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Corrected entry: After Indy has shot dead all the Nazis who entered his father's room in the castle, he takes his father and they go out of the room to find Elsa. When they leave, the 'dead' Nazi in front of them moves his right arm slightly.

Correction: So he's a dying Nazi, not quite yet a dead Nazi. Indy didn't go through the room checking everyone's pulse and declaring them deceased.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Indiana's boat was destroyed by a giant propeller. However, no boat in history has a propeller that is only half submerged in water and the other half in the air.


Correction: Actually, there are a number of legitimate reasons why a ship's propeller may be only partly submerged. Several types of heavy-load ships have their propellers exposed when they carry neither load nor ballast. Almost every type of nuclear submarine has part of its propellers clear of the water when its ballast tanks are blown dry. Since the ship was moored and the propeller turning rather slowly, it was probably supposed to be deballasted for yard repairs and undergoing an engine test.

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Corrected entry: Once Indy has found the grail, he goes back with Elsa to heal his father. But how was it possible for him to get back? Wouldn't he have to face the challenges again, but in reverse order?

Correction: Yes, but he knows what they are now, so he can pretty much just walk (or run) straight through them. The filmmakers just chose not to waste valuable screen-time showing it.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: Furthermore, he stopped at least one from working.


Corrected entry: When Adolf Hitler autographs Indiana's grail diary, he does so with his right hand; in reality, Hitler was left-handed. (01:10:25)

Correction: This is simply untrue. Hitler was NOT left handed. There are too many websites to prove this, but if you Google "Hitler signs" and look for the images, you'll see all the proof you need.

Corrected entry: When Indy is in the castle and the butler says ". I am Mickey Mouse" - you can see someone walk past the crack on the right hand side of the front door, most likely someone from the crew.


Correction: It could also be a film character who is at the castle - a soldier, an employee, a guest, etc., who just happens to be walking by. Since this person is unseen, they cannot be identified as a crew member.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Zeppelin takes off, you see the German officer has fallen into a pile of bags. These bags obviously belonged to the passengers on the Zeppelin, so why weren't they on the Zeppelin when it took off? (01:12:55)

Correction: Perhaps the bags belonged to passengers on the incoming flight rather than the outgoing flight?

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: The boat chase in Venice. Just after Indy says "don't go between them" a jet stream is visible above the two boats. Not very likely in 1938. (00:37:50)

Correction: Extremely likely in 1938. Piston engined aircraft leave vapour trails, too. Daytime bomber pilots in World War 2 considered them a curse as they gave the position of their aircraft away.

Corrected entry: When driving from Venice to the castle we see a map of the route. In it Austria is marked with its own borders and its name is indicated. But in 1938 (which is after the anschluss), Austria no longer existed. It was part of Germany.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It is true that Austria was no longer sovereign, but it still existed as a province of Germany until 1945 (it was renamed in 1942, but that's irrelevant for this issue). Marking Austria on the map serves to better inform the viewer where the events are taking place. Given that the weather looks like that of late spring, and Aschluss took place in March-April of that year, all contemporary maps would still include Austria.

Corrected entry: When Indiana Jones is escaping with his father and he sets off a boat as a decoy, there is no large crate on the dock. But a few minutes later, when the Germans show up, as they start going towards the boats, a large crate has suddenly appeared on the dock, from which Indy and his dad emerged on a motorbike.

Heather Benton Premium member

Correction: The crate is on the dock the whole time. it is just off screen which is why Indy walks off screen while his father complains about not getting in the boat.

Corrected entry: The film is set in 1938, yet the Jones' fly to Europe from America on a commercial airliner and attempt to leave Germany in a Zeppelin. Pan America's first commercial transatlantic airliner didn't take off until May of 1939, and commercial Zeppelin flights were suspended after the Hindenberg's crash in May of 1937.

Correction: Pan-American airlines was offering transatlantic charter service on its M-130 flying boat in 1934. Several other carriers, American and European were offering commercial transatlantic flights by 1938 although most were charters. Indy's patron is shown to be very wealthy and could charter any plane he wished. Also, although transatlantic zeppelin service ended with the Hindenburg crash, lighter-than-air craft were used frequently for passenger transport, especially in Europe. The airship Indy and Henry board is much too small to be a Hindenburg / Graf Zeppelin class ship anyway; it is more likely a helium or helium/hydrogen dirigible for short to medium haul trips.


Corrected entry: When Marcus Brody arrives in Iskenderun, many men are seen wearing fezzes. However, wearing a fez was outlawed in Turkey in 1925.

Correction: The film is set in 1938, during which Iskenderun was part of the Republic of Hatay. Hatay did not join Turkey until the following year. Regardless, the existence of laws doesn't mean that people don't break them.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the Nazi officer is thrown out of the Zepellin by Indy, you can see the safety mat underneath the luggage.

Correction: What on earth is the point of putting a crash mat under anything? That's a bog standard tarpaulin used to protect the passengers' luggage from the damp ground.

Corrected entry: When the operators try to shoot Indy and his father as they rotate back into the burning room, the bullets flying towards and ricocheting off the rotating wall are evidently tracer bullets. Normally, tracer bullets are not normally issued for handguns; they are used more for rifles and machine guns.

