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The Jackal picture

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the Jackal tries to kill the first lady in Washington. He is wearing a police uniform and you can see the bullet proof vest underneath his shirt. When he enters the subway station he is still wearing his clothes, and gets shot in the stomach by Richard Gere. But where is the vest?

Correction: He's not wearing a vest - what appears like it, is simply the cut of the jacket. Throughout the park scene preceding the subway scene, where he's just wearing a shirt, there's no vest suggested under the shirt.

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Titanic picture

Corrected entry: Anyone who's ever been on a boat knows how dangerous it is to have a bigger boat floating nearby - it produces huge waves that make the little boat tilt and many times turn over. Now what kind of waves would such a huge ship as Titanic produce!? However, at the beginning of the movie, when Titanic is leaving the port, there is a fishing boat nearby with a fisherman in it - and nothing even moves. (00:26:55)

Correction: Having served onboard an Aircraft carrier for nearly 5 years I am very familiar with the wake a large ship can produce. The scene you refer to did not finish, that is the wake that was produced had not had enough time to reach the small vessel. The speed of the Titanic is approx 8 - 10 knots as she exits the port. The wake from her would have amounted to about 1 to maybe 2 feet of swell. Even when it did reach the small boat it would have been exciting bobbing up and down on the wake but it would not have capsized the small fishing boat. I have seen this played out with our carrier many times. One instance in the harbor of Japan, many small craft from 10 - 15 feet in length were rocked by our wake as we passed them at less than 20' but none ever capsized or had the occupants thrown overboard. They were Greenpeace demonstrators and put themselves in harms way for their beliefs and were far closer to us than the fisherman was to the Titanic, a ship of equal size to us.

James Rowell

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Alien Resurrection picture

Corrected entry: Once the baby alien has been sucked out of the window they appear to be flying through a pretty shot of sunlit clouds. This would mean that they had reached the upper level of the troposphere at least (approximately 15 miles depending upon whereabouts on the planet they were and what the current barometric conditions were). Therefore there are two things wrong (1) Firstly the depressurisation that sucked the alien baby out would continue just as if a whole had been made in a jetliner. Ripley and Call would therefore still have to hold on. (2) Secondly the temperature at the top of the troposphere is about -60 degrees Fahrenheit. All moisture would freeze instantly, whereas they stand there having a chit chat as if they were on the deck of cruise liner. (01:40:25)

Correction: 1) Depressurisation would end as soon as they ran out of air. 2) That -60 degrees neither freezes things instantly, nor would even do so quickly as it would have to come in through the small hole made, as the ship is (minus the hole) sealed and insulated from the outside. One's an andriod, the other's half alien, I don't see any problems here.

James King III

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Most Wanted picture

Corrected entry: The bullet that hits the first lady was an "ice projectile". Ice bullets are impossible to fire because no matter how cold they were, they would melt almost instantly from the heated gases used to propel a bullet once it leaves the barrel.

Correction: Wayans' character didn't know this, he just thought it was a dumb idea, but the real shooter didn't use an ice projectile bullet.

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My Best Friend's Wedding picture

Corrected entry: In the starting scene, Julia Roberts is in the restaurant tasting food. From one shot, coming up behind her, you can see the rim of Julia's glasses on the side of her face. Then when the shot changes, so we see her from the front, you can clearly see she is not wearing glasses.

Correction: The first shot we see of Julia Roberts if of the front of her face, and she is not wearing glasses. I froze the shot that's referenced, and it only looks like she's wearing glasses. It's the way the curls fall on the side of her face that only make it seem that rims of glasses are visible. She doesn't wear any glasses during the movie.

Jane Doe

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I Know What You Did Last Summer picture

Corrected entry: Also, during the 4th of July festivities, multiple fisherman were mistaken for the killer. This was because they were wearing full raincoats and rain hats. The 4th of July in the Carolinas is too hot, (way too hot) to be wearing winter foul weather gear.

Correction: This is the people's own decision - if they want to wear this clothing, they can. Plus most of it is fishing / working clothing.

Hamster Premium member

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Batman and Robin picture

Corrected entry: After defeating Poison Ivy, Batman states that they need to hurry and stop Mr. Freeze, yet he and his cohorts have the time to travel all the way back to the Batcave, change their clothes, and pick up new vehicles.

Correction: They had to get the proper gear to battle Mr. Freeze. Batman obviously knew that their normal gear would be insufficient to stop him, so they had to "hurry" to get properly equipped.


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Con Air picture

Corrected entry: When Johnny tries to rape the female guard, Poe comes to the rescue and knocks him out. Poe then handcuffs him to an overhead rail with both hands in the cuffs over the rail. Yet after the crash, while the police are doing clean-up, they drag away Johnny leaving one arm hanging off, as if Poe put only one of his hands in the cuffs, and one cuff on the overhead rail. Even with one arm severed, they couldn't naturally have got out of that position without the severed arm going over the rail, in which case it would be lying on the floor with the rest of him.

