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Corrected entry: The killer throws Cici off the balcony facing the ground. In the next shot of her falling, she's flipped over on her back. (00:35:15)

Correction: Actually no, you can see her gradually turn while she sways her arms.


Corrected entry: When Cotton is arrested in the library, the sweatshirt he is wearing is blue. At the police station, although he has taken it off, you can see that it's grey. When he leaves the police station, the sweatshirt has returned to being blue.

Correction: I just watched this, and I can assure you Cotton's sweatshirt remains gray throughout the scene.

Corrected entry: In the movie Stab, there are many details shown that the writer couldn't possibly have known. For example, when Sidney is talking to Billy, the conversation is practically word for word. Sidney didn't want Gale making the movie, so she wouldn't have told her what happened.

Correction: In the end of Scream, Sidney was thankful for Gale saving her life by shooting Billy during the final attack. Sidney most likely told Gale the whole story as a kind of compensation, which people do in movies and real life. Secondly, Sidney did not know about the movie, only the book which the movie was based upon, and there is no saying Sidney did not want Gale making the movie or the book. Sidney was only angry with Gale for setting up a reunion interview with Cotton Weary without her consent.

Assuming that Sid had a nearly perfect recollection of the conversation, the scene in "Stab" ends with him smacking his forehead and muttering to himself "Stupid" which is what happened in the first movie when Sidney already had left. She couldn't have reported that detail and the corridors were empty.


Corrected entry: If you look in the background a little bit before Randy gets pulled into the van and killed, while he's on the phone you can see cop cars all around blocking the set. (01:02:30)

Correction: This isn't a mistake. The cop cars were already there in all previous scenes of the surrounding, because of the murders that have been going on again.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Sidney is being chased by the killer for the first time, and Derek is outside the door, Derek is leaning against the right side of the door, then the killer lunges with the knife and stabs it through the left side of the door (to him left, to Derek right). Then it cuts back out to Derek who is still on the right but the knife is on the other side of the door - Derek should have been killed.

Correction: Actually, from the outside (Derek's perspective) the knife IS protruding from the right side of the door. Derek is further to the right by the knob. It's misleading because the stile (vertical part of door frame) of this door is so wide; however, you can see the left panel of the door at the extreme left of the camera frame.

Corrected entry: When Cici is murdered, she is stabbed at the top of the stairs, then thrown out the window, but in the second or two we see of her being thrown out, the bloodstain has dissapeared. When she lands on the balcony it has reappeared.

Correction: Cici is never stabbed in the inside of the house, as we would have heard the knife penetrating her skin, but we don't. Cici is only stabbed twice on the balcony on the outside of the sorority house. This is verified by Debbie Salt later when she is talking to the coroner and she says, 'So it's a double stab wound, definitley not suicide'.

Correction: Empire Strikes Back was part of a planned trilogy (as Randy said, "Totally planned"). The Godfather series was not planned as a trilogy. They decided years later to make a third one.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: Gail and Dewey point out to the police how the first three victims share names with the first victims in Scream. This means the killer planned who he was going to kill beforehand, but wasn't his idea kind of dependent on Phil going to the toilet and having to use a stall? He was already hiding in there when Phil entered the bathroom, but how did he know this was going to happen?

Correction: The killer was making a sequel. He knew his victim's names. He was watching his first two victims in the cinema. He would've heard Phil saying he was going to the toilet, then run into the toilet himself and hid in the stall.

Corrected entry: Why do Dewey and Gale go to the school of film, looking for a VCR and TV to play the tape? Couldn't they have done that where they were staying? Why the hell would they break in to the school?

Correction: A film school would have TVs and VCRs in abundance, and they would be minutes from where they were standing when they realized that the killer may have been on the tapes. They were desperate to find clues. Wouldn't it be preferable to just walk a few steps instead of possibly having to go across town to wherever they were staying?

Corrected entry: When Dewey enters the sound studio where Gale is, when he is sliding down the glass after being stabbed we see Gale's reaction from behind. In the shot of Gale you see ghostface looking down holding Dewey, yet 3 seconds later ghostface is standing looking at Gale and Dewey seems to have disappeared when he is supposed to still be against the glass.

