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Most Wanted (1997)

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Corrected entry: The bullet that hits the first lady was an "ice projectile". Ice bullets are impossible to fire because no matter how cold they were, they would melt almost instantly from the heated gases used to propel a bullet once it leaves the barrel.

Correction: Wayans' character didn't know this, he just thought it was a dumb idea, but the real shooter didn't use an ice projectile bullet.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Keenan shoots the bad guy in the back and then they say that he committed suicide to cover it up. How can he shoot himself in the back?

Correction: The only person Dunn (Wayans) kills in the last scene is Gen Woodword (Voight) and he takes him out with a head shot.

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In the scene where Dunn is collecting gear from the surplus store. The cops show up. When it shows a close-up of the cops in front of the cruiser the wipers are on, but then it goes to a distant shot and they're not on.



In the last scene where Dunn, is watching the TV in the store window and he looks over and says to the guy standing next to him, "Hey, you look just like that guy", it is actually his stunt double.