Scream 2

Trivia: In Scream someone asks Sidney who would play her if they made a movie about her. She said "With my luck, probably Tori Spelling." Tori Spelling did play Sidney in Stab.


Trivia: If you watch right at the start you will see Sidney watching the TV in her dorm room when Cotton is talking on a show. Look at the interviewer he is talking to - it's the writer of Scream and Scream 2 Kevin Williamson.


Trivia: Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez did the production a favor and directed the film-within-a-film "Stab" that we see portions of. When the movie is shown again in "Scream 4", they added in a title card that says "A Robert Rodriguez" film as a nod to him for filming the scenes.


Trivia: Wes Craven has a cameo appearance as a doctor in the hospital.


Trivia: The guy who sells popcorn in the cinema to Jada Pinkett is the Director of Photography of Scream 2 and Scream 3 Peter Deming.


Trivia: Gail Weathers says that the nude pictures of her on the web were just her head and Jennifer Aniston's body. The script called for her to say Madonna's body, but Cox changed it as a joke on her friend.


Trivia: Chief Lewis Hartley (played by Lewis Arquette) is David's father and Courteney's future father in law. So it's a big family get together.


Trivia: Courtney Cox Arquette also plays Monica in the hit TV series 'Friends'. Did anyone notice how two of the actors she stars along with in that series are mentioned in the film? These are Jenifer Aniston (who plays Rachel) and David Schwimmer (who plays Ross) Watch out for both of them.


Trivia: A cameo by Mathew Lillard, at the party at Delta Lambda Zeta house, he is at the back of the screen when Randy says "cocktail".


Trivia: The movie is riddled with side conversations about whether or not a sequel can be as good or better than the original. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the movie itself, since people believed that a sequel to "Scream" wouldn't be as funny or successful. However, most people didn't completely 'get' one line when the movie first came out. During the frat party, the second "Star Wars" film is mentioned in this argument, saying that it had better writing. The reply to that was, "Doesn't count; it was not a sequel, it was part of a trilogy." This was once again a reference to Scream 2, since it too was part of a pre-planned trilogy (when Kevin Williamson sent Scream to studios, he also sent along outline scripts for the next two movies).


Trivia: In the scene where Cici Cooper, the sober sister, is watching TV in the house she says to her friend on the phone that Sarah and Bailey broke up - obviously talking about a TV series. She must mean Bailey and Sarah from the series "Party of Five" where Neve Campbell plays a significant role.

Trivia: When Cici and her friend are talking on the phone about 'Party of Five',they are insulting the character of Sarah and commenting "That girl needs to get her shit together". These lines were written for Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays Sarah Reeves and was originally supposed to play Cici, and weren't changed when Sarah Michelle Gellar was brought in instead.


Visible crew/equipment: If you look really close in the background as the killer throws Cici off the balcony, you can see someone sitting in a tree, wearing black, with a camera. (00:33:35)

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Mickey: Oh come on Randy, with all due respect, the killer obvious patterned himself after two serial killers who were immortalized on film.
Guy 2: Thank you!
Film Teacher: So, you're saying that someone is trying to make a real life sequel?
Randy: Stab 2? Why would anyone want to do that? Sequels suck!

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Question: What was Mickey's motive for being one of the killers?

Answer: He hadn't no motive. Remember? It was the millennium. Motives are incidental. That and he was out of his mind. And he wanted to blame the movies.

Alan Keddie

Answer: Mickey's reply when Syd asks, that he's "always been a follower," indicates he's probably just psychotic, looking for any excuse to kill.

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