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Correction: He calls him Master Grayson.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the Riddler gives Batman two choices; he can save the woman he loves, or he can save his partner. You can clearly see that both of them have tape over their mouths. Batman saves the doctor, and peels the tape away from her face. Then the camera cuts to Robin, and he has no tape over his mouth. If Batman didn't save him yet, and Robin's hands are tied, where did the tape go?

Correction: It's not tape, it's some sort of cloth, tied at the back. As he's falling, we can see that it's fallen around his neck.

Corrected entry: When Chris O'Donnell is doing his laundry he is wearing a black t-shirt but when he puts an item of clothing onto the line it is moved along the line by someone wearing a grey sweater. When the camera goes back to Chris O Donnell he is still wearing the black t-shirt.

Correction: What you are seeing is really Chris O'Donnell's foot, not his hand. He is doing his laundry in a "unique" way by kicking it down the line. As you will see, he is wearing gray sweatpants.

Corrected entry: Early on in the film, Bruce Wayne descends to the Batcave in a pod that travels at a very high speed (the display projected onto his face proves this), and the journey takes about 10 seconds, whereas later on the Cave can be reached by way of a short flight of steps (Dick Grayson falls down them). That must have been a very long route taken by the pod.

Correction: The pod was coming from Wayne Enterprises (across town one would assume) and NOT from Wayne Manor.

Corrected entry: The big question at the end of the film - Does Edward Nygma know who Batman really is? Once they see that Nygma is crazy everyone is confident that Batman's real identity is a secret. Unfortunately, they don't take into account Two-Face's large team of henchmen who stormed Wayne Manor, all of whom (presumably) now know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Less than half of them were captured by Batman's underwater net, leaving several to spread the word of Bruce Wayne's secret identity.

Correction: While they did indeed storm Wayne's home, Nygma was the only one to actually find and enter the Batcave. There's a decent chance that none of the henchmen were aware that they were necessarily attacking Batman's home, just some billionaire playboy.

Sugar and Spice knew Batman's secret. They were in the room at the end when the Riddler asked Batman if he and Bruce Wayne could ever coexist, as well as when he referred to Chase as being the love of Bruce's life. The movie acts like all loose ends are tied up, when they certainly were not.

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Correction: The novelization reveals that Sugar and Spice escaped Gotham to avoid being captured.


Corrected entry: After Batman rescues Chase and Robin when they were falling down the tube, they are very close to the bottom and Two-Face is suddenly seen standing on the railing that fell and broke earlier. How did Two-Face manage to get all the way down there? The tube is easily several hundreds of feet long.

Correction: They are not close to the bottom, they are back at the top again. A minute later you see Two-Face fall down, showing they are up high.


Corrected entry: When the Riddler and Two Face sit down to play Battleship with the Bat-Boat and Bat-Plane, how did they know two ships would be coming? Robin did not exist until Batman was about to leave to rescue Chase, so technically the game shouldn't exist and the two villains should only be expecting Batman.

Correction: Well, someone rescued Batman when Two-Face nearly killed him. It wouldn't take Riddler's super intellect to figure out Batman's got a partner now.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Wayne breaks down the door into the room where Chase Meridian is boxing, he says something like "Sorry about that" and then his mouth continues to move but no words come out.

Correction: It's well known that Bruce Wayne is a bit tongue-tied when it comes to the ladies, so when he met Dr. Meridian, he seemed more nervous than anything, that's why he wasn't saying anything at that point. It's more of a "Bruce Personality Quirk" than an audio problem.

I have watched this, and seems to me that this is an audio problem. He says "Sorry" and the audio is cut off very abruptly while his mouth continues to move. It seems to appear very much that the audio is muted.

Revealing mistake: When Two Face and Riddler enter Wayne Manor, and knock Alfred down. Alfred, unconscious, pushes the dinner tray aside, so the thugs can carry him into the closet. (01:27:55)

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The Riddler: Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?

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Trivia: The ladies that approach the Batmobile are the group En Vogue.


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Question: At the beginning, when Batman breaks through the helicopter's window with his head, he tells Two-Face, 'Give it up, Harvey. You need help' or something like that. But this voice is totally not what Val Kilmer sounds like. The best I can come up with is that it's a stunt double or something like that. If anybody out there knows the real reason, I'd be happy to hear it.


Chosen answer: Batman talks like that because if he talks like Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer's voice) his voice might be recognized, leading to Batman's identity being revealed.

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