Most Wanted
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Sergeant James Dunn: You live alone?
Dr. Victoria Constantini: No, I, I have a boyfriend. He's a cop.
Sergeant James Dunn: You don't have a boyfriend.
Dr. Victoria Constantini: How do you know?
Sergeant James Dunn: There's five empty buckets of Häagen-Dazs in your trash, your legs are stubbly and your hair color needs a touch-up.

General Adam Woodward: I want every swingin' dick down there! Pull the noose tight and drop him like a bad habit! This man dies tonight, gentlemen.

Lt. Col. Grant Casey: Now... Mr. Dunn, you listen here.
Sergeant James Dunn: No, you listen here. I'm not interested in joining anybody's goon squad. So you and George Forehead over here can just step off.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dunn is collecting gear from the surplus store. The cops show up. When it shows a close-up of the cops in front of the cruiser the wipers are on, but then it goes to a distant shot and they're not on.


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Trivia: In the last scene where Dunn, is watching the TV in the store window and he looks over and says to the guy standing next to him, "Hey, you look just like that guy", it is actually his stunt double.

Rollin Garcia Jr

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