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Visible crew/equipment: When Frank comes back to the hotel room after the beating in the hotel kitchen Delaney informs him that Rachel had received another call from the stalker. In the scene there is a reflection of the mike in the window, and we even see how it's turned around when the take is over. (01:12:00)


Continuity mistake: When Frank's dad is cutting mushrooms while cooking dinner, he slices a mushroom in a closeup. In the next shot, the mushroom is whole again.

Continuity mistake: At the Academy Awards scene, when Frank shoots Portman the second time, Portman receives an (entry or exit) wound on his temple. However, the way he was standing after being shot in the chest the bullet could only have hit him from the front. (01:53:10)


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Suggested correction: The second shot hits the camera. The wound on the side of his head is debris from the camera.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in Frank's basement the ends of Rachel's scarf change: Before she picks up the sword the right end is longer, afterwards the left end. In between there's a close-up where she is holding the sword in front of her and where both ends are at level. (00:53:05)


Continuity mistake: In the first shot in the dressing room of the Mayan there are some white and some pink flowers on the table in front of the mirror. In the next shot the pink flowers are gone. (00:32:35)


Continuity mistake: In the evening following Nicki's funeral Frank and Fletcher have a talk. Fletcher's arm switches back and forth between lying on Frank's backrest and hanging down. (01:35:40)


Factual error: When Whitney Houston turns up at the Oscars, it's night time. In reality, guests to the Academy Awards always arrive in the afternoon. (01:40:35)

Continuity mistake: When Frank impresses Delaney with his knife-throwing skills he starts with some antics which even endanger Delaney. Delaney tries to get out of the way and waits next to a big garden bowl. When Frank asks him not to stand there either the bowl is gone. (00:04:55)


Continuity mistake: After Frank has moved into Rachel's garden house he comes to check Nicki's apartment. When he looks at a wall with some photographs there's a close-up of an old picture of Rachel and Nicki performing. In the close-up there is a pattern of light and shadows on the wall which was not only not there in the previous wide shot but which is also only visible on the wall and not on the photograph. (00:20:45)


Continuity mistake: When Tony attacks Frank in the kitchen Frank is eating an apple. We see him cutting off and eating two slices, but in a close-up of the apple only one small slice is gone. (00:40:40)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank puts Rachel to bed. He moves some dolls aside by pushing them, and the dolls fall over. In the following shot, where Rachel is in bed, one of the dolls is sat up straight. (00:40:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the Miami hotel, when Rachel and Portman are in her bedroom, someone gives Frank a fresh drink of orange juice. He takes a deep sip, the camera cuts to Rachel's bedroom door, and when it cuts back to Frank the glass is even fuller than when he got it. (01:05:20)


Continuity mistake: When Frank comes to Rachel's house for the first time he talks into a rather decrepit intercom with some bent wires hanging out. In one shot, when he says "This is Alexander Graham Bell to see Miss Myron", the wires are hanging straight. (00:05:55)


Continuity mistake: The bar scene of Rachel's and Frank's date contains a lot of editing flaws: 1) Rachels position switches between both arms down and chin rested in hand, 2) in one shot from the back we see her lifting her glass to her mouth, but when the camera angle changes she's not drinking, 3) the way Frank holds his glass switches between full hand and thumb plus two fingers, 4) Rachel's bangs change between straggly and fluffy. (00:47:30)


Continuity mistake: When Frank makes a control round through the Miami hotel kitchen he beats up a creepy but nevertheless innocent guy. When he is done the collar of his jacket which had been neatly folded down throughout the manhandling suddenly stands up. (01:10:55)


Continuity mistake: At the end of their date Rachel and Frank come to his place. We see her checking out his basement with a wine glass in her right hand. When she picks up a picture from a shelf she holds it in both hands without having put down the glass before. A little later we see the glass standing on the left side of the shelf where she obviously couldn't have put it down. Finally, when she takes the sword from the wall the glass has miraculously moved to another shelf. (00:52:25)


Continuity mistake: At the end of Rachel's and Frank's date the camera pans from the sword over some of his basement items on the shelves to the couple nestled between the sheets on the sofa, where Rachel states that never in her life she has felt as safe. However, when they wake up in the morning they are lying in his bed upstairs, and Frank opens a window that overlooks the garden. Considering their obvious comfiness downstairs this change of location can't be explained. (00:55:45)


Continuity mistake: At the party in the Miami hotel Portman's bangs change between pulled back and covering his forehead. (01:03:30)


Continuity mistake: Right after Frank gets shot he shoots Portman and you see someone helping Frank get his jacket off as he's lying on the ground. The camera angle changes and you see his jacket back on and someone is starting to help him take it off again.


Rachel: But I can't go out on a date because you have to be with me every minute. I mean, what if he wants to invite me up to his place afterwards? Are you gonna come too?

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Trivia: The movie that Frank and Rachel watch is called "Yojimbo." Yojimbo is Japanese for bodyguard.

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Question: I have two questions. Firstly after beating up the guy in the hotel kitchen, Frank returns to the room and tells Delaney that he is quitting. Why was he so ticked off? And secondly, if Nicki was the one who hired Portman to kill Rachel, why did Portman kill Nicki and why did he try to molest Rachel in the bedroom?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: I think he was ticked off because he was being so personally affected by Rachel. He talks about being disciplined. He tries to keep emotions away from his job, but he liked Rachel. Also, Rachel at the time was angry with him, but also showed a lot of disregard for her own safety (as you remember, when he got back it was just after she and Tony went shopping without telling Frank). So yeah, I think it was frustration for the overall situation. To answer your second question, from the conversation with Frank at the lakeside house, Nikki had asked around at a club she went to, but she herself didn't hire Portman. Someone named Armando did the hiring.

Meg Charnley

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