Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Corrected entry: When the tank driver has been shot, he leans on one of the levers. The tank slews round, saving Indy. In the next shot it shows the tank heading straight forward. This would not happen if the driver is still leaning on the lever. Even if one of the crew takes over, they would see the canyon up ahead and steer away from it.

Correction: The force of the turn could have made the driver fall off the lever, making it return to its normal position.

Corrected entry: That camouflage bridge at the end is in fact just a rock bridge painted to blend in with the other side of the canyon. Fair enough. That doesn't alter the fact that when Indy looks down into the void there is nothing there, just blackness. Camouflage or not, the bridge should be visible when looking straight down.

Correction: The bridge is actually invisible. The special effect used when the movie was made was a real bridge cleverly painted, that's true, but the effect was made to show how the bridge is invisible until you have the courage and the faith to step out onto it. So when Jones is looking down, he is actually seeing through the stone slab, and when he manages to step into the void and hits the bridge it becomes visible to him.


Corrected entry: When the Zeppelin takes off, you see the German officer has fallen into a pile of bags. These bags obviously belonged to the passengers on the Zeppelin, so why weren't they on the Zeppelin when it took off? (01:12:55)

Correction: Perhaps the bags belonged to passengers on the incoming flight rather than the outgoing flight?

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When the flames are shooting down the tunnel, they overturn the coffin for protection. Just before this, however, Elsa is holding the torch, the next second it's gone. (00:35:45)

Correction: Well, obviously since she was in a state of panic, she dropped it. Or, since she knew they were going under highly flammable petroleum, she could have thrown it away from herself.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't Indiana Jones pass out from wearing a leather jacket in a hot desert?.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: As the stuntman and Harrison Ford probably spent many weeks in the jacket in the desert, the answer would have to be 'No'.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Indy and Marcus are in Indy's father's house, one of the letters in the mail on the desk has a three cent Texas centennial stamp on it, which was 1945, not 1938. This can easily be seen in the closeup.

Correction: The Texas Centennial was celebrated in 1936 to celebrate Texas's independence from Mexico in 1836, not its statehood in 1845, which some in the state still lament. Texas Centennial stamps could therefore have still been in circulation in 1938.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Elsa are back at the hotel after the boat accident, Elsa's room is wrecked. How did Indy not know she wrecked it herself or hear her wrecking it? He was only 2 doors down. He could hear the music playing in the bathroom but not her trashing her own room. He should have known she did it when she came out the bathroom surprised. Seriously, how can you be in the bathroom and not hear someone trashing your hotel room?

Correction: If the music was loud enough for him to hear it, it would have been loud enough to cover up the noise.

Corrected entry: When a second "volunteer" gets to the first challenge, he looks down and sees a body lying on the floor with its head lying next to it. Yet when he gets decapitated, his head flies off and rolls about 10 meters, before finally being stopped by a rock. (01:40:55)

Craig Bryant

Correction: Considering that this "Booby Trap" was built about 1000 years ago and was powered by gears, you could assume that it wouldn't be precise enough to cut at the exact same speed each time it was tripped. So, each time someone walked through the trap and their head was sliced off it wouldn't land in the same place each time.

Corrected entry: As Donovan and Indy are looking at the tablet, Donovan's wife enters the room to say he is neglecting his guests. Donovan answers her and as she retreats from the room, she nods at Indy to acknowledge him, although in the very next shot, Indy's got his back to her. (00:19:40)


Correction: Indy did have his back to her, ignoring her, but being a good hostess, she nodded to him anyway. A lady like that would not be put off her manners by Indy's boorish behaviour, engrossed as he was with Donovan's artifacts and proposal.

Corrected entry: When Indiana finally breaks through the giant 'X' on the library floor, he simply pops out the remaining marble in that area. In reality, the marble "tiles" would have been held together by some sort of cement joint, rendering it impossible for him to remove a neat square of marble without using some sort of cutting tool first. (00:29:55)


Correction: the pieces were meant as a secret door.

Corrected entry: When Indy is using the grail to heal his father, he empties the grail on the wound. Moments later there is water in the grail.

Correction: Hmm... a holy artifact performing a miracle refilling itself... Well, that's just odd, now isn't it?

Corrected entry: In the library scene Indy spots the Roman numeral X on the floor. The X is a dark green and the marble around it is a light green colour. When Indy eventually smashes through it the camera pans back to show that the X has gone and that all the marble is dark green. (00:27:50 - 00:28:45)

Correction: The X has not disappeared- it is just barely visible. Part of the challenge is that the X is only visible when looked upon at a height.

Corrected entry: Elsa states that the knights came from France at the beginning of the Crusades. The original Crusaders came from Spain. France didn't get involved until later.

Correction: The first Crusade was Frankish in origin ( The Spanish had been fighting Moslems before, but not in the way of a Crusade.

Corrected entry: On the zeppelin, after Indy knocks the Nazi out, everyone stares at him in horror and confusion. He says to them, in plain English, "He didn't have a ticket" and EVERYONE on the zeppelin responds by getting out their tickets. The problem is, it's a German zeppelin leaving Berlin. Even if there were some people on board who knew English, it's highly unlikely that everybody on board would.

Correction: Well, first of all, it's a joke. But also when Indy says "No ticket," you can see that some of them are confused. One woman keeps repeating it, trying to figure out what he said. Then one or two people who DID understand get their tickets out, so everyone figures it out.

Corrected entry: When Elsa and Jones are in the catacombs, Elsa says that the Christians would have dug their own passages and burial chambers centuries later, so the knight shouldn't be with those tombs. However, the Crusades spread Catholicism, so the knight should be with the Christians.

Correction: When they go in Elsa sees pagan symbols on the catacombs. She says that the Christians would have dug their own passages, and Indy says that the knight will be with them, meaning the Christians. There's nothing wrong with what they say.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and Elsa are under an overturned casket in the burning catacombs and Indy is swimming with his eyes open looking for an exit, wouldn't his eye be burning since it is petroleum he is swimming in? When he comes up for air he doesn't seem bothered by it.

Correction: Petroleum floats on water. If all the liquid in the catacombs was petroleum, the entire block would have exploded in a gigantic fireball when the guardians lit it a bit later. So Indy was under the layer of petrol when he opened his eyes.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the library scene, the Grail Protectors hit Marcus in the head and drag him. What kind of spies/soldiers/agents are they if they didn't find the grail diary on Marcus's pocket? Surely the book would be interesting to them, since it contains lots of directions to find the grail...

Correction: The Protectors have a much higher priority - eliminating Indy and Ilsa before they can find the directions to the Grail. They've got no reason to search the unconscious Marcus - it would simply waste time. There's no indication that they know about Henry's Grail diary, so they wouldn't know to look for it.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Both this movie and the first one revolve around Hitler's fascination with the occult. In reality, Hitler only had a mild interest with spiritual matters. Heinrich Himmler was the one with the strong interest in such things.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: We never see that it is literally Hitler ordering these missions, though the non-German characters generalize that Hitler is pursuing them. Someone within his administration, like Himmler, could be carrying these out without specific approval and the Americans would assume that it is Hitler's orders. Actions of a country are attributed to that country's leader.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and Kasim are fighting on the speedboat while it is being chopped up by the propeller of a ship, the windscreen on the boat is upright, and just as Indy says to Kasim " why are you trying to kill us?" the windscreen is lying flat.

Correction: The windshield is always flat after Indy grabs Kasim, but the light reflecting off the panels sometimes make it look upright. You can see them vibrating.


Corrected entry: How did the Coronado-guys manage to come after Indy so quickly? He had a horse, while they had a car, and they certainly couldn't drive it in that rocky landscape, so they would have to run some distance on foot.

Correction: Both Indy and the thieves run to the same rocky outcrop, with the thieves about twenty seconds later than Indy. Both call their respective rides from the same point, and the cars turn up just fine. The thieves close some of the distance for the chase to the train.


Revealing mistake: In the catacombs of the library, Indy and Elsa are waist deep in petroleum. Indy has a torch, and if you look carefully, you will see burning pieces of the torch fall and hit the petroleum. Wouldn't this start a fire as Kazim later on sets the cavern alight with a single match? (00:34:05)

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Henry: Come on, Junior.
Indiana: Will you please stop calling me Junior?
Sallah: Please, what does this mean? Always with this Junior?
Henry: That's his name: Henry Jones, Junior.
Indiana: I like Indiana.
Henry: We named the dog Indiana.
Sallah: The dog? You are named after the dog.
Marcus: Can we go home please?
Indiana: I have a lot of fond memories of that dog.

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Trivia: Indiana Jones refers to a philosophy class taught down the hall by a Dr. Tyree. In real life, Dr. Tyree was Harrison Ford's college mentor as a philosophy major at Ripon College.

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