Correction: The Germans in the film also carry MP38 sub-machine guns, which are chambered for the same 9mm Parabellum round as the Lugers that are being fired in the scene in question. Being sub-machine guns and therefore fully automatic, they would invariably have been issued with tracer rounds.

Corrected entry: When Indy makes a rubbing of the knights' shield in the tomb under the library, he dives underwater with it. This would ruin the paper and make it unreadable, yet we see him later with it and it's perfect. There's no way he had time to seal it in a water-tight container before he dived.

Correction: Indy used a wax crayon to make the rubbing,and he did it on wax paper. Both are waterproof.

Corrected entry: That knight in the temple of the grail - how does he know contemporary English after spending centuries in that cave? He's only alive because of the water - he's not imbued with mystical futuristic knowledge. A Medieval English knight (assuming he even is English, since Crusaders came from all over Europe) would be speaking either Old French or Middle English, neither of which would make any sense to the modern ear; they'd both sound like foreign languages.

Correction: Remember that he is the subject of supernatural powers, namely immortality. He has been chosen by God to guard the Holy Grail. It is not a stretch to assume that part of that entails the ability to automatically understand and converse with someone in a language he did not previously know. There are such stories in the Bible.

Correction: As the stuntman and Harrison Ford probably spent many weeks in the jacket in the desert, the answer would have to be 'No'.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Indy and Marcus are in Indy's father's house, one of the letters in the mail on the desk has a three cent Texas centennial stamp on it, which was 1945, not 1938. This can easily be seen in the closeup.

Correction: The Texas Centennial was celebrated in 1936 to celebrate Texas's independence from Mexico in 1836, not its statehood in 1845, which some in the state still lament. Texas Centennial stamps could therefore have still been in circulation in 1938.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Elsa are back at the hotel after the boat accident, Elsa's room is wrecked. How did Indy not know she wrecked it herself or hear her wrecking it? He was only 2 doors down. He could hear the music playing in the bathroom but not her trashing her own room. He should have known she did it when she came out the bathroom surprised. Seriously, how can you be in the bathroom and not hear someone trashing your hotel room?

Correction: If the music was loud enough for him to hear it, it would have been loud enough to cover up the noise.

It seems a bit weak, but even a wind-up gramophone can make a lot of noise, especially in a small bathroom.

Spiny Norman

Corrected entry: Elsa states that the knights came from France at the beginning of the Crusades. The original Crusaders came from Spain. France didn't get involved until later.

Correction: The first Crusade was Frankish in origin ( The Spanish had been fighting Moslems before, but not in the way of a Crusade.

Corrected entry: On the zeppelin, after Indy knocks the Nazi out, everyone stares at him in horror and confusion. He says to them, in plain English, "He didn't have a ticket" and EVERYONE on the zeppelin responds by getting out their tickets. The problem is, it's a German zeppelin leaving Berlin. Even if there were some people on board who knew English, it's highly unlikely that everybody on board would.

Correction: Well, first of all, it's a joke. But also when Indy says "No ticket," you can see that some of them are confused. One woman keeps repeating it, trying to figure out what he said. Then one or two people who DID understand get their tickets out, so everyone figures it out.


Continuity mistake: In the library scene Indy discovers the "X" high up on the balcony. The X is green with a grey background. When he breaks the tile to find the tomb the X has become a faint outline on the floor. (00:27:40 - 00:28:45)


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Suggested correction: You still can see one "leg" of the X on the floor, it's only darker than viewed from above because the camera angle and illumination set used.

I think it is meant to be an optical illusion.

The "X" is first shown as a dark green "X" on a beige background. Next, we are shown the same dark green "X" that is barely visible over a green background. I think we are meant to understand that the beige square tiles were lifted away in a cut scene.

I see no reason why they would replace the floor just for the higher shot, it's the same floor throughout the scene. When they enter it's the same floor we see later as they are going into the hole. It's probably not a real marble floor, so they can use a styrofoam or plywood tile that Harrison can lift, one that matches the surrounding tiles. They don't shine as much as the rest of the floor. In the shot up high there is different lighting, so that could explain it. It just appears to be different. Of course, sudden different light can be seen as a revealing mistake.


Suggested correction: Not a mistake, just a different viewing angle.

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Trivia: Hitler was played by the actor Michael Sheard, this was the third time he had played Hitler for film and TV. Ironically, Sheard's wife was half-Jewish.

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Question: Are Indiana Jones and his father immortal at the end of the movie or does the grail's power become null and void when it crosses the seal? The knight said something like "The grail cannot cross the seal, that is the price of immortality." That makes it sound like they are not immortal at the end but I still want to check.


Chosen answer: They're not, no. An individual doesn't become immortal after one drink - it requires them to drink regularly in order to remain alive. So neither Jones has been rendered immortal, merely healed of any wounds that they might have. But your surmise is basically correct - as the Grail cannot leave the shrine, any individual wishing to use it to prolong their life must stay there if they wish to enjoy its effects.

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