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Corrected entry: Sidney is told to hit Alt+M in the library when her computer freezes to access her message, but when she does this the sound effect used is of 4 keys being hit, not 2. (01:02:55)

Correction: This type of command requires you to hit the combination of keys at the same time. I don't know about you, but I often have to hit such multiple key commands more than once because I did not press them at the same time. Perhaps that is what Sydney did here.

I can't agree with this correction. If you watch the scene, that is definitely the sound of someone pushing multiple keys in sequence and not someone who tried once or twice to press simultaneous ones and failed. I count even more than 4 (although it'd be hilarious if she actually typed "A-L-T-M").

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Corrected entry: When Sarah Michelle Gellar is being stalked on the phone at her sorority house, she runs outside and the phone begins to break up, she walks inside and still can't get clear reception, then her friend talks to her and she hangs up. When the friend leaves the phone rings again - Cici is right near the front door and the phone reception is perfect, even though before she was at least a metre into the house and couldn't hear properly.

Correction: As anyone who owns a 900 mhz or a 2.4ghz phone can attest to, you can receive poor reception in your house even if you are next to the phone's base one minute and have it be fine another. This is typically due to interference. 900 mhz gets interference from just about any appliance running on that power grid (local neighborhood). The 2.4ghz is usually from broadband interferance. These are a few examples on why the phone was acting up.

Corrected entry: At the cinema at the start, a few people come out saying how scared they are. Stab has been running for less than two minutes and hardly anything has happened. If they scare this easily, what are they doing at a horror movie?

Correction: The girl says that she's scared because Stab was based on fact. She may have simply been disturbed by that.

The entry mentions that a few people say they are scared, and it is true, you hear them say that. The correction focuses about another girl entirely who says she is disturbed by the fact that those people really died (and so she did know in advance the story, not that you can Miss it since it's on the poster - although all sort of people walk into a cinema dragged by their friends, it doesn't address all the others). The cinema is a single screen one, too, so it's not like they can come in from another projection.

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Corrected entry: Cici says to the killer she's the "sober sister" in case anyone needs a ride home from the party, but they can see the Omega Beta Zeta house (where Cici is murdered) from the doors of the house where the party is being held. Why would anyone need a ride?

Correction: Cici states that her sisters are at a mixer at Phi Gamma Alpha, a different sorority than the one where the party across the street is held.

Corrected entry: When the killer is on the phone to Randy, Randy runs up to a guy with a mobile, who is right near the van that the killer is hiding in. Shouldn't Randy be able to hear the killer in the van which is right next to him?

Correction: Not necessarily. Randy is still far enough away the last time the killer speaks that he probably wouldn't hear her through solid metal, by the time he's close enough to be able to hear the killer doesn't speak any more, just reaches out and grabs him.


He actually delivers with gusto the "Wrong guy, dead boy" line when Randy is literally inches away from the van, while filming him through the van window as shown by the footage - and the other window of the van is even open. Technically possible but the entry is more factually correct than the correction.

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Corrected entry: Mickey gives himself away as the killer. At the hospital after Derek is cut on his arm, he tells Sidney, what made him go back into the house anyway? The only people there were Sidney, Derek, and the killer. Sidney even has a strange look on her face after he says that, like, how did you know he went back in the house, but says nothing.

Correction: How is this a plot hole or even a mistake? The producers could have had that in the script on purpose to see if the audience would catch onto it. Movies have been known to do that. As you said. Even Sidney had a strange look on her face when he said it. So it might have been part of the script anyways.


I am "correcting the correction" a bit because Sidney's strange look on her face is merely because she is buying into what he says and suspects Derek; from that point on she always suspects Derek and never shows to mistrust Mickey. But the entry was inconsistent anyway, because hours pass since the "slicing" scene and by that time it would be completely out of logic if nobody knew the circumstances that led to their friend being hospitalized.

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Corrected entry: At the party, when Mickey, Randy and Sidney's friend (forgot her name - the one who's studying psychology) are talking about The Empire Strikes Back, the girl says that "these furry creatures were nice" and Mickey says: "Ewoks - no, they sucked" (or something). But Ewoks appear in The Return of the Jedi, not in The Empire Strikes Back. It may not be a goof, since Sidney's friend may not know Star Wars trilogy that well - however Mickey should.

Correction: She was just saying they were cute. She didn't have to know which movie they came from.

That's what the original post says, it takes exception to Mickey not correcting her. However, he just didn't have time to do that since she was walking away and there was really no point, they were not engaged in a debate, so I agree that it can be considered a bit too weak to be a character mistake.

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Corrected entry: As Dawnie answers the phone and the killer says "it's Ted" he can be seen sneaking in to the house in the background - he doesn't have a phone to his mouth. It can't be the second killer as he repeats the line "don't forget to set the alarm" which could have only been heard from inside the house.

Correction: Both killers were present Mrs Loomis was inside and Mickey was calling Cici.


Correction: It actually was sort of a slip, since in the DVD commentary editor Patrick Lussier said that they were debating to CGI a telephone in the killer's arm to fix that giveaway, but decided it was not worth it. The entry is not incorrect there.

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Correction: Could easily have had a hands-free headset in, under the mask.

Visible crew/equipment: If you look really close in the background as the killer throws Cici off the balcony, you can see someone sitting in a tree, wearing black, with a camera. (00:33:35)

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Maureen: Can I...gimme some money. I need to get some popcorn.
Phil: You got money.
Maureen: I got my money. I asked for your money!
Phil: Cheap ass.

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Trivia: If you watch right at the start you will see Sidney watching the TV in her dorm room when Cotton is talking on a show. Look at the interviewer he is talking to - it's the writer of Scream and Scream 2 Kevin Williamson.

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Question: In the movie "Stab" it shows what is supposed to be reenacting Drew Barrymore's death and looks as if it is just like the one in the first film. But how could it be almost perfect if no one was there to see it?


Chosen answer: In real life, they'd have known there was a phone call involved. They would have known her boyfriend was killed. They could have easily pieced together that the killers played a cat and mouse game with the Drew Barrymore character. But that doesn't account for all the details. Anything else would be speculation. My speculation: Maybe Billy Loomis kept a diary.

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And rumor has it that Stu didn't die that he may still be alive.

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