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Corrected entry: It doesn't make any sense that Portman places a bomb in the boat as his only target Rachel was the least likely to take a round on the wintry lake.


Correction: I actually believe the bomb was intended to kill Frank so that Rachel would be an easier target. There is a scene of Frank teaching Fletcher how to use the boat. Portman probably assumed that Frank would take Fletcher out on a ride.

This is exactly what I felt, too. I don't think the goal was to specifically kill Fletcher. He would've been an incidental casualty.

Correction: He put the bomb in the boat to hurt Fletcher, as this would hurt Rachel.

Corrected entry: It's not really a mistake but when Rachel is our running and she asks Frank to walk with her, if you look in the background, there are 2 "ghosts" walking hand in hand behind them. (00:43:15)

Correction: It's two security guards walking behind.

Corrected entry: Rachel's and Sy's idea to perform at the Mayan took Frank by surprise. Later, when the situation escalates, he makes his escape though a secret side door (not the "official" back exit where he sends Tony), where earlier he had directed the driver with the limo. As he hadn't even heard of the club before and as he had no chance to check it out while they were there it's not quite clear how he acquired this detailed knowledge of the location. (00:38:25)


Correction: He would have talked to the manager of the club and learnt about all the different exits, as it is his job to know all the different exits and make plans for an escape so he can put them into action, if needed.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel stops her jogging and asks Frank for a date she has her natural skin color. In the last shot of the scene, when she leaves, her face has the almost Michael Jacksonian off-white make-up which is more typical for the rest of the movie. (00:44:30)


Correction: That's because she was running, when you run your cheeks flush.

Corrected entry: In one of the opening scenes when Frank returns home from his first assignment in the film, he finds his front stoop covered with mail and newspapers which have accumulated during his absence. It is unlikely that a security professional of his stature would not cancel his deliveries or arrange to have it collected by a neighbor/friend.

Correction: "Unlikely" does not equal "impossible". This is an opinion, not a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the fight in the kitchen Frank pins Tony down with a chair and sits on it. It's obvious that the bar between the legs of the chair is a few centimeters above Tony's throat, therefore, his choking sounds are not really justified. (00:40:55)


Correction: The choking sound is only the first time when he initially places the chair to pin Tony down. Also Tony Scibelli is tired after Kevin Costner took him down, the sounds are not all choking sounds.

Corrected entry: There's a certain inconsistency about Rachel's popularity. Earlier in the movie some admirers recognize her in the street in spite of her sunglasses and ask for autographs and to be photographed with her. A little later just the announcement that she would show up in the Mayan makes people go crazy inside and outside the club. But in the date scene nobody in the bar even glances at her, the totally undisguised Academy Award nominee. (00:22:55 - 00:46:50)


Correction: No not really. Remember Whitney Houston's character travels in different circles than Frank. The bar they go to is very working-class with the beer and hotdogs being served and all. I am watching the movie now and she even says to Frank "your type of place your type of music" It is entirerly possible that she may not be recognized.

Corrected entry: Frank introduces himself on the intercom at Rachel's gate as Alexander Graham Bell, but the limo driver asks him why he called himself Thomas Edison.

Correction: The limo driver was not the man on the intercom. It is the driver who asks Frank his name, and Frank responded Thomas Edison. The driver asks why later, after Frank returns from inside.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kevin Costner takes Whitney to his home following their date, he throws Whitney's silk scarf up in the air in order to demonstrate the samuarai sword's sharpness. However, as he throws the scarf in the air, it touches the sword and is not cut; it is only as it falls back down that the scarf is cut in half. (00:54:35)

Correction: It needs the weight of the throw to cut it - thats why it doesn't cut in half when he just places it on the sword.

Corrected entry: In the scene in Frank's basement Rachel does some fake attacks with the sword. You hear the usual, movie-typical whizzing sounds which could be produced by a martial artist but not by the rather slow Rachel. (00:53:45)


Correction: I have seen this film a few times and I was always under the impression that Rachel herself was making the whizzing sound, not that it was an added sound.

Travis Greene

Continuity mistake: At the Academy Awards scene, when Frank shoots Portman the second time, Portman receives an (entry or exit) wound on his temple. However, the way he was standing after being shot in the chest the bullet could only have hit him from the front. (01:53:10)


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Rachel: Well, you don't look like a bodyguard.
Frank: What'd you expect?
Rachel: Well, I don't know, maybe a tough guy?
Frank: This is my disguise.

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Trivia: The script originally had Rachel singing "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". It was Kevin Costner's idea to go with "I Will Always Love You" instead.

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Question: I have two questions. Firstly after beating up the guy in the hotel kitchen, Frank returns to the room and tells Delaney that he is quitting. Why was he so ticked off? And secondly, if Nicki was the one who hired Portman to kill Rachel, why did Portman kill Nicki and why did he try to molest Rachel in the bedroom?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: I think he was ticked off because he was being so personally affected by Rachel. He talks about being disciplined. He tries to keep emotions away from his job, but he liked Rachel. Also, Rachel at the time was angry with him, but also showed a lot of disregard for her own safety (as you remember, when he got back it was just after she and Tony went shopping without telling Frank). So yeah, I think it was frustration for the overall situation. To answer your second question, from the conversation with Frank at the lakeside house, Nikki had asked around at a club she went to, but she herself didn't hire Portman. Someone named Armando did the hiring.

Meg Charnley

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