Conspiracy Theory

Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) is a man who has supposedely crazy theories about the government, e.g how the vietnam war started, who actually killed JFK. He prints these theories in a newspaper, called, unsurprisingly, conspiracy theory. However, one of his theories turns out to be true. A shady man called Dr Jonas (Patrick Stewart somehow finds out about this, so obviously some very important people want Fletcher dead. Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts), who Fletcher is obsessed with, and who Dr Jonas convinces Fletcher is mad, also works with the government, but she realises Fletcher may not be so crazy after all...

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is on the bus with Alice, one second he's wearing his hat, he takes it off, then the next second it's back on, then it disappears for the rest of the scene.

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Jerry Fletcher: The Vietnam War was fought over a bet that Howard Hughes lost to Aristotle Onassis.

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Question: Shouldn't Dr Jonas and his men have been arrested for what they did? And shouldn't the guys who employed have been arrested too?

Answer: They may have been arrested eventually but it would only happen after a lengthy and involved investigation that would extend beyond the movie's timeline.

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