains, not just one. And finally, we don't know when this movie takes place (it could be somewhere in the distant future where they have much better technology) so we can't really determine how powerful the helicopter is. This is NOT a mistake, but just a mess of assumptions and weird circumstances.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Batman uses one of the gadgets in the Batmobile to drive up the side of the building to escape from Two-Face's henchmen, where does he go from there?

Correction: It can be safely assumed that if a vehicle is designed to make it possible to drive up a wall, it has some means of getting back down at a later time. It is unnecessary for the viewer to see each 'gadget' in use.

Corrected entry: It's hard to believe that a spontaneous act of throwing acid on Dent's face by the mobster would result in a perfectly even separation down the exact middle of his face. Even with the folder protecting one half, the chances of the acid falling so perfectly seems remote.

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Correction: In the comics, its discussed at some point that Dent's face isn't in fact purely symetrical, but that he uses some makeup to make the line even as a means of making his split extremely even.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Riddler invades Two Faces' Lair, he has nothing but his cane with him. But when he proceeds further into the lair, he picks up two of his "boxes." They were there before he got there.

Correction: If he is able to break into Two Face's lair unoticed, then it's possible that he broke in before hand and placed the boxes where they are for his demonstration.

Corrected entry: When Batman and Robin go after Riddler, they approach in a Batwing and Batboat that appeared to be in a lower level of the batcave (this is assumed since Riddler destroyed whatever he saw in the cave) however, Two-Face and Riddler sit down to play a game of "Battleship" and have little toys of the very same vehicles. Are we supposed to believe that Riddler decided to take a picture of these vehicles in order to make little models instead of just blowing them up too? He's insane, but not stupid.

Correction: After destroying the batcave, the Riddler doesn't let Two-Face kill Bruce Wayne and leaves a final riddle. This indicates he's anticipating Bruce's next move. Later, in a scene with Chase Meridian, he says he's expecting Batman to come and rescue her. Riddler is intent on out-doing and humiliating Bruce Wayne. Being prepared for an assault would be out-smarting him. (Also, he did get a scan of Bruce's brain, which might have given him info on what they looked like).

Corrected entry: Batman missed two prime opportunities to identify the Riddler. Not only could he have scanned the riddles for fingerprints (as we saw with the second riddle that Nygma doesn't wear hand protection), but shouldn't his expensive mansion hiding the Bat Cave have security cameras at the front gate that could've caught Nygma placing the riddle there?

Correction: Edward (The Riddler) could have just wiped the objects down after making the riddles. As for the security cameras, Batman may not be watching when Edward put the riddle on the gate. Even if he recorded it, it might be tough to see his face. He never raises his head and wearing the cap and glasses would obscure his face.

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Corrected entry: Robin is abducted at gunpoint by Two-Face. Then, about 30 seconds later, he is suddenly all the way up in the Riddler's room, bound and gagged in a giant tube.

Correction: Everything does not need to be visible on the screen in order for the viewers to understand. Obviously there is more than a 30 second time lapse off screen, but we do not have to see it all. This is NOT a mistake.

Corrected entry: Why would a group of young children go trick-or-treating at night to Wayne Manor, which is in the middle of the woods?

Correction: Rich people give out good candy. People drive their kids to better neighborhoods to get better candy.


Corrected entry: When Riddler meets Two-face for the first time, he has an orange buzz hair cut. Days later, he has his regular dark hair back to a longer length. How in the world did he grow his hair back so fast?

Correction: The obvious explanation is that one of the hair styles is a wig; Edward may be insane but he knows people will make the connection between a new super villan with short orange hair and a new industrialist with the same style.

Corrected entry: Edward Nygma goes from a huge prototype model of his device to a small streamlined gadget in the space of a single cut scene. How did he shrink down his life's work in such a short time? It seems like something like that would have taken at least 6 months to do the re-engineering and build the company infrastructure to produce it. Wouldn't this have aroused the suspicion of the worlds greatest detective? I mean, what kind of crazy industrialist builds his headquarters on an island in the middle of a river?

Correction: A criminally insane one. Most all of Batman's villians seem to get smarter and more creative once they go insane.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robin steals the Batmobile, the first shot of his joy-ride shows twin fins on the rear of the batmobile on 45 degree angles, in the following shots they are all standing directly vertical. (01:02:40)

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The Riddler: Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?

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Trivia: The building for the circus was inspired by the Justice Hall from the animated series Super Friends.


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Question: If Bruce had backed Edward's invention, would Edward have still done what he did in the movie (using the device to grow smarter, try to outdo Bruce etc)? Or did Bruce spurning him cause him to do that?

Answer: It's hard to say for certain. If Bruce had approved of the project, there would have been a lot more volunteers and oversight of its production, which would have alerted Bruce of the device's side effects, at which point he or one of his underlings would order its production to cease. Edward would still feel spurned and motivated to continue his work, but without the resources of Wayne Industries at his disposal, he may have a more difficult time seeing his plan through.

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