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Corrected entry: In the scene when Sidney is being chased by the killer for the first time, and Derek is outside the door, Derek is leaning against the right side of the door, then the killer lunges with the knife and stabs it through the left side of the door (to him left, to Derek right). Then it cuts back out to Derek who is still on the right but the knife is on the other side of the door - Derek should have been killed.

Correction: Actually, from the outside (Derek's perspective) the knife IS protruding from the right side of the door. Derek is further to the right by the knob. It's misleading because the stile (vertical part of door frame) of this door is so wide; however, you can see the left panel of the door at the extreme left of the camera frame.

Corrected entry: When Cici is murdered, she is stabbed at the top of the stairs, then thrown out the window, but in the second or two we see of her being thrown out, the bloodstain has dissapeared. When she lands on the balcony it has reappeared.

Correction: Cici is never stabbed in the inside of the house, as we would have heard the knife penetrating her skin, but we don't. Cici is only stabbed twice on the balcony on the outside of the sorority house. This is verified by Debbie Salt later when she is talking to the coroner and she says, 'So it's a double stab wound, definitley not suicide'.

Corrected entry: Gail and Dewey point out to the police how the first three victims share names with the first victims in Scream. This means the killer planned who he was going to kill beforehand, but wasn't his idea kind of dependent on Phil going to the toilet and having to use a stall? He was already hiding in there when Phil entered the bathroom, but how did he know this was going to happen?

Correction: The killer was making a sequel. He knew his victim's names. He was watching his first two victims in the cinema. He would've heard Phil saying he was going to the toilet, then run into the toilet himself and hid in the stall.

Corrected entry: Why do Dewey and Gale go to the school of film, looking for a VCR and TV to play the tape? Couldn't they have done that where they were staying? Why the hell would they break in to the school?

Correction: A film school would have TVs and VCRs in abundance, and they would be minutes from where they were standing when they realized that the killer may have been on the tapes. They were desperate to find clues. Wouldn't it be preferable to just walk a few steps instead of possibly having to go across town to wherever they were staying?

Corrected entry: At the cinema at the start, a few people come out saying how scared they are. Stab has been running for less than two minutes and hardly anything has happened. If they scare this easily, what are they doing at a horror movie?

Correction: The girl says that she's scared because Stab was based on fact. She may have simply been disturbed by that.

Corrected entry: Cici says to the killer she's the "sober sister" in case anyone needs a ride home from the party, but they can see the Omega Beta Zeta house (where Cici is murdered) from the doors of the house where the party is being held. Why would anyone need a ride?

Correction: Cici states that her sisters are at a mixer at Phi Gamma Alpha, a different sorority than the one where the party across the street is held.

Corrected entry: When the killer is on the phone to Randy, Randy runs up to a guy with a mobile, who is right near the van that the killer is hiding in. Shouldn't Randy be able to hear the killer in the van which is right next to him?

Correction: Not necessarily. Randy is still far enough away the last time the killer speaks that he probably wouldn't hear her through solid metal, by the time he's close enough to be able to hear the killer doesn't speak any more, just reaches out and grabs him.


Corrected entry: Mickey gives himself away as the killer. At the hospital after Derek is cut on his arm, he tells Sidney, what made him go back into the house anyway? The only people there were Sidney, Derek, and the killer. Sidney even has a strange look on her face after he says that, like, how did you know he went back in the house, but says nothing.

Correction: How is this a plot hole or even a mistake? The producers could have had that in the script on purpose to see if the audience would catch onto it. Movies have been known to do that. As you said. Even Sidney had a strange look on her face when he said it. So it might have been part of the script anyways.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film above the box office the date says April 12. When Sidney looks at her watch the next morning it's not even close to that date.

Correction: So Sydney's watch is wrong. It happens.

Corrected entry: As Dawnie answers the phone and the killer says "it's Ted" he can be seen sneaking in to the house in the background - he doesn't have a phone to his mouth. It can't be the second killer as he repeats the line "don't forget to set the alarm" which could have only been heard from inside the house.

Correction: Both killers were present Mrs Loomis was inside and Mickey was calling Cici.


Correction: Could easily have had a hands-free headset in, under the mask.

Revealing mistake: When the killer is attacking Cici on the balcony, you can see blood on Cici's back before she is even stabbed and both times she is stabbed, the knife that comes out of her back has no blood on it. (00:33:20)

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Mickey: Oh come on Randy, with all due respect, the killer obvious patterned himself after two serial killers who were immortalized on film.
Guy 2: Thank you!
Film Teacher: So, you're saying that someone is trying to make a real life sequel?
Randy: Stab 2? Why would anyone want to do that? Sequels suck!

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Trivia: In Scream someone asks Sidney who would play her if they made a movie about her. She said "With my luck, probably Tori Spelling." Tori Spelling did play Sidney in Stab.

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Question: What was Mickey's motive for being one of the killers?

Answer: He hadn't no motive. Remember? It was the millennium. Motives are incidental. That and he was out of his mind. And he wanted to blame the movies.

Alan Keddie

Answer: Mickey's reply when Syd asks, that he's "always been a follower," indicates he's probably just psychotic, looking for any excuse to kill.

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