Correction: Dewey slides down the glass and onto the floor.


Corrected entry: All the killings in Scream 2 are done by a left-handed killer. But neither Mickey nor Mrs. Loomis are left-handed. This is prooved in different scenes e.g., Mickey holds the video camera in the right hand and Mrs Loomis writes with her right hand.

Correction: In one of the deleted scenes of Scream 2 Derek points out that Mickey is left handed when talking about the murders of Maureen and Phil.

Correction: It's possible for Mickey and/or Billy's mom to be ambidextrous.

Corrected entry: If the glass in the cop car is weak enough for the killer to smash it without hurting his hand, shouldn't it be weak enough to break when he throws the cop against another window hard enough to draw blood? (01:22:45)

Correction: As a standard, American police cars are made with regular glass in the front seats so the officers can roll them down, and unbreakable [usually plexiglass,] material for the back seat windows. The back seat is made to be escape proof, which Sydney comments on to her roommate during the attack. Ghostface punched through a regular glass front seat, but smashed the cop's face against a nearly-unbreakable BACK window. You can see in the scene that the blood splatters on a window next to the girls - those are the plexiglass windows.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Sidney first walks out of the dorm building we see a red sticker on the door by where she puts her hand, but in the next shot from the door outside, if you look closly the red sticker is not there. In fact it is an entirely different door.

Correction: There is no mistake here. As Sidney leaves the dorms, we can see there are two sets of double doors, and it is the second set of doors that have the red stickers on them. In the inside shot we see Sidney pushing open the first set of doors, but when the shot changes to the outside of the building, Sidney is now pushing the second door which has the red sticker on it.


"It is an entirely different door", as the entry says. Of course now it's matter of debate if you consider a continuity 'mistake' the fact that she's pushing the second door or just consider it a normal practice in editing, which shortens and smootherns the walk by doing a practically flawless transition with Neve Campbell's arm movement. The discernable breach of continuity is there when you look, but like many continuity 'mistakes' (the word can be so misleading, it's not as if we can read intent and tell) it actually benefits the pacing and the scene would be worse without it.


Corrected entry: The book Gale Weathers wrote seems to know lots about the conversation Casey (Drew) had with the killer in the first scene of Scream. But seeing as both Casey and the killer died in the film, how could Gale have known so much about the conversation Stacey had on the phone?

Correction: What dialogue appears in "Stab" has little to no resemblance to the conversation between Casey and Billy in "Scream". They knew they had talked on the phone and logically would have based the conversation based on what little they knew of that night, and on the phone call Sidney had with the killer later on.

Corrected entry: When the blonde girl gets stabbed as the killer stabs the knife into her you can see he just slides the knife along her robe to give the appearance of getting "stabbed". This is also visible when he pulls the knife out of the blonde, cause no blood comes out with the knife or on the knife.

Correction: Blood doesn't immediately flow from a stab wound or cut. I sliced the palm of my hand to the bone with an X-acto knife, and it didn't bleed for at least 10 seconds due to shock. It bled a whole lot after that, but initially didn't bleed at all.

Supposedly it's a Deliberate Mistake because it mirrors what happens in Scream 1, which allegedly is a mistake fans kept pointing out to Wes Craven who then decided to replicate it in the spoof 'Stab'. However, this is one of those Trivia entries in IMdb and other places that feel like they're just rumors I'd like to find a source of; it's not in Wes Craven DVD commentary track, and 'Stab' was not directed by him anyway.


Corrected entry: When Derek is captured by the frat guys, he has weird marks drawn on him in red marker. These are clearly visible when Rebecca Gayheart and the other sorority girls are taunting him with prop knives. However, a few scenes later when the guys pour beer over him the marks have dissapeared, returning when Sidney finds him.

Correction: The weird marking is stage blood (which is completely washable using alcohol). All of the frat boys and sorrority girls are in the play at the theater they are punishing Derek in for giving away the Greek letters, which means all of the frat boys and sorrority girls were allowed access to the stage blood for self rehearsel and actual rehearsel. Also the play they are acting in includes numerous deaths which explains the stage blood. So the weird marks were washed away, over time, by the beer.

Having established that fake blood washes away, the entry says that the blood reappears, and the correction does not address that. There's a super-fast (you -have - to freeze-frame to catch it) but right as it cuts to the traffic lights in Sidney's story where you see a 'snapshot' of the end of the hazing, and Derek has all the markings reapplied to his body. So apparently after marking him and showering him in beer, they put marks all over him again.


Corrected entry: When Sid is moving the theatre blocks they are knocking people over, but theatre blocks are made of Styrofoam and so they would weigh next to nothing.

Correction: The killer, Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis, was only collapsing from the shock. You can tell by her expression and her gasp for air. The shock came from the moment of complete silence, then the crashing of the styrofoam theatre blocks.

While I do agree that the mistake should be corrected, I do think it also should be pointed out that a solid cubic foot of foam can weigh 1-2 pounds. Judging from their size, I think it's reasonable to say each of those blocks weights at LEAST 5 pounds. From the height they are being dropped, 5 pounds of weight can cause some real damage/pain. I once dropped a 5 pound weight on my head from just a few feet up, and it HURT. Dozens of 5+ pound blocks hitting from that height at once could be REALLY bad news.


I see no moment of complete silence (on the contrary, Sidney turned on the fake thunders and is banging stuff like a blacksmith in the back); If it's more the 'surprise' than the weight to knock her off the wall, the stuntwoman takes the blocks on her back, hunched over, so she was waiting for them, negating the effect of the actress that was looking up and screaming.


Corrected entry: When the officers pick Sydney and Halle up at their dorm, they tell them they're going to a safe house straight away. It can't be more than 5-10 minutes later when the killer catches them (since they're still within a short run of the university campus), and even allowing 20 minutes for the car crash scene and Halle's murder, and another 15 for Sydney to run back to the theatre, it's still barely 45 minutes. In that same time, Derek has been kidnapped, carried to the theatre, stripped and tied to the hanging star, then tortured as the frat guys and sorority girls throw a party around him, which they've also had time to completely clean up (since there's no trace of the party when Sydney gets there). There is no way all of that could have happened in the time frame allowed.


Correction: It's not unrealistic for the frat guys and girls to kidnap Derek, take him to the theater, and tie him up in that amount of time. They could do that in 20 minutes. We also don't see that the kids have a whole party. They just pour beer on Derek.

It's hard to negate that there's something wrong with the timeline of the movie there; Derek's hazing is merely an excuse to get drunk, it's not like they were just tying him up, throwing a bucket of stuff at him and then leave; they were dancing around him and pouring the beer they were themselves drinking. Not only they cleaned everything up (you do see the odd bottle and cup around), but the stage is also completely dry. And 45 minutes is an estimate that is mighty generous too, I'd cut it in half.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Gail realises that the killer will be on her footage it is day, but when her and Dewey are running into the school of film, or whatever it is, it is almost completely dark.

Correction: When Gail realises that the killer might be on the footage it was dusk, and most probably they had to search for a place to view the tapes, which could take a while.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Dewey is being stabbed, there is blood all over the window. The killer run to the door to get Gale. When he returns to the room where Dewey was stabbed there is no blood on the plexiglass.

Correction: It is a different window that the killer throws a chair at and smacks his hands on trying to get in to kill Gale. If you look closely you can see the corner of the window that Dewey was stabbed at when Gale is running toward the door.


Scream 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Hallie takes the remote control off the top of the TV to turn it on. But later when they return in front of the TV to watch the news report, the remote is back on the top of the set. Also, the position of the video console which is also on top of the TV has changed, the position of the clothing on the chair next to the television has repositioned and lastly, the items on the window sill behind the TV set have completely changed. (00:12:20 - 00:13:40)


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Sorority Sister Murphy: Hiiii! [pauses, then in a slightly more genuine tone]... No, I really mean that, hi! (00:28:50)


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Trivia: In Scream someone asks Sidney who would play her if they made a movie about her. She said "With my luck, probably Tori Spelling." Tori Spelling did play Sidney in Stab.

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Answer: It's when Dewey and Randy are talking about the movie Stab. Randy says to him "At least you get played by David Schwimmer, I get the guy who rode the stage coach through one episode of Dr Quinn".


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