13th Dec 2021

Die Hard (1988)

Continuity mistake: After John has crawled through the vents and enters the room where Hans shot Takagi, the amount of blood on the window is a lot more than was thereafter Takagi got shot.


15th Sep 2021

24 (2001)

Season 6 generally

Question: When the FBI enter the Starkwood compound, they are surrounded by Starkwood militia and Hodges threatens to open fire if the FBI don't leave the property. They are federal agents. Would opening fire on them not still be a crime? Hodges seemed sure he could order it to be done and be within his rights so why was that?


6th Jul 2021

Jaws (1975)

Question: During the USS Indianapolis speech, Quint says a "big fat PBY" came to pick them up. Whats a PBY?


Answer: He's talking about a Consolidated PBY Catalina, which was an amphibious plane (meaning it could land on water) used in WWII. PB stands for Patrol Bomber (the Y designated the manufacturer, Consolidated Aircraft).


6th May 2021

General questions

I once read about a film about an immortal woman that the townsfolk thought was a witch, so they sealed her in a barrel and threw it on the ocean. The ending showed her coming back to life, drowning and coming back to life. Does anyone know what this movie is called?


Answer: There is an Italian fairy tale movie, "Move than a Miracle." (1967) A cinderella type story. A prince, Omar Sharif, falls in love with a peasant girl, Sophia Loren. There is no witch, but through a series of misadventures she gets stuck in a barrel, falls over a cliff and into the ocean. When it washes ashore, a group of boys find her and thinks she is a magical creature. Witch, fairy or angel.

No that's not it. This was a lot more modern.


Show generally

Question: Just rewatched the series and in the episode where they are operating on President Kirkman to remove the bullet fragments I noticed what I think was a secret service agent in the background of the OR. Is this normal practice for when a president is under anaesthetic or a medical procedure, or was this just because it was after an attempted assassination?


Answer: It would be normal procedure, yes. The Secret Service accompanies the president everywhere, except in very limited circumstances (for example, they don't go into the bathroom with him, or stand in his room while he sleeps). When Bill Clinton had an operation to fix a torn tendon, there was an agent in the operating room throughout the procedure.

18th Dec 2020

The Sweeney (2012)

Question: When DCI Lewis finds Jacks glasses after he's had to let Tom Allen go, He says "It's WHERE I found them that's important." I might have missed it but I don't recall it being explained where he found them. I thought it would be somewhere that proved he was sleeping with his wife.


Question: When he was looking through the seating chart, how did Frank know that Boothe was James Carney at the presidential dinner?


Answer: Frank had reviewed and was familiar with the list of the attendees since he was concerned about an attempt, and when he looked at the faxed list of new bank accounts, the name Carney jumped out at him.


Answer: John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln.

Not the question. "Booth" is just a pseudonym used by Mitch Leary (John Malkovich) at the beginning of the film, until Frank and the FBI figure out his real identity. Your answer is right insofar as that's why Leary called himself "Booth." But the question is, how did he immediately connect Leary with the name James Carney on the seating chart.

When he spoke with Sandy Riggs, the organizer of the event, Sandy Riggs said, "Be right back, Mr. Carney." Then when he read the name James Carney on the guest list, he made the connection.

21st Jul 2020

Gavin & Stacey (2007)

Trivia: The three main families in the show are named after British serial killers (West, Sutcliffe and Shipman).


11th Jul 2020

My Name Is Earl (2005)

Inside Probe: Part 1 - S4-E25

Police officer: It's police policy not to waste resources looking for a missing person in the first 24 hours because they usually show up on their own, and after 24 hours, if they're still missing, it usually means they're dead and we don't look for them that hard then either


24th Jun 2020

Live and Let Die (1973)

Continuity mistake: When Bond is secured to the chair just before Kananga reveals himself, Teehee has his claw hand at a 90 degree angle in the shot of them both from the side. The very next shot in front, focused more on Bond, has Teehee's arm down by his side.


12th Jun 2020

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Answer: It is implied that she was.

raywest Premium member

Question: During the scene with "live it up" playing in the background, what was it and where were they? With Simone being there it is obviously full of hookers but was it a party, and if so, whose and why? The whole scene just feels weird.


Answer: It is a party thrown by one of Sue's socialite friends, presumably the husky-voiced woman whose crotch Mick grabs. The party is not "full of hookers", Simone is there as the hired escort of the old man she is dancing with, who Mick naively believes to be her father. We can assume the old man paid for Simone to be his date to the party and likely for some time alone with her afterwards. There is no stated reason for why the party is being thrown.


15th Apr 2020

My Name Is Earl (2005)

6th Mar 2020

Mean Machine (2001)

Commentator 1: I think he might be ambidextrous
Commentator 2: I don't know about that Bob, but he can definitely play with both feet.


25th Feb 2020

General questions

I saw a movie years ago that had two main characters and there were background plots of someone stealing from (I think) the mafia and a serial killer on the loose. I think they ended up at a motel together and the twist at the end was that the one you thought was the killer was the thief and vice versa. I was sure it was called hatchet man but I can't seem to find anything about it.


Glad I could help. That's actually one of my favorite movies.


Revealing mistake: When Three Finger is driving the truck to ram the car containing Angela's husband you can see round the eyes that it is a mask being worn.


21st Nov 2019

Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Carlton Leach: We never did find out who took the heroin, and I'm guessing there's some cunt out there praying we never do.


Simon: Well you'd all do the same for me.
Neil: No we wouldn't, your bird's a fucking nightmare.


Nick The Greek: Duno Tom, seems expensive
Tom: Seems? Well this seems to be a waste of my time. that is 900 nicker in any shop you're lucky enough to find one in, and you're haggling over £100? What school of finance did you study Nick? It's a deal, it's a steal, it's sale of the fucking century. In fact...fuck it Nick, I think I'll keep it.


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