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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Jerry is holding Jonas underwater with a mop, Jonas pulls out a six-shooter (revolver) from an ankle holster and shoots Jerry in an attempt to save himself. There are two inherent mistakes here: One, revolvers don't fire under water; two, even if it had been a double-action so he wouldn't have to cock it, the hammer never moves.

Correction: 1. Any firearm may fire underwater. It depends on the brand of ammo and how long it has been submerged. 2. The hammer was shown from the rear, not from the side, making its movement far less obvious. It was shown while firing for less than a second, underwater, making any hammer movement very difficult to see.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Jerry is in the hospital he gets Alice to switch the charts as he believes the government officials will try to kill him. The person who gets Jerry's chart has a suspicious heart attack in his sleep and dies. The next morning the government officials come back to detain Jerry. If they sent a man to kill Jerry why would they bother returning to arrest him if they expected he would be dead?


Correction: 1) They could have been playing along to give themselves an alibi. If they send someone to talk to him, they can say they didn't know he was dead. 2) As soon as the hospital had identifed the deceased as NOT being Jerry, "they" realised the mistake and sent someone to detain Jerry.


Corrected entry: A few shots are taken from the back seat of Jerry's taxi, where you can see the driver's ID. It's clearly not his photo, nor his name.

Correction: This is totally in keeping with the character and the movie. Gibson's character is extremely paranoid about people following him so he would never share his name, or even his picture, with just anyone that gets into the cab. The name in the cab was Arab or Indian, so it obviously was not the director changing Gibson's character's name at the last minute.

Corrected entry: After Alice shoots Finch towards the end of the movie, Jerry is lying there, shot. Alice is screaming for help and the "Uncle no one talks about" is hollering for an ambulance for one of the wounded bad guys. Apparently everyone just forgets that these scenes take place in an abandoned section OF A HOSPITAL. Help should have been a shout away, certainly it wouldn't take an ambulance to carry the wounded away.

Correction: They were IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL. Mental hospitals are not set up to handle emergencies and severe trauma such as being shot.

Corrected entry: As "Mr. Finch" walks out of his office bathroom, he has rolled up shirt sleeves. He puts one arm in his suitcoat. The next scene shows that same arm with the sleeve showing from his suitcoat.

Correction: When Finch comes out of the bathroom, his sleeves are not rolled up, but pushed up slightly, enough to show the wristwatch on his left wrist. When he pulls the jacket onto his right arm, just the force of the jacket sleeve would be enough to push the sleeve down. In that next scene, he even goes tugs his left shirt sleeve down over his watch before slipping his left arm into the jacket.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is on the bus with Alice, one second he's wearing his hat, he takes it off, then the next second it's back on, then it disappears for the rest of the scene.

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Dr. Jonas: Years ago I worked for the CIA on the MK ultra program. Are you familiar with it?
Alice Sutton: It was mind control. "Manchurian Candidate" kind of stuff.
Dr. Jonas: That's a vulgar generalization. But yes, you take an ordinary man an turn him into an assassin. That was our goal.

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Question: In the end of the movie when Jerry is shot, why is he airlifted to another hospital, doesn't the mental hospital have a trauma center?

Answer: Yes, that hospital may have had a trauma unit, but the NSA team, if they were NSA, led by Lowery / Hatcher (the guy who Alice 'knocked out') wanted to get Jerry away from Alice ASAP so that she would no longer be in any danger. The chopper then flew him, offscreen, to get patched up. Also we don't know that Jerry was airlifted to another hospital. But we can assume. An NSA controlled hospital. Or private government facility. A place where no questions would be asked.

Alan Keddie

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