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Corrected entry: How did Bruce Wayne get planning permission to lay miles of metre-wide metallic pipe complete with flourescent lighting, and which presumably needs some sort of regular maintenance, beneath Gotham's busiest streets, skyscrapers, office buildings, traffic spots etc. The logistics involved do not bear thinking about and even if he used city hall connections and called in favours from old friends (which he would certainly be able to do being a billionaire businessman) he would need a bloody good reason to rip up half of Gotham's streets. He obviously didn't say it was so he could get to the batcave quickly so how on earth did he do it without anyone asking awkward questions? Surely just hiding a batsuit and 'spare' batmobile in a vault in the basement of Wayne Enterprises would be easier?

Correction: Tunnels or pipes can be laid without need of tearing up streets. Knowing from previous movies Batman's love of the sewers, it is possible that the tube goes through along unused section, or it used to be a section of sewer pipe. We aren't given many details about this particular contraption, but is it very possible that it could exist.

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Corrected entry: Riddler's big riddle for Batman is "Who will he save...Chase or Robin". How did Riddler know Robin exsisted? Didn't Dick just put on the robin suit 5 minutes earlier?

Correction: You would think that he would get this information when they captured Robin.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: More curiosity than goof - all throughout the movie, Batman keeps nagging Robin that he should not kill Two-Face - it won't bring back his parents and will make him kill again, and again... But at the end of the movie, Batman has put an ample amount of change in his pockets (utility belt?) just to fool Two-Face to grab for his coin amongst the change, and...well, you know what happened. What kind of example is this for Robin? Surely if he could reach for his change, he could have reached any number of devices from his utility belt to contain, not kill, Two-Face. Also keep in mind that Harvey Dent (who became Two-Face) was a friend of Bruce Wayne, which adds to the coldness of his death.

Correction: The coin trick wasn't meant to kill Two Face - just distract him so Batman could capture him. However, Two Face panicked and did himself in.

Correction: This keeps being submitted over and over again - I really don't think it's valid, as it seems to be based on his skin colour, which shouldn't matter any more than other distinguishing characteristics. If this is a "mistake" then it's also a mistake that Batman used to be played by Michael Keaton but in this film was played by Val Kilmer - just a different actor playing the same part, so what's the big deal?

Corrected entry: Batman convinces Robin not to kill Two Face, but when he throws those duplicate coins later he knew Two Face would try to catch his and fall to his death. (00:56:55)


Correction: Batman convinced Robin not to kill out of revenge to prevent him going down a dark path. This was a situation in which he allowed Two-Face's own compulsions to lead to his death and, as a result, save the lives of others.

Correction: Since this is technically the same Batman that was also played by Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton films, Batman has already killed people before. He knows the heavy price that comes with it, which is why he wants to spare Robin from it.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Two Face shoots Bruce, Two Face is to Bruce's right. There are two mistakes here; not only does Two Face somehow hit the left side of Bruce's forehead, but Bruce recoils as though he were hit on the right.


Correction: They are in opposite corners of the room, each to the left of the other. Bruce is on the stairs, near a doorway into another room. To his right is a wall, so Two-Face cannot be to Bruce's right. Bruce turns and faces slightly to the viewer's left, which means his left side is visible to us. Two-Face holds the gun with his right hand, and aims diagonally across his body to the left, meaning Bruce is to Two-Face's left. Bruce spins to his right, aways from the camera, because the bullet came from his left, and the wound is on his left when we see him at the bottom of the stairs. There is no mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, as Batman plummets to save Robin, the ropes around Robin's wrists change length! At first they're short and his wrists are within just a few inches of each other, and then the ropes are much longer, long enough in fact to allow him to swing his hands under his feet and above his head with no problem!

Correction: As Robin is falling, there is a shot that shows him managing to loosen the ropes enough to get his wrists under his feet. He then stomps on the rope bridging the gap between his wrists to loosen it even further, allowing him to bring his arms above his head and also giving Batman something to grab onto. It requires a little suspension of disbelief, sure, but it generally works.


Corrected entry: In a childhood flashback, young Bruce Wayne runs away holding his dad's diary. As he falls into a pit, he lets the red book go, but he lands holding on to the diary. (01:29:55)

Correction: This is a memory, not an actual event. Bruce may remember releasing the diary as he is falling, but then remembers holding it when he lands. The gap in continuity is in Bruce's mind; entirely possible considering how distraught he was at the time.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dick Grayson is getting rid of Two-Face's bomb at the circus, he is in the rafters of the building, but he is shown disposing of the bomb by pushing it through an open manhole and down a road into the river.

Correction: No, he's shown pushing the bomb out of a hole in the roof of the building and down the side.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Two-Face parachutes out of the helicopter he primarily keeps his back away from the camera - as he jumps you can see he is not wearing a parachute, but he obviously has one just seconds later. (00:11:25)


Correction: Look at where the straps are coming from, thy are under his jacket, the parachute was concealed.