Correction: We don't see Johnny the whole time from the cuffing till the crash. There would have been enough time for somebody, even Poe, to uncuff one arm so that Johnny could be better prepared for the imminent crash.

Ronnie Bischof

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Vegas Vacation picture

Corrected entry: In Clark's first main gambling session he is sitting on the chair with nothing and nobody beside him. A few shots later there is a beer can beside him. A few shots later the beer can is gone. About 4 shots later it's there again.

Correction: Things can change when there are multiple shots happening, especially as you say, 4 shots later, etc. Wait staff can pick up the empty can, passersby can drop an empty can on a table, etc. If it was one continuous scene or pan, it would be different, but these scenes are multi angle, and time passes.

Correction: The can matches the one that Cousin Eddie is holding in the scene.

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Starship Troopers picture

Corrected entry: After they attempt to rescue the reporter during the first battle, Rico shouts to the others to go. Watch behind Rico. Apparently, the stuntman in the background is supposed to react as if he got impaled by a Warrior Bug. The Special Effects Department must have decided not to add the Warrior Bug after all. (01:05:40)

Correction: After closely watching the scene, the soldier simply trips and falls to the ground. He doesn't act at all like he's being attacked.


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Air Force One picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where the special forces guys enter the presidential palace in Kazakstan, they go to turn off the electricity. However, the electricity goes off before they throw the switch.

Correction: The special forces guy pulls two main electric switches. The first switch is hard to see but he pulls the first and some of the lights go out then he pulls the second switch and everything goes out.

Mister Ed

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Correction: He probably doesn't care if his clock says AM or PM, just the fact that it has the time.

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Anaconda picture

Corrected entry: When the girl is strangled in the boat, after she is dead you can see her abdomen moving as she breathes.

Correction: This is because she's unconscious, not dead. She dies after she's kicked into the water and drowns.


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Hercules picture

Corrected entry: When the gods are celebrating Hercules' return, Hermes throws out flowers, but only red ones. Yet Phil catches a yellow one.

Correction: If you look carefully at the flowers, you'll see that they're not all red; there's a yellow one in there as well.

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Selena picture

Corrected entry: In the scene when Selena's sister Suzette tells the band the news that their song "Como La Flor" is number one on the charts, they all run and hug each other. There is a man in a red shirt who has no one to hug and apparently is confused as to what to do in that scene.

Correction: This doesn't qualify as a mistake. Just because the man doesn't have anyone to hug doesn't mean the director or the actor made a mistake.


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Contact picture

Corrected entry: There's a scene where Ellie sleeps with Palmer, then gets up quickly to go to the lab. In her haste, she departs whipping on a shirt with no bra. The camera follows her outside where suddenly it appears she is now wearing one.

Correction: My wife read this posting and then demonstrated how Ellie did it. In the heat of the moment during the previous evening Ellie peeled off her t-shirt and bra together and tossed them aside. In a hurry the next morning she slides the whole assembly over her head (the bra is invisible inside the t-shirt) and jiggles herself into place (if you see what I mean) and away she goes. I have to admit to being very impressed but if my wife can do it, Ellie can, too.

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Copland picture

Corrected entry: When Sylvester Stallone is asked why he couldn't join the NYPD, he points at his left ear and says it was because of deafness...but his deaf ear was the right.

Correction: He used his left hand to point to his head generally to indicate deafness, not specifically to his left ear.


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Dante's Peak picture

Corrected entry: When Grandma is being carried through the woods (after walking the boat through the acid lake), the far shot shows her to have shoes on. The close-up, however, shows that she hardly has legs, much less feet.

Correction: Look at the shot of her legs frame by frame - if you stop at one of the frames right before the camera cuts back to Rachel, you can clearly see that Ruth still has legs - they're just bloody and raw from the acid. The way the fabric of her pants is gnarled, when seen at full speed the camera moves and cuts away so fast that it does give the impression of missing limbs.

Chris Moyer Grice Premium member

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Scream 2 picture

Corrected entry: If you look in the background a little bit before Randy gets pulled into the van and killed, while he's on the phone you can see cop cars all around blocking the set. (01:02:30)

Correction: This isn't a mistake. The cop cars were already there in all previous scenes of the surrounding, because of the murders that have been going on again.


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Men in Black picture

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Will Smith first meets Rip Torn with all the other recruits, after he hands them the tests, look and listen very carefully. When Will pulls the table the noise for the table actually starts before he even pulls the table.

Correction: It starts at the exact moment that he starts pulling it, just as it should.


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