Corrected entry: In the scene when Selena's sister Suzette tells the band the news that their song "Como La Flor" is number one on the charts, they all run and hug each other. There is a man in a red shirt who has no one to hug and apparently is confused as to what to do in that scene.

Correction: This doesn't qualify as a mistake. Just because the man doesn't have anyone to hug doesn't mean the director or the actor made a mistake.


Corrected entry: Yolanda Saldivar looks middle aged in the movie, but in real life, Saldivar was about 34 years old when she shot and killed Selena.

Correction: She looked middle aged when she was arrested for killing Selena in real life.

Corrected entry: In the opening and closing footage of the Astrodome concert, Selena's sister Suzette is shown playing the drums. In real life, Suzette had already quit playing in the band by the time this concert was really done. Some guy is playing drums for Selena.

Correction: In real life, a man was playing for Selena at the concert, true, but it was simply because her sister couldn't due to an illness, not due to quitting the band.

Audio problem: When Chris drives up in the truck while Selena is mowing the lawn, Selena asks what he got. While you hear "junk food" his mouth says something else.

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Mexican Guy: Anything for Salinas.

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Trivia: The back up guy with the mullet was the real Selena's back up dancer and singer. His name is Pete Astudillo. He did many duets with her as well has having his own Tejano music hits.

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