Corrected entry: Before Fred gets pushed out the window Fred and Edward have their backs to the window. In the next shot he is facing the window.


Correction: At no time does Fred ever have his back to the window. While tied to the chair Nygma pushes him forward to the window; Fred goes through face-first and hangs off the edge facing down. Nygma runs up next to him and stays at his side until he pulls the headpiece off; Edward doesn't turn his back to the window until he walks back to his cubicle.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When the security guard and Batman are in the vault, the "boiling acid" begins to fill the bottom of the vault. The vault is currently being suspended vertically with the door on top. After Batman saves the day and returns the vault to its original horizontal position, there is no acid spilling out of the door of the vault. (00:08:20)


Correction: Batman closed the vault door shut behind him after he got the guard out; the vault apparently has an air-tight seal.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dick Grayson grabs Two-Face's bomb in the circus, its timer reads 0:12, but about twenty seconds later in the movie, when Dick throws it away, the timer reads 0:07. (00:39:45)

Correction: The scene is not filmed in real time; the shots of Grayson with the bomb are intercut with scenes from inside the arena, all taking place at the same time.

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Corrected entry: After Edward lets Stickley fall from the window and is walking back to his desk, the cord that was attached to the "box" headpiece is missing.

Correction: The cord is visible and still attached to the headpiece. Nygma drags it behind him as he is walking back to his cubicle.

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, during the chopper sequence, Two-Face jams the controls with a Club. First off, what's that doing there aside from product placement? Also, Batman doesn't have anything that can remove/cut/pick it? (especially since he cut a presumably steel chain earlier).

Correction: Batman didn't have enough time to cut it, he was watching Two-Face up until the helicopter hit the statue.

Corrected entry: When the Riddler and Two-Face show up at Bruce's mansion to abduct Chase, all that the Riddler has with him is his cane and a bag of bat-bombs. Yet later on, when Two-Face is about to kill Bruce, the Riddler shows up and he suddenly has a box in his hand (the 5th Riddle); where did it come from? He didn't bring it in with him, and he couldn't have thrown it together while he was there.

Correction: He probably got it out of the vehicle that they used to haul Chase away.


Corrected entry: When Bruce Wayne is recounting his second flashback to Chase, you see the young Wayne walking up to the red diary and the pages are blowing. When he reaches out and turns the diary, the hand is not that of a young child but the hand of a much older person - you can tell by the wrinkles and roughness in the skin. (01:26:00)

Correction: That is entirely intentional. When Bruce first has the flashback, Val Kilmer is actually 'inside' the scene. This is meant to show him 'immersing' himself in the flashback.

Corrected entry: When suiting up Batman picks up an arsenal of gadgets that he pulls from behind his back in the following scenes. In the initial fight scene, however, when he does flips and falls you can see that he has nothing attached to the back of his belt or hidden under his cape.

Correction: The things he picks up are stored in pouches on his belt. That is why they are not visibly 'attached'.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, when Batman is suspended over the crowd on top of the bank vault, he fires a cable to the bank building itself. The force of the hook causes it to burst through the wall, which looks rather thin and weak, yet he then proceeds to cut the wire holding the vault to the helicopter, causing the vault to swing on the wire he fired through the weak wall. The wall has suddenly become much stronger, and the vault swings back to its original location.

Correction: The hook shot through a small area of the wall putting pressure on one point and not spreading it out. When the hook opens up, it distributes the force across a larger area. This also applies in construction when you use anchors to hold in a screw if you don't have a stud to screw in. Plus it's based off a comic book.

Corrected entry: Batman enters the Riddler's throne room through a small hole in the floor, and it closes after he enters. Then the Riddler introduces Chase and Robin, and two holes like the one before appear under each tube. Nygma says Batman can't save them both. BUT, when Batman jumps to save them both, half the floor has disappeared! Why are Chase and Robin's holes connected, if the Riddler planned not to let Batman save them both? And where did the big big hole came from? It can't be due to the explosions - it's a nice neat line all the way around. The Riddler hasn't pressed the button on his cane yet either.

Correction: The big hole came from the Riddler's mind since he can read men's minds, and as is stated by Batman he can make them see whatever he wants. The connected holes of Chase and Robin are to trick Batman into thinking that there is actually a floor there. If you look closely before the floor disappears you can see it blink out and fuzz away like a computer image.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robin steals the Batmobile, the first shot of his joy-ride shows twin fins on the rear of the batmobile on 45 degree angles, in the following shots they are all standing directly vertical. (01:02:40)

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The Riddler: Did anyone ever tell you you have a serious impulse control problem?!

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Trivia: The building for the circus was inspired by the Justice Hall from the animated series Super Friends.


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Question: What song is being played when Dick is driving the Batmobile through Gotham?

Answer: It's called "Smash it up" by The Offspring.

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