I Know What You Did Last Summer

Corrected entry: Also, during the 4th of July festivities, multiple fisherman were mistaken for the killer. This was because they were wearing full raincoats and rain hats. The 4th of July in the Carolinas is too hot, (way too hot) to be wearing winter foul weather gear.

Correction: This is the people's own decision - if they want to wear this clothing, they can. Plus most of it is fishing / working clothing.


Corrected entry: The girl is coming back from an entire year away at school and she has one small duffel bag full of stuff. Yeah right.

Correction: Character's decision - plus, she's only returning home for a while - and she probably has everything at home (clothes, for example), so she probably didn't need to bring much home with her.


Corrected entry: Despite seeing the man being hit and rolling over the windshield and over the top of the car (hence Ryan Phillippe being splattered with blood), they find the body a considerable distance IN FRONT of the car. Hmm.

Correction: The car spins and turns 180 degrees before stopping.


Corrected entry: Sarah Michelle Gellar's character doesn't know her way around her own place of work, which is evident when she's being chased by the bad guys and gets cornered in a room where she's forced to jump out the window.

Correction: She knows that the only two exterior doors are locked - there is nowhere else to go.


Corrected entry: When Barry (Ryan Phillippe) gets hit by the car after the gym scene, you see him lying on the floor with a bit of wood on his shoulder/body. In the close-up shot, the wood has gone.

Correction: There is no wood on him in either shot.


Corrected entry: When Sarah Michelle Gellar is chased by the killer, she runs to her work. When she reaches the door, you see a shot of the killer not more than 5 meters away. How could the girl that opens the door not see him?

Correction: Elsa doesn't see him because she isn't looking out of the window; first she is fumbling with the keys and then she is looking at Helen screaming about being attacked.


Continuity mistake: Max lies dead in Julie's car covered in crabs. He was hooked very deep under his chin, yet when we see him, the wound is gone. (00:59:15)

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Barry: We did a lot of things last summer.
Julie: Yeah, well, only one murder comes to mind.

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Trivia: Max (Johnny Galecki) was killed to beef up the body count. The scene was filmed after principal photography.

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