The Bodyguard

Question: Please can someone explain the ending of this film to me? Do Frank and Rachel end up together or not?


Answer: The fact that Frank hires an older gray haired bodyguard for Rachel after he quit tells me that he didn't want her getting involved with another man, because his intention was that he would be involved with her.

Chosen answer: I saw an interview with Whitney Houston after the movie came out and she said it was left up to the individual person watching the movie as to whether or not Frank and Rachel ended up together.

Travis Greene

Question: Why did Nicki want Rachel dead?

Answer: She admits that while high on drugs she had a fit of jealousy and hired an assassin to kill her sister.


Answer: While she did it high on drugs I don't think she actually regretted her actions that much. She had months to track down this Armando and cancel the hit. Also she 'paid him in full, and then some' so like surely she wound't have taken the kinda cash the first time she went to find him and ask him to do it.You don't have a sudden fit of jealousy while high with loads of money that just happens to be ready to go. Must have been two separate meetings. She was jealous and hateful deep down inside and it came out while she was high and then once it started she was didn't stop it.

She didn't want to stop it until the young boy Fletcher was almost killed in the boat that the guy the Hitman booby trapped she just didn't want the boy hurt but she always wanted her sister to be done with.

Question: I have two questions. Firstly after beating up the guy in the hotel kitchen, Frank returns to the room and tells Delaney that he is quitting. Why was he so ticked off? And secondly, if Nicki was the one who hired Portman to kill Rachel, why did Portman kill Nicki and why did he try to molest Rachel in the bedroom?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: I think he was ticked off because he was being so personally affected by Rachel. He talks about being disciplined. He tries to keep emotions away from his job, but he liked Rachel. Also, Rachel at the time was angry with him, but also showed a lot of disregard for her own safety (as you remember, when he got back it was just after she and Tony went shopping without telling Frank). So yeah, I think it was frustration for the overall situation. To answer your second question, from the conversation with Frank at the lakeside house, Nikki had asked around at a club she went to, but she herself didn't hire Portman. Someone named Armando did the hiring.

Meg Charnley

Question: Something that's always bugged me, when Rachel gets nervous at the awards and runs off stage, one of the other hosts says "f**king actresses". I thought she was a singer, we don't see anything throughout the whole movie about her films, so can someone please tell me why he says "f**king actresses"?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: She is both, being there to accept the award for Best Actress.


Answer: She was receiving the Oscar for her movie Queen of the night.

Answer: At the beginning they mention she was in the movie "I have Nothing", which the title song was a hit for a long period of time.

Question: Who is the older gray haired man who takes over after Costner as bodyguard? I've heard rumours that he is an actual bodyguard and served with Reagan or similar?

Answer: He was actor Jim Mohlman.

Question: What did Nicki yell out at the end to the killer before he killed her?

Answer: She yelled "I'm the one who paid you."

Question: Who is making the death threat letters to Rachel? is it her sister or the blond pervert? if it's the blond pervert, why is he doing it? I thought he loved her and was obsessed with her, so why is he sending her death threat letters?

dan coakley..

Answer: Nikki didn't know who was writing the letters, she did say they were her thoughts, but she didn't write them, the blonde stalker did.

Chosen answer: It was the blond pervert. He was sending them in a sort of "I'm so obsessed with you I want to kill you" kind of way. Most celebrities get death threats all the time from "fans" who want to kill them and they want everyone to know it was them who did it. The sister wouldn't send them as she had hired a professional and did actually want to kill her, but without anyone knowing.


From what I remember the sister admitted that she sent the letters because she said she hates her sister I'd have to rewatch it to see if I was mistaken but that's when she was coming clean to the bodyguard after the canoe was blown up.

No, her sister says that the letters started showing up BEFORE, and they are what made her think she could actually do it. It was the blonde perv.

No Nikki tells Frank she doesn't know who's writing the letters, but they were her thoughts because she hates Rachel. The letters made her think she could go through with having her sister killed.

Question: Did Rachel ever find out that her sister wanted her killed?

Answer: I don't believe so. The only person who found out was Kevin. Aside from him, she took the secret to her grave with her when the killer took her out, not having told anyone else. I doubt that Frank would've told Rachel to avoid tearing the family apart. So, it was swept under the rug and Rachel was none the wiser.

Question: I don't understand why, after Rachel's sister being murdered and her son was almost murdered and saved by Frank, she then starts mistrusting Frank and calls him a maniac at the Academy Awards. (04:28:22)

Answer: It's because of those things that she's scared and confused, especially that a hitman is after her. She felt lied to and betrayed.

Question: Who was Fletcher's dad in the movie? It intrigues me that it wasn't mentioned that Rachel had an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband cause it's normal protocol to suspect a former partner in case there's bad blood.

Answer: It's never stated. He could be dead, completely estranged, or have a rock solid alibi.

Brian Katcher

Question: Does Frank Darner's father get killed?

Answer: No Nikki is the only one that is killed.

Continuity mistake: When Frank's dad is cutting mushrooms while cooking dinner, he slices a mushroom in a closeup. In the next shot, the mushroom is whole again.

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Rachel: So, can we get you anything?
Frank: Yeah, orange juice.
Rachel: Straight?

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Trivia: The script originally had Rachel singing "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". It was Kevin Costner's idea to go with "I Will Always Love You" instead.

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