7th Sep 2009

Robin Hood (1973)

Continuity mistake: After Robin and Little John kiss Prince John's hands and steal the jewels, Robin pretends to tell the Prince's fortune. Little John produces a ball full of fireflies and the prince tries to touch it, but Robin hits his hand away. The prince looks at it in shock - but surely he would have noticed the jewel missing from his ring.


Trivia: A dummy of Quentin Tarintino is used as one of the scalped dead Nazis in the scene where the basterds are in the valley and Donny beats the German officer into a pulp.


4th Aug 2009

Friends (1994)

Show generally

Question: What happened to the wooden beam in Monica's apartment? I remember it being there in the first few seasons and in one episode I'm sure Ross ran into it. Can anyone tell me what happened to it? Thanks.


Chosen answer: The beam was removed after the first season but was put back in for episodes directed by James burrows as an inside joke amongst cast and crew.

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