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Corrected entry: The first time Russ wins a car it says .25 on the machine. Later Russ explains he put a dollar in he won a car and on and on he keeps saying put a dollar in he won a car.

Correction: For most slot machines, if you put in .25, you won't win the grand prize. You need to put the maximum bet in(usually a dollar) to win the grand prize, such as a car.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film Rusty's gold medallion and other jewelry disappear when he enters the wedding chapel.

Correction: They never show them enter the wedding chapel so he had plenty of time to take them off.


Corrected entry: While the Griswolds are playing keno at the end of the movie, there are a few mistakes with the game. When the keno lady is calling out the numbers, she calls out 14 as the 3rd number and 33 as the 5th number. When they show the keno balls up close it says the 3rd number is 48 and 52 as the 5th. Also in one scene it shows 30 already on the board, but a few shots later 30 hasn't come up yet. (01:22:14)


Correction: Some casinos have 2 different keno boards. 1 for people to play while in a restraunt and they only use that board. The other board is for people who play it at the keno area like they were.


Right, but why would they show a keno board that is irrelevant?

Corrected entry: In the scene when Clark volunteers to participate with Siegfried and Roy, he enters a clear box, the curtains are drawn on it and the box is levitated. When up in the air, Siegfried and Roy magically wave their arms towards it. If you pay close attention, the lights dim for a split second and Seigfried and Roy's positions shift very subtly and the curtains drop revealing a white tiger where Clark was.

Correction: You just described a "Magic" trick.

Corrected entry: At the end, all 4 of the cars that Rusty won were in the parking lot of a pink motel by the chapel where Clark and Ellen renewed their vows. How did Rusty know to have all 4 cars delivered there instead of to the Mirage or back to Chicago?

Ken Hogan

Correction: The whole reason for going on vacation was for Ellen and Clark to renew their vows. Rusty would have known where the chapel was, seeing as he and Audrey were witnesses to the wedding. Since he was using fake ID the whole time he was gambling, he probably ha the cars sent to the nearest motel to the chapel so as not to draw attention from security at the Mirage.

Corrected entry: In Clark's first main gambling session he is sitting on the chair with nothing and nobody beside him. A few shots later there is a beer can beside him. A few shots later the beer can is gone. About 4 shots later it's there again.

Correction: Things can change when there are multiple shots happening, especially as you say, 4 shots later, etc. Wait staff can pick up the empty can, passersby can drop an empty can on a table, etc. If it was one continuous scene or pan, it would be different, but these scenes are multi angle, and time passes.

Correction: The can matches the one that Cousin Eddie is holding in the scene.

Corrected entry: When Clark and Ellen go to join the Mile High Club on the airplane, you can see a foot of someone walking behind the curtain by the lavatories when Clark is trying to find which one Ellen is in.

Ken Hogan

Correction: How is that a mistake? Flight attendants are continually moving about the plane. Passengers occasionally have to use the facilities, etc. Seeing someone's foot walking behind a curtain would not be unusual.

Corrected entry: During the scene at the Hoover Dam when Chevy Chase slams into the wall while holding on to the power line, we never see what happens to the powerline. It's there when he hits the wall but when the camera goes back to him, showing him clinging to the side of the dam, it's gone.

Correction: The power line likely swung back out to hang vertically, out of camera range. When he hits the dam, the line is swinging in an arc, after he hits, and lets go, it will swing back to a vertical hang, and not be arced anymore.

Corrected entry: When the family leaves for Vegas, it's daylight out (you can see daylight from the windows on the plane). When they're picked up by the limo in Vegas & they're driving down the strip, it's dark. Seeing that they're from Chicago & Vegas is 2 hours behind, it should still be daylight out when they're picked up at the airport.

Ken Hogan

Correction: I live in Chicago and have flown to Vegas a few times. It is a three and a half hour flight. It is quite possible for it to be daylight when you leave and night time when you arrive, even with a two hour time difference. (This is the equivalent of getting dark in an hour and a half.)

Corrected entry: Eddie and Clark are on the tour bus when Eddie begins playing tour guide announcing that TI is on the right and Harrah's is on the left. In fact the tour bus is still downtown passing Binion's Horseshoe and is miles away from TI or Harrah's.

Correction: How is this a mistake? Eddie is not a tour guide, he has a metal plate in his head which affects him when his wife uses the microwave, he has an IQ of 70 at best, and he buries money in his back 'garden'. He is not playing with a full deck.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: It seems very odd that Rusty neglects to mention the fact that he won 4 cars when Clark mentions that he lost $22,000. One or two of those cars could easily be sold to make up that money. The Dodge Viper that he won could easily be sold for $60,000 even if it's a base model with no modifications.


Correction: A few things are wrong with this. First, it is quite possible that Rusty, being a teenager, didn't consider that the cars could have been sold. He knew that he won them and cared about that. A character mistake and not a movie mistake. Second, the time that it would have taken to sell the cars would have kept them in Vegas for longer than they had planned. Thirdly, it would have ruined the end when they drive home in them.


Corrected entry: After the scene when Clarke announces that they are going to see Siegfried and Roy, Clarke and Ellen are walking away from the Siegfried and Roy theatre with programs in their hand. The only way to get programs is in the theatre, you can't buy them, they come with your ticket. The next scene shows them in the theatre. The scenes are not in the correct order.

Correction: They could have bought tickets, left the theater, and returned with the kids.

Correction: They were given their tickets by Wayne Newton up in their hotel room before arriving at the theatre.

Deliberate mistake: In the final scene when the four cars are driving away there is a road sign that shows how many miles it is to Chicago (where the main characters are from). In reality there would not be such a sign because there is not one direct route from Vegas to Chicago. A typical road sign would show the nearest cities.

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Ellen Griswold: Well, I hope you kids have learned something about the dangers of gambling.

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Trivia: In the middle of the Las Vegas Brochure, there is a picture of a family. This is actually a picture of the director Stephen Kessler with his own family.

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Answer: The sign said $30,000.

Chosen answer: $25,000. Given to the Griswalds by Sid Caesar's character just before he passed away.

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