The Joneses

Continuity mistake: During Kate and Steve's day off, while talking by the kitchen counter, Steve's hand is either up or down without any continuity at all.


Audio problem: Steve and Kate are sitting on the couch after dinner out with friends, Steve goes to kiss Kate and with her mouth completely closed you hear her say "stop." It's a voiceover and wasn't said in the moment because her mouth is closed kissing Steve. (00:46:55)

Continuity mistake: When the movie starts Summer is talking to Larry, sitting on the couch. His crossed feet keep swapping positions without any logic, right over left or the other way around.


Revealing mistake: When Larry floats drowned in the pool, his face remains motionless until the very last second, when he starts to chuckle: probably a flaw of the actor straining for the last bit of air.


Continuity mistake: After Steve kisses Kate's face covered in cream, the amount of cream on his face decreases between one frame and another, watch for the mustache and left side of his lip.


Continuity mistake: At the beauty parlor, Kate holds her mobile with both hands, as shown in the close and wide angles. However, when she says goodbye to a friend, in the wide angles she now holds it with one hand, but the close-ups still show two hands around the cell.


Continuity mistake: While Larry floats drowned in the pool, the rubber hose tied around his neck suddenly changes to tied around his waist.


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Trivia: Kim Zolciak can be seen in the first house party the Joneses throw in the movie. Real quick cameo of her and with her awful wigs from back in the day.

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