Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Revealing mistake: When Nick is being sucked out of the hole/cave, you can see the wires visible from his waist. (01:20:35)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Amy lets Wayne know that breakfast is ready, she presses a button labeled breakfast. There are other items on the box, such as lunch, dinner, and phone. When they show the board flashing the word breakfast, you can see that the word breakfast is the only word the board can display between flashes.


Revealing mistake: When Nick and Russ are riding the bee they turn completely green due to the chroma effect.

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Revealing mistake: When Nick is in the cereals and sees the green-screened spoon coming at him, it moves in slo-mo and frame by frame, but his dad behind moves at normal speed.

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Revealing mistake: When the green-screened bee passes by Ron and Russ they stare at it, but when it flies away they keep looking at the same spot as before.

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Revealing mistake: When the (green-screened) bee arrives at the flower, the yellow pollen turns dark pink due to the blue/gree screens used.

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Continuity mistake: When Amy is in the kitchen cleaning, she starts mopping the floor, then dancing with the mop held upside down. The mop starts out wet, but when she's dancing it's dry (either that or she would be getting dirty mop water in her face while the mop is being flung around).

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Mae Thompson: How did this happen?
Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Sr.: Let me handle this. How did this happen?

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Question: When Don asks why Russell Sr. won't go on their trip, he says that Mae can't go due to "plumbing." Was he referring to her being on her period?

Answer: More along the lines of a serious health problem related to her "plumbing".

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