One night Selena goes to confront Yolanda about her stealing money. For some reason, Yolanda shoots Selena in the shoulder. Before Selena collapses in the hotel's lobby, she is able to identify Yolanda as her attacker. 911 is called and the ambulance arrives while Yolanda is arrested. Selena cannot be saved, and her family and fans begin to mourn this promising young star's death.


Audio problem: When Chris drives up in the truck while Selena is mowing the lawn, Selena asks what he got. While you hear "junk food" his mouth says something else.

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Mexican Guy: Anything for Salinas.

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Trivia: The back up guy with the mullet was the real Selena's back up dancer and singer. His name is Pete Astudillo. He did many duets with her as well has having his own Tejano music hits.

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