Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Corrected entry: After Matt Frewer sneaks a cigarette, he flicks it into his neighbors' yard, where it lands near the shrunken kids. In the next shot, an oversized prop cigarette flies toward the kids, but it's spinning in the opposite direction.

Correction: The cigarette appears to be spinning in the opposite direction because the kids are watching it from a different angle.

Corrected entry: When the kids find one of Nick's legos in the yard it is very clear that it is only 2 holes up and 1 across. However when the scorpion atacks there is a shot from behind the lego brick and it has 3 holes up and 2 across.

Correction: Just as it should be if you look at a piece of lego.

Corrected entry: The kids are swept up into the dustpan and subsequently end up in the rubbish bag at the end of the garden, but when they cut open the bag to peer out they are clean as a whistle, not a speck of dust on them.

Correction: Of course there isn't. Relatively speaking a 'speck of dust' would be about the size of a basketball. How would it stick to them?

Corrected entry: Look at the neighbor's wife while the father is saying, "super glue?" She's mouthing his lines.

Correction: No, her mouth is just open in surprise.

Corrected entry: When the group is whistling for Quark in the backyard, Ron reveals that he cannot whistle. In the scene right after the lawn mower incident, the group tries to get the attention of Mr and Mrs Szalinski, and Ron whistles incredibly loudly.

Correction: It's Russ who cannot whistle, not Ron.

Corrected entry: In the French version of the film, it's written "historie de" in the opening credits (it means "story by"). The proper spelling is "histoire".

Dr Wilson

Correction: This mistake can't really be attributed to the film itself as it was a mistake of translators an distributors. The filmmakers, actors crew etc. had no control over it.

Corrected entry: From what I gathered, the machine compresses the empty space between matter, which in turn shrinks the object in its path. So the mass of the shrunken object is still the same, meaning the weight is also the same. This would mean that their weight on such a small area would create extreme pounds per square inch pressure on anything they step on, causing them to press through the wood, burrow into the ground, etc. They would probably need snowshoes to overcome this. Plus Rick Moranis could not sweep them away and put them out to trash, since the weight of them alone would easily exceed 400 pounds.

Correction: There is no specific explanation of how the machine works, so the lack of supposed side-effects shouldn't be conisdered mistakes. Even if the machine did work in this way, Wayne could have accounted for every possible side-effect and taken the necessary procautions.

Corrected entry: When the kids are riding along on the bug when they are shrunk, if you look really really closely you can see a member of the crew pulling it.

Correction: Please be more specific. At what point? I've watched the scene several times and at no point can a crew member be seen.

Corrected entry: Nick says "we're about an inch tall" and yet the ant, which is only a baby ant, is much longer than any of them.

Correction: He says "We're a quarter of an inch tall" when he's making his calculation of how far they are from the house.


Corrected entry: If the beam of the laser shrinks the first thing it hits, then why wouldn't the following string of events happen? 1. The kids' shirts shrink, since they are in immediate contact with the "laser." 2. The shirts would shrink and tear instantly since the kids are still wearing them. (And if the girl's bra is in the path of the "laser," that would be interesting to see!) 3. Then, since they are now in a direct path of the "laser," they would shrink, leaving them naked from the waste down. 4. Their first mission would be to free themselves from their clothing lying on top of them.

Correction: The laser is strong enough to go though their clothes and hit their bodies. Because if you were just shrinking the clothes it would be too light and would go right though.


Corrected entry: Wayne puts the trashbag outside of the fence, but the kids are inside the fence when they leave it.

Correction: The bag is leaning against the fence, so the kids pass back within its boundaries as soon as they exit the bag.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scorpion/ant fight scene, the ant and scorpion are close to the same size. In reality the scorpion would exceed the ant by many times. The ant wouldn't be able to fight it, and the scorpion probably would hardly notice it was around.

Correction: There are some species of scorpion (the Microtityus for example) that can be as small as 0.5 inches long. Many ant species are just as large, if not larger.

Revealing mistake: When Nick is being sucked out of the hole/cave, you can see the wires visible from his waist. (01:20:35)

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Amy Szalinski: If you were my brother, I'd put myself up for adoption.
Ronald 'Ron' Thompson: Yeah, I hope your face ends up on a milk carton.

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Question: Amy is almost drowned in the muddy water. After Russ saves her by artificial respiration, Nick asks him where he learnt artificial respiration. "French class." Russ answers. At the end of the movie, Nick at the table shouts, "I get it! French class!" So what does French Class mean?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: Russ says he learned it in French class because giving mouth to mouth resuscitation looks similar to French kissing.

Phaneron Premium